The Best Cheap VPN Providers - Cheap VPN Deals That Bang The Most For Your Buck

article by Nicky Hoseck
February 23, 2020
The market for VPNs is ever growing in this world where we are all spending increasing amounts of time online and divulging more and more sensitive data while on the internet. VPNs have therefore grown in popularity as a way to protect us from having this data fall into the wrong hands of hackers and other prying eyes. VPNs are also popular to use to unblock geo-restricted content around the world.

As a consequence of a large and broad VPN market,  there is a huge variance in what some VPN providers charge for their services. There is also a huge difference in the quality of VPN providers. Some are excellent, whereas others have such poor quality technology that they are barely worth using. The trick is to find a cheap reliable VPN provider that still manages to offer a good service at a low price. While that may sound like a tough problem to answer, it is definitely possible.

In this guide to the best cheap VPN providers, we look recommend our top five cheap VPN service as well as why you need to find a cheap fast VPN service in the first place. We also investigate what makes a good cheap VPN in particular as this is how we rated our top five.

Why You Need A Cheap VPN

Using a VPN is imperative in a day and age where online fraud and identity theft is far more commonplace than it should be. VPNs, as briefly mentioned, are also a way of circumventing any restrictions on content so that users can access websites that are blocked sometimes for geographical reasons.

To get this type of service, a reliable VPN provider is needed so that when accessing content, a user’s browsing experience is not flawed in any way. This does not mean that potential VPN customers have to purchase the most expensive VPN subscription on the market. In fact, it is very possible, as this article demonstrates, to find cheap VPN deals that provide a cheap reliable VPN service that offers trouble-free internet connections.

VPN ClientPriceUnique Features 
Surfshark$1.99Security Features IncludedGet Now
Windscribe$1.00Custom Plans
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NordVPN$2.99Military Grade EncryptionGet Now
CyberGhost$2.7545-day Money Back Guarantee
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ExpressVPN$6.673 Month For FREEGet Now

What Makes The Best Cheap VPN Providers

There are a number of features that work towards making a VPN provider one of the best cheap VPN providers out there. Obviously, the first one is the cost. There are some VPN providers out there that charge through the nose for their service, though this does not always necessarily mean that they provide reliable service as a consequence. The best cheap VPN deals offer excellent value for money that is well within the majority of people’s budgets as it is possible to find a good cheap VPN provider for only a few dollars every month. Most cost around the same as a cup of coffee.

Other features that any reputable cheap VPN service will provider are:

  • Stringent security – Just because you are using a cheap VPN service, does not mean that you need to take any shortcuts with the security that you want a VPN to provide. A cheap VPN firewall will protect against unauthorized, malicious users no matter what. We like to see 256 Bit AES encryption, though there are other methods of encrypting data that are also incredibly safe.
  • Lightning Quick Connections – Using a cheap VPN service should still be quick, regardless of the price of your provider’s subscription package. The best cheap VPN providers will still be able to provide a cheap fast VPN service no matter what. Without it, internet browsing is not a trouble-free experience that it should be as a session will be prone to buffering and freezing.
  • Helpful and attentive customer service – A good cheap VPN will still be able to provide excellent customer service, which is imperative when using such a product as even the best cheap VPN providers will still have a problem from time to time for a few of its users. Having a helpful and quick customer service means that users can have any issues sorted out quickly and efficiently so they can get on and use their cheap VPN service straight away.
  • Large and wide server network – To be at its most useful, a good cheap VPN needs to have a large and wide server network as this is how it is possible to provide access to any internet content that is blocked for geographical reasons. By having servers in different locations, it increases the number of IP addresses that a VPN provider has at its fingertips to give to its customers when needed.
  • No logs policy – Some VPN providers, regardless of their pricing structure, keep logs of their customers’ browsing history and activity. While many of them won’t be doing anything illegal, it still is best to use a provider that does not keep any logs at all. It’s another form of protection as it means that customers are not susceptible to having their activity sold to third parties. It also means that should a VPN provider suffer a security breach, there is nothing kept on file for hackers to steal.

The Best Cheap VPN Deals

#1 Surfshark

Surfshark VPN

Surfshark is our preferred provider of a cheap reliable VPN for a variety of reasons and features. It is also incredibly cheap with a two-year subscription equating to only $1.99 a month, which is staggering given the amount that the company provides for this cost.

  • Zero logging policy – Like any reputable VPN provider should, whether they are a cheap VPN service or not, Surfshark has a strict zero logging policy. Customers, therefore, know that their anonymity will be maintained at all times.
  • Vast and wide network – With over 500 servers in over 50 countries, Surfshark cannot be mistaken for offering a low-cost subscription plan at the detriment of the number of its servers. This large network allows for quick uninterrupted connections with this cheap fast VPN service
  • Unlimited amount of device connections – While many VPN providers will offer a handful of simultaneous connections on different devices at best, Surfshark remarkably offers an unlimited amount.

Try Now Surfshark For As Low As $1.99 a Month 

For more information on Surfshark features, read our extensive Surfshark review.

#2 Windscribe


Windscribe offers a slightly different approach to providing one of the best cheap VPN deals out there by allowing customers the ability to build their own custom pack subscription. This results in customers only being charged $1 per location per month, though the yearly plan offers a 55% saving at $49 for the year. There is also a free version should customers not be able to afford this. The Pro version is superior however and offers the following:

  • Large network – Windscribe has a large network in over 55 countries and 100 cities. This is great to see from a cheap VPN service as it means that customers can still expect to unblock any content they want, despite the low price.
  • No logs –  Windscribe maintains a no logs policy so that its customers can be confident that their personal data can never be handed over to the authorities, given that Windscribe does not record them in the first place.
  • Robust encryption – Windscribe, in spite of its low monthly price for its yearly subscription or custom plan, still uses top of the range AES 256 Bit encryption with SHA512 auth and a 4096-bit RSA key

Try Now Windscribe For As Low As $1 a Month

For more information on Windscribe features, read our extensive Windscribe review.

#3 NordVPN


NordVPN’s 3-year subscription plan is eye-wateringly cheap as it results in customers saving a huge 75% on the monthly cost. While it is billed once every three years, it still provides brilliant value for money resulting in one of the best cheap VPN service providers out there. It continually ranks highly amongst its peers owing to:

  • Many layers of security – NordVPN is known for its dedication to customer anonymity and privacy. For this reason, it employs many layers of security making it nigh on impossible to infiltrate their VPN connections, despite being a cheap VPN service.
  • No logs policy – As all good cheap VPN providers should do, NordVPN has a strict no logs policy that means its customers can be assured of staying anonymous at all times.
  • Kill switch – NordVPN’s inclusion of a kill switch as a standard feature is reassuring to see from this cheap, fast VPN service provider. It means that despite the price, it is not cutting corners in what it provides its customers.

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For more information on NordVPN features, read our extensive NordVPN review.

#4 Cyberghost

CyberGhost VPN

CyberGhost is an extremely competent cheap VPN service that offers excellent value for money to its customers. The 18-month plan offers its customers a huge 74% saving which also comes with a 45-day money back guarantee to make for a very attractive cheap VPN deal. Customers will find that they are happy with the product too given that for only a few dollars that get the following features:

  • 5,900 strong server network – This 5,944 strong server network ensures that customers will get a connection pretty much every time they log in to their CyberGhost software. Plus it means that most geo-blocked content is unblocked as these servers are dotted all over the world.
  • Ability to unblock Netflix – Netflix is an extremely popular streaming service so those that want a cheap fast VPN service will also want that VPN to unblock Netflix. Yet not every cheap VPN service provider can do so, but CyberGhost most definitely can.
  • Strong encryption method – CyberGhost uses our much liked 256 AES Bit encryption method that means its users are very safe when connected to the internet.

Try Now CyberGhost For As Low As $2.75 a Month

For more information on CyberGhost features, read our extensive Cyberghost review.

#5 ExpressVPN

ExpressVPN Logo

ExpressVPN rates consistently highly owing to its wide range of quality features that make it easy and straightforward to use, while providing an excellent experience. The ExpressVPN 2 year deal provides the ultimate value for money in terms of the prices that the company charges. Bearing in mind what the company offers its customers in return, the few dollars each month is well worth it.

There are the following advantages of using ExpressVPN:

  • Lighting quick connection – ExpressVPN’s connection speeds are hard to beat. They are so quick that users will not notice that they are connected to a VPN at all. The result is trouble-free streaming or gaming for those that need it.
  • Watertight encryption techniques – ExpressVPN uses our preferred method of 256 Bit AES encryption which makes hacking into the tunnels the provider creates exceedingly difficult. In addition to this, it also provides customers with a kill switch feature so that should the VPN connection drop out, the internet connection is also cut. The result is that ExpressVPN customers will never be exposed inadvertently to an online cyber attack.
  • Huge network – At the time of writing, ExpressVPN has one of the largest networks out there, with over 1700 servers. Plus those servers are located in almost 100 countries. This means customers are guaranteed a connection to a country whose IP address they need, each and every time they log on.

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For more information on ExpressVPN features, read our extensive ExpressVPN review.

Can I Use A Free VPN?

There are definitely free VPN providers out there that can provide access to geo-blocked content, however, we would never recommend using one. Free VPN providers have to make their money somewhere and this means cutting corners in areas that make using a VPN worthwhile. In the majority of free VPN providers this means that they, therefore, have the following issues:

Substandard connection speeds

VPNs are only worth using if the connection speeds they provide offer the ability to surf the web in an uninterrupted fashion. Free VPN providers will not have the money to spend on their servers to be able to offer connection speeds that allow for buffer-free streaming or gaming that does not freeze.

Small networks

So many of us want to use a VPN to unblock geo-restricted content from streaming services like Netflix and BBC iPlayer. If a VPN provider only has a small network, customers may not be able to unblock the content they want owing to not being able to connect to a server in the first place. Or, sometimes there may not be a server available in the country needed.

Poor quality encryption techniques

To save money, many free VPN providers do not offer the best encryption techniques which means that the VPN connections they offer their customers are sometimes susceptible to infiltration. This ultimately means that free VPN subscribers are vulnerable to data breaches.

Shady logging policy

One of the ways a free VPN provider can make money is to sell customer data as they maintain records of their customers’ browsing history. This is obviously not something that many a customer would want and gives good reason to stay well clear of a free VPN provider.

The Bottom Line

As shown in our list of recommended VPN providers, it is more than possible to find cheap VPN deals out there that provide a cheap reliable VPN as well as a cheap fast VPN service. Both are necessary to be worthwhile using and signing up to – regardless of cost. Without being fast or reliable, customers will not have an enjoyable experience during use. In fact, if a VPN is not fast enough, or reliable enough, it can seriously hamper whatever a customer is up to on the internet. Be that streaming video content, shopping online, or partaking in online gaming.

Using a free VPN is possible, but given the number of weaknesses that a free VPN provider has, in comparison to just how cheap a cheap VPN firewall can be, it seems pointless trying to save a few dollars each month. Given what a person can lose online if their internet security is breached, the small monthly outlay is well worth it.

Especially, if one of the cheap VPN deals mentioned above is chosen.