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Vonage Review

article by Sandra Trentino author June 27, 2019
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Like the biggest names in the VoIP industry, Vonage brings polished functionality coupled with excellent support to the table. Its well-designed interface and flexibility are well suited to the needs of small businesses experiencing rapid growth.
  • Clear, quality audio
  • Supports all devices
  • Multitude of features
  • Compatible with legacy systems
  • Excellent customer service
  • Limits on conference calls
  • Extra fees for extra features
  • Relatively expensive
Thanks to its flexible plans and excellent features, Vonage is an ideal VoIP solution for businesses of all sizes
Sandra Trentino, author
Ease of Use Plug And Play Solution
Multiple Devices Mobilty
Server Locations Cloud-Hosted VoIP Phone
Call Management 24/7 IT Support
Features and Specifications All-in-one Communication
$ 19.99 /mo
  • Inbound-only Extension
  • Direct Dial Number
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$ 14.99 /mo
  • 3¢ / Minute
  • Extension Number
  • Direct Dial Number
  • Advanced Call Routing Options
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$ 39.99 /mo
  • Unlimited Calls In the US and Canada
  • Extension Number
  • Direct Dial Number
  • Advanced Call Routing Options
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A vast array of features and a variety of flexible plans makes Vonage ideal for businesses of every size and stage.

Setup Setup

Before buying a plan from Vonage, the company puts its potential customers in touch with a representative who will help them decide on the best course of action. Once needs have been established, installation is as simple as plugging in the new unlimited extension line and choosing the most appropriate phone number. For companies without IP-enabled phones, Vonage can supply them, and when the system is online the customer simply needs to select the features they want before starting to call.

Ease of Use Ease of Use

Administrators can track and analyze phone usage and conversation statistics for all lines via the Vonage Business Portal, and employees familiar with legacy phone functions will already know how their phones work. Mobile devices can also access the trove of features available to office phones with the Vonage mobile application, creating a consistent communication scheme no matter where an employee happens to be. This effortless usage is what separates Vonage from the competition.

Call Management Call Management

The host of call management features that Vonage customers benefit from will bring new value to the methods of any business. The status quo tools are all present, including call screening, forwarding, waiting and blocking, alongside some new additions like the call continuity service. This function allows calls to be routed to an auxiliary number, should the main system fail. There are also cloud PBX features and a virtual receptionist, which handle the call distribution network, and the ability to add as many as 30 people into a single conference call (though customers must pay extra for the privilege).

Available Numbers Available Numbers

Vonage for Business allows any company to present a continuous experience to customers who may reside all over the world. One tool that greatly aids in this endeavor is a local area code, which customers can add to their number and appear as a local caller from anywhere in the US. There are also several toll-free 800 numbers that encourage incoming calls. Customers calling in to a Vonage line only pay once per call, rather than racking up charges every minute.

features Features

A bevy of impressive features awaits those who sign up for Vonage, over 40 to be exact. These include the ability for employees to save customer voicemails in their email inbox, make quick calls with click-to-dial functionality, send paperless faxes and integrate mobile devices. Managers will enjoy detailed phone reports, which will improve employee efficiency, and full support from a wide range of popular CRM platforms. It is important to note that with Vonage, many of these extra features may cost additional fees.

Benefits to Your Business Benefits for Your Business

Small and large organizations will enjoy Vonage for its easy integration, great features and powerful scaling capabilities. Vonage integrates well with many CRMs, Microsoft Outlook and is useable with most IP phones. It saves money by eliminating reliance on expensive traditional phone infrastructure and earns even more by keeping potential leads from being greeted with a busy signal. Finally, the range of plans and plan structure offered by Vonage can match vastly different budgets.

Plans Plans

Vonage largely does away with the traditional plan model, and instead lets customers pay on a user by user basis. Each extension can have a wholly different set of features than the others, and additional features may cost extra. There are three types of extensions that customers can buy, and the first is called the Unlimited Extension at $39.99. Unlimited extensions can place calls anywhere in the US and Canada at a flat rate per month. Virtual extensions are mobile forwarded calls, which let an employee use the office phone system and receive calls on the go. Finally, the Metered extension is $14.99 with a $0.03 per minute cost, though inter-office calls are free.


Vonage makes their toll-free phone line available to customer that have questions or concerns. Customers do not have to wait long on hold and will enjoy friendly, informed service from Vonage representatives. Alternatively, the website also has a form that can be used to request an answer via email.

Bottom Line Bottom Line

A wealth of features and a flexible method of operation make Vonage a great choice for almost any business. Though it can come at a hefty price, small companies will access the features and scalability to benefit them throughout their growth stages while large companies will find support and integration that adds to their bottom line.