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Vonage Review

article by Rebecca Lori author July 31, 2019
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Like the biggest names in the VoIP industry, Vonage brings polished functionality coupled with excellent support to the table. Its well-designed interface and flexibility are well suited to the needs of small businesses experiencing rapid growth.
  • Clear, quality audio
  • Supports all devices
  • Multitude of features
  • Compatible with legacy systems
  • Excellent customer service
  • Limits on conference calls
  • Extra fees for extra features
  • Relatively expensive
Thanks to its flexible plans and excellent features, Vonage is an ideal VoIP solution for businesses of all sizes
Rebecca Lori, author
Ease of Use Plug And Play Solution
Multiple Devices Mobilty
Server Locations Cloud-Hosted VoIP Phone
Call Management 24/7 IT Support
Features and Specifications All-in-one Communication
$ 19.99 /mo
  • Inbound-only Extension
  • Direct Dial Number
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$ 14.99 /mo
  • 3¢ / Minute
  • Extension Number
  • Direct Dial Number
  • Advanced Call Routing Options
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$ 39.99 /mo
  • Unlimited Calls In the US and Canada
  • Extension Number
  • Direct Dial Number
  • Advanced Call Routing Options
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A vast array of features and a variety of flexible plans makes Vonage ideal for businesses of every size and stage.

Setup Setup

We always rate software that is easy to set up and for that reason, we recommend Vonage – alongside other benefits and features we will discuss later in more detail. If you’re interested in signing up to Vonage you will be put in contact with a member of the sales team who will help you choose the best package for your needs.

Installation is simple and painless for most people and usually involves just plugging in the unlimited extension line and choosing a suitable phone number. If you don’t already have an IP- enabled phone then Vonage can supply your business with a range of phones and assist in helping you choose the relevant features.

There are a number of guides available on the Vonage website as well as a helpful customer service team who can talk you through any setup queries you may have, but all in all, we found that Vonage was easy to set up and install, so if you want to get up and running as soon as possible then this VoIP service is ideal.

Personal Use Benefits Ease of Use

Vonage tends to attract positive reviews from its customers and we believe that one of the main reasons for this is because it’s easy to use and the interface is super intuitive.

After the initial setup, we found the software easy to navigate with a clean, clear design that was easy on the eye. With this service, administrators can easily track and analyze phone usage and conversation statistics via the Vonage Business Portal.

There is a wealth of features available on mobile devices using the Vonage mobile app which is another easy-to-navigate bonus. This means that employees can be in constant communication no matter where they are located.

It’s also easy to integrate Vonage with your existing business software such as Google, Microsoft, and Outlook and is easily accessible from any device with the Chrome Browser. Managing contacts and call handling has never been so simple with a clear dashboard and scheduling tools across the business applications.

Ease of Use Features

One of the highlights of Vonage is that it has an impressive range of features for individual users and businesses. In fact, if you sign up to the Business package then you will have over 40 features on-hand to help your business grow.

Some of the best features include:

  • Conferencing by Amazon Chime (an integrated solution for phone, web, and video conferencing)
  • Call features (so you never miss a call again)
  • Virtual receptionist (with call routing)
  • Call screening
  • Admin portal
  • Virtual mailbox
  • Hold music
  • Call forwarding
  • Call queue
  • Call blocking

You can collaborate easily with your colleagues too with Vonage through the chat service, file sharing, online meetings, video conferencing and conference bridge which connects up to 30 participants which you can add or mute on a shared dashboard. VoIP technology can literally transform the way that your business operates, modernizing your workforce so it’s simple and streamlined.

Vonage provides some good basic features in the standard packages but you should expect to pay more for additional features, which can get fairly pricey, depending on how many you bolt on to your service.

Plans Scalability

As with many other VoIP services, the packages usually start fairly basic and can be adapted to suit your needs. If you own a small business and you’re looking for a company that can grow alongside your business then Vonage makes a good choice.

This company is great for small and large organizations as there are a number of features that are easily integrated with your existing software. If you’re looking for powerful scaling capabilities then Vonage is ideal as you can add extra features as and when you need them.

Vonage can even provide you with IP phones to get you up and running fast – and these start around $62 which makes it super reasonable too. When you’re ready to upgrade to a bigger, better phone with extra capabilities then you can speak to the team who can advise which phone will suit your business needs.

The range of plans available suit different-sized businesses with different budgets. Start small and add extras as and when you need them. It’s really that simple.

Pricing Pricing

Vonage offers several pricing structures for residential and business use.

Packages for individuals start from around $11 per user/per month and include a range of calling options for US and worldwide numbers. Business packages are more comprehensive and range from $11 per user/per month to $20 per user/per month.

The basic Select Package provides good rates for UK landline calls (so may not be suited to US customers) as well as Amazon Chime conferencing, mobile app, desktop app, call forwarding, and call transfer.

If you upgrade to the Professional Package, you’ll get all of these features plus: call monitoring, call queue, virtual receptionist, call group and call recording on demand.

The full Ultimate Package is almost twice the cost of the basic package at $20 per user/per month but offers all of the listed features including company-wide call recording and an integration suite.

We feel that the basic packages offer good value for money but if you’re looking for a full service with bells and whistles then the Ultimate Package is very costly.

Support Support

When it comes to support the lead times for Vonage aren’t too bad with most queries being answered pretty quickly. There is a dedicated telephone line open Mon-Sun 8am-12am for Vonage Box customers and you won’t usually have to stay on the line long to reach a representative.

Business customers have a slightly better service here with the dedicated phone line open Mon-Sun 24/7 – you get better support when you pay more, which is a little unfair but the way in which many businesses operate. You can also email customer support with any queries and search their support page to see if you can get help online.

There is a wealth of articles, interactive tools, and videos to help troubleshoot your issues. Support could be improved with a 24/7 online chat facility available to all users (not just business customers) but we did find the support videos and articles quite helpful.

Bottom Line

There are many reasons why we feel that Vonage is a great company. Firstly, if you are an individual customer then packages are affordable and offer good basic features that hold up against the competition.

Where Vonage really shines is with its business packages though. If you are a small company and you’re looking for a scalable company that will grow with you and your team then Vonage is a perfect choice. Not the cheapest VoIP on the market, the business packages are quite expensive in comparison to other similar products, but we do believe it’s a worthy investment.

Vonage offers a vast range of features for small businesses. Start with the basic packages and upgrade as and when needed. From conferencing by Amazon Chime, virtual receptionist (with call routing), call screening, admin portal, virtual mailbox, hold music, call forwarding, call queue and call blocking you will have everything you need to absolutely nail customer communication.

Vonage is easy to set up and install and fast too – you can be good to go within a day or so. The user interface is easy to navigate, meaning you can keep track of your calls with ease. Should you encounter any issues, you’re likely to find a solution in the customer support pages or reach a member of the customer care team on the dedicated phone line.

To conclude, we feel that Vonage stands out from other services on the market – with over 40+ features available for business customers we feel the large price tag is fully justified.