Why Video Conferencing is So Important for Your Business

article by Lei X. author
Telecommunication technology today has created an incredible sense of freedom of movement for businesses. From mobile devices and cloud computing to Voice-over-IP, companies are able to spread out around the globe, respond to problems more quickly, and engage customers worldwide.

One of the biggest advantages that the best VoIP and online technologies offer today is video conferencing and yet, it is one that many companies gloss over when they choose to do business.

Most companies do not see the value in adding video to a phone call, saying an e-mail, chat, or quick call are all more than enough to close a sale or work with a team. However, video can add incredible depth and value to any communication, be it internal or external. Here are the reasons why video conferencing is so important to a modern business.

Save Money

One of the biggest hassles of business in the pre-internet days was the need to have meetings with people in several locations and having to travel by car, plane, or other transportation. Aside from the incredible time and labor costs these meetings incurred, transportation, be it in the form of plane tickets or a tank of gasoline, cost companies thousands of dollars every month. With video conferencing, companies can cut the costs without sacrificing the face-to-face benefit when it comes to closing an important sale.

Improve Communication

Another major benefit of video conferencing is the improvement in communication it provides. While phone calls, e-mails, and messaging can be quick, they sacrifice the nuance and personal touch of a face-to-face conversation. Be it internal or external, these small details can be the difference between a strong communication effort or a mixed signal and a loss of money. Being able to look someone in the eye can tell a lot about how to best approach a conversation.

Improve Worker Morale

While it is a well-established fact that most workers go to the office every day, new studies show that some people can actually be more productive working from home. However, it is important for these employees to remain available for meetings, important conversations, or even sales pitches. Video conferencing makes telecommuting a viable possibility without sacrificing the human element and a worker’s presence in a work team.

Respond to Crises Instantly

Emergencies happen, and they strike when they are least expected. For some companies, these crises can be incredibly time-sensitive, and sometimes clients or offices can be too far away to successfully remedy in-person. With video conferencing, companies can rest assured that personal, individualized help is always just a press of a button away. The end result is the same benefits and level of professionalism available from comparable in-person support.

Let Your Business Be Global

Some companies have several offices, and these can be spread out over towns, states, or even countries. Video conferencing helps shorten these distances by enabling quick and easy face-to-face communication. Besides allowing for instant responses and direct interactions, video conferencing can result in better synergies across the workplace environment.

Regardless of what a company’s communication needs are, it is clear that video conferencing is a must for a modern workplace. The best part is, most services today include this useful feature and functionality. Even a cursory glance at VoIP reviews or other product specifications show that it is a given that a company will need this option. Businesses should move quickly to adopt this technology, or risk getting left in the wake of innovation.