7 Best Torrent VPNs

If you torrent, you need a VPN. It’s as simple as that. Many VPN services support P2P and related activities. It can be overwhelming to choose the best torrent VPN service to cover all of your needs. The decision depends on what features are most important to you. Are you more concerned with speed or absolute privacy? Do you require a straightforward kill switch feature? Here’s a list of the seven best torrent VPN services to make the choice a bit easier.

No Matter Your Reason for VPN, We Have a Recommendation For You.


Privacy protection is critical to consider when choosing a VPN. At NordVPN, they pay special attention to maintaining user anonymity, making it one of our top choices. First of all, the company is based in Panama meaning that they are under no legal obligation to expose their customers at any point. Location is important to consider while deciding on an anonymous torrent VPN service, because one simple law in a country means a company may be obligated to reveal your information when asked. NordVPN also has a strict ‘no logs’ policy. When it comes to logging, connection logs are better than usage logs, but ‘no logs’ is ideal. As far as activity security, Nord offers the strongest encryption (256-bit) and most trusted protocol options (OpenVPN). There are plenty of servers to choose from in many countries worldwide. Only specific servers can be used for torrenting, and you can find those in the “Knowledge Database.” This isn’t the best way to keep traffic low-volume, but it’s adequate enough. There’s a kill switch feature that is direct and easy to set up with your BitTorrent client. It’s not the fastest service on the market, but the compromise is easy if you value security and privacy while torrenting.


IPVanish’s location in the U.S. makes us a little nervous legal-wise because of the Five Eyes intelligence alliance, Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) and possibly more. A no logs policy is always a plus, but it doesn’t completely protect you from laws. IPVanish has a huge list of servers and a kill switch feature. The best protocols and encryption are used and it preforms very well on speed tests.


ExpressVPN is the service for the speed-obsessed. It lives up to its name when tested for quickness, even while using standard encryption on servers, and standard protocol. Be aware, that doesn’t automatically guarantee it’s the fastest option. The company is based in the British Virgin Islands, meaning legally it’s a good choice, but maybe not the best. The islands are a U.K. territory, making its ultimate legal position a little gray. As clearly stated within ExpressVPN’s privacy policy, they have a zero log policy. ExpressVPN does not keep or collect connection logs, browsing history, traffic destinations and content, IP addresses, or DNS queries. You can, therefore, be sure that you are able to surf anonymously from anywhere around the globe. ExpressVPN’s server choices are limited compared to other services. But anyone doing more than torrenting will like the SmartDNS option that actually works for unblocking streaming sites. There is also a dedicated kill switch (network lock), that stops the traffic at once, if your connection drops. In this way, even if ExpressVPN will unexpectedly disconnect, your anonymity won’t be compromised.


We love that Buffered is based in Hungary, which protects users legally.  We don’t love their policy of keeping connection logs. We wish there were a wider variety of countries to choose servers from, but shared-IPs make users harder to identify. They also don’t offer information about encryption strength as easily as other services, which makes us nervous, even though they run over OpenVPN protocol. Speed should not be an issue with this service.


 As the name suggests, Torguard was designed with torrenting in mind. It is even encouraged. They offer choices as far as protocol used and encryption strength options, including the standard best ones. They have plenty of dedicated torrenting servers to choose from. They are not very clear on their legal jurisdiction, a huge red flag. Honesty goes a long way when it comes to trusting your VPN service.


 VPN Area is based in Bulgaria and has a no logs policy. They offer shared IPs spread throughout 54 countries. There are standard protocol and encryption options, and great leak protection features. We’re fans of the per-app kill switch. You can also turn on an Auto-IP changer, though probably not while torrenting. There is no 24/7 customer service, which is concerning.

Private Internet Access (PIA)

PIA offers the same standard protocol and encryption options as other top VPN services, plus other options. They are U.S.-based, but upfront about it. There is a no logs policy. They concentrate 3000+ servers in only 25 countries, a unique strategy employed to provide users with better speed. Its interface is simple, though not attractive, and the price is one of the best in the industry.