ZenMate Review

article by Christian N author April 06, 2017
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Whether you're a beginner or experienced user, ZenMate offers a great entry-level VPN service. While not as robust as other services, it's still a solid product.
  • Save 44% with annual plan
  • Optimized servers available
  • Excellent speeds
  • Free trial offers unlimited usage
  • No download client available
  • Small network
  • Support limited to email only
  • User may experience VPN blocks
ZenMate is excellent for beginners. It offers fantastic speeds and excellent security. Its free service is great for those that want to "kick the tires" before upgrading.
Christian N, author
Countries Available 28+ Locations
Multiple Devices Desktop & Apps Client
Call Management Premium Customer Support
Setup and Interface 99.9% uptime
Firewall Protection Malware blocking
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$ 11.95 /mo
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Setup Setup

Setting up ZenMate is a snap. Most major platforms and mobile devices are supported for premium subscribers. You also have the option of using their “no download” browser client.


After installing the app, launch it to get started. Just select a server and click connect. Once a connection is established, you’ll get real-time data on your connection.


More information about how to use the product is available on the website’s help section.

Features and Specifications Features and Specifications

If you’re looking for free VPN service, this is one worth considering. ZenMate doesn’t limit your usage time like other services. However, if you want faster speeds or a larger number of servers to connect to, you’ll have to upgrade to a Premium account.


Another advantage to signing up for Premium is Smart Locations. These are optimized servers for specific internet activities, such as streaming or torrenting.

Reliability Reliability

ZenMate is comparable to other VPN providers. With the service, you get fast and secured browsing with the ability to unblock georestricted sites. You’ll also be able to stream all of the most popular online channels and services, including Netflix, BBC iPlayer and more.


One caveat to this service is that some of you may experience VPN blocks in some countries. If you have trouble accessing content on certain servers, just switch to a different one and contact support about the block.

speed Speed

Speeds were excellent for ZenMate overall, even for free users. We tested the product and didn’t experience any more latency than what’s normal for a VPN. Full HD streaming was possible on Premium.


Countries Available Countries Available

One downside to ZenMate is network size. They only have servers in 23 countries, and that’s for Premium subscribers only. If you’re a free user, you’re restricted to servers in only four countries.


Also, this service will not work for you if you’re trying to get around content blocks in countries like Iran, Saudi Arabia or China. If that’s a requirement, don’t bother signing up.

Privacy Privacy

ZenMate has excellent security highlighted by their zero logging policy. ZenMate will never log your online activity and they don’t even track your data usage, a claim that most services cannot make.


There’s one caveat to this claim. The company is located in Germany and local law enforcement could force ZenMate to track your activity under the right circumstances. Naturally, a court order would have to be issued.


Knowing this, you probably should avoid any activities that could result in a visit from law enforcement.

Pricing Pricing

If you’re looking for a free VPN service, then ZenMate is a solid choice. With that said, the free service has speed limitations of “best effort” speeds. Also, you’ll only be able to connect to a limited number of servers.


Premium users have unlimited access to ZenMate. Service starts at $8.99 for a monthly subscription but you’ll save more money with a longer contract.


Their six-month plan is $7.49 monthly, billed at $44.99. If you can commit to an annual contract, you’ll pay just $4.99 monthly, billed at $59.99. All Premium services offer a 14-day money-back guarantee.


ZenMate offers numerous options for payment. You can use a credit card or a wide variety of e-wallets including PayPal and UnionPay.


ZenMate was quite disappointing when it comes to customer support. Their online help database provides only very basic information.


If your problem is more complex, you will have to email customer support. Sadly, their email ticketing system has a 24-hour response time. This is not ideal for those with pressing issues.


Also, the ticketing system is not easy to find. To open a ticket, you have to search for a help topic and then look for the link to support.


The only area of support that we actually found helpful was their Academy. Those that have never used VPN before will benefit from ZenMate’s Academy as it offers tutorials about online privacy, security and much more. This is a great tool for educating beginners about the necessities of VPN usage. Unfortunately, it does little to help you use their specific product.

Bottom Line Bottom Line

ZenMate does not have all the creature comforts of other services, but they are still a great option for beginners and those looking for free VPN access. They offer excellent speeds, strong security and a client compatible with nearly any computer or mobile device.


ZenMate is the ultimate in “try before you buy” VPN service. Just download and try out the free service. If it works for you, upgrade to Premium for the fastest speeds and best connectivity.