Take Your Business on the Go with These VoIP Apps for Mobile

article by Lei X. author
Where before it could be costly and complicated, today, technologies such as Voice-over-IP telephony have shifted paradigms of mobility and efficiency. With VoIP, workers are no longer tied to their landlines, or even their traditional cell-phones.

As long as they have an internet connection, workers can stay in touch and present no matter where they are across the globe.

However, as with many widely-adopted technologies, the question moves away from adoption and becomes: which is the best option? With several excellent companies offering the service, it can be hard to find the best VoIP service that fits all of a company’s diverse business requirements. Nevertheless, there are several that stand out for their quality, services offered, and the excellent price points for businesses of all sizes. Below are the five best mobile VoIP applications that can transform a company’s ability to connect worldwide.

Vonage Mobile – Vonage has made a name for itself as a premier provider of VoIP services in the business world. Their mobile application takes it a step further by giving companies the full functionality of a Vonage office line, including having their own number on any iOS or Android device with data or a Wi-Fi connection. Additionally, Vonage offers unlimited free calls within the US, as well as affordable rates for international calls.

Skype – While many think of Skype as a video chat service, Microsoft has turned skype into a powerful business tool that includes a great suite of business applications. One of their most convenient products, though, is their mobile application, which gives users video calling on top of regular VoIP calling and even standard phone connections. Even better, Skype can connect to Microsoft’s Office suite.

Ooma For Office Mobile – Already a great office VoIP service, Ooma has created a new system that does away with any hardware needs to provide business owners with the same quality tools and services, without any expensive startup costs. Ooma mobile offers a virtual receptionist, up to 20 users, and even a business phone number for all lines.

Grasshopper VoIP – This entirely mobile VoIP solution will directly route any customer calls from the cloud directly to mobile devices. For an affordable rate, Grasshopper also includes call-scheduling, conference calling, voicemail to e-mail, and other great features that are ideal for a growing business that is looking to save on expenses.

RingCentral – With one of the most feature-rich mobile applications on the market, RingCentral is an excellent tool for businesses looking for a full replacement to their communication systems. The service offers standard features including call recording, call-transferring and even device-transferring, call queuing, and others. Additionally, it will always ensure excellent calls by switching between cellular data and Wi-Fi when it detects a drop-off in connectivity.

With the business world getting faster and more mobile, companies could be left behind without the right tools to ensure their workers can match the speed of their communications. By allowing teams to work on the go and always be connected, mobile VoIP can revolutionize the way companies do business. One of the easiest ways to find the right service is to read VoIP reviews and discover the best alternatives. With the world of mobile expanding, businesses should invest in growth and mobility with the best possible technology.