3 Best Streaming Services for Cord Cutters

article by Sandra Trentino
June 26, 2019
Remember the days when we had to be home if we wanted to watch our favorite game or TV show? Me neither because that kind of entertainment viewing is a thing of the past! Today, streaming content is as fast as our indecisive selection process wants it to be.
We’ve got tens of thousands of shows, sporting events, news channels, movies, and more ready and waiting to be enjoyed at the tap of a button from our most convenient smart device.

Ready to switch to a cheaper, easier, and more comprehensive entertainment method? Then check out the best streaming services out there, and get ready to cut the cord.


Hulu’s big graphics welcome any streamer to dive right in. Their recommended shows pop right up, so its easy to access all previously enjoyed shows.

Hulu will work on all devices and media streaming platforms including iOS, Linux, Windows, and standard Mac OS. All Android devices are also included in that package, as are Blu-ray players, game consoles, smart TV sets, and computers.

Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime offers a beautiful UI for Kindle Fires or a Fire TV, making the experience smooth and easy both on the eyes and on the brain. They offer useful recommendations and a neatly organized content library that’s a snap to search through. Amazon Prime is also the greatest value for your money since it comes bundled with loads of benefits like free shipping in the Amazon stores, an unlimited stream of music, and plenty of free Kindle books for monthly reading pleasure. Finally, Amazon Prime hosts 4K shows and movies for the highest quality streaming available today. That’s also included in the package at no extra charge.


Netflix is possibly the greatest thing to happen to online content streaming since sliced bread (well, you get the idea, anyway). Their content is unparalleled, offering tens of thousands of shows, movies, and other streaming content. What’s more, Netflix is widely available on all devices and has the highest streaming quality out there. Lastly, their user interface is sleek, smart, and intuitive. It learns user patterns and allows for interaction in order to achieve the most customized streaming experience possible.

Unlocking These Gold Mines

The one catch to these types of streaming services is location. While Netflix and the like are exceedingly generous with their streaming content to those in the right places, they’re brutally cut-throat for viewers outside of these regions. That means if a user happens to be outside the US, for example, during the Super Bowl, they’ll have to read about the game highlights in the next day’s paper.

The solution? Simple. Connecting to a dependable VPN service, and tunneling through all of the restrictions. From Hide.Me to ExpressVPN, you’ll get all the viewing goodness you want from anywhere on the planet.

These are undoubtedly the three strongest streaming services on the market. Find out which one takes the crown, and stream to your heart’s content.