7 Classic VPN Myths Debunked

article by Cheyenne M author
VPNs are becoming more popular and widespread, and so too are myths and misconceptions about this online security precaution. Separating fact from fiction helps you differentiate between what’s out there, and what the best VPN service is for your needs.
  • VPNs Are Only for Criminals

A common myth is that VPNs are only for those engaging in illegal activities. That’s not the case. You can use VPNs for a variety of activities, and most are legal. VPNs are, for example, great to use over public Wi-Fi. This is not only legal, but indeed advisable in order to maintain your personal safety.

  • A Free VPN Is Enough

While it is understandable that you want to save money, skimping on your VPN service is generally not a good idea. The majority of free services offer limited access and slow speeds. Many free services restrict the amount of data you can download, and will only let you connect to a very limited number of servers. Some will even throttle your connection, making your connection as slow as or slower than DSL.

  • VPN is a Good Substitute for Antivirus

Some of you think that VPNs are a solid alternative to antivirus. But using a VPN instead of antivirus software opens you up to attacks and infections. While some VPNs offer a limited number of antivirus features, the majority do not actively block malware or other types of online attacks. In addition, VPNs cannot remove infections that have already infiltrated your device. Only antivirus software can do that.

VPN Myths

  • Posting Inflammatory or Troll Posts

Many users like to go to websites and “troll” people. Often they use a fake handles or email addresses to mask their identity. The reality is that users aren’t able to hide if authorities really want to find them. First, visitors are being tracked by a unique IP address and also a computer MAC address that tells authorities where the person is located and in some cases exactly who that person is. In addition, all web traffic is being monitored by the Internet Service Provider (ISP), Google and on the computer itself. One may think that going on a site and posting inflammatory posts is fun, but it can lead to a liable suit or worse if someone pushes the issue.


  • A VPN Can Help User Cover Their Tracks

For users participating in any of the above activities, an investment in a Virtual Private Network (VPN) is recommended. A VPN connection will provide users with a secure internet tunnel that can be used when conducting certain activities that can land one in hot water. The best VPN service providers offer a myriad of server options around the world. Once connected to these servers, the only thing communicated to the sites connected is the IP address of that server. All other information that is normally transmitted from a computer is blocked by the VPN. This allows a user to surf in “stealth mode” free from the government’s wandering eye.

Those that are interested in VPN should conduct research and check out some VPN reviews from the top providers. These reviews will provide information on which providers offer the best services at the best value.

After you understand the facts and benefits of using a VPN , it is time to choose the best VPN service.