9 Best VPN Apps of 2018

Today’s tech market is flooded with all kinds of technology. Apple’s OS/iOS, Google’s Android, and Microsoft Windows are popular operating systems. But we all have so many devices, and new products are being developed at such a fast rate that it is impossible to predict how long you will stay loyal to one operating system.

No Matter Your Reason for VPN, We Have a Recommendation For You.

When selecting a VPN, make sure to choose a service with a reliable VPN app across all mobile platforms. Below is a list of the best VPN apps of 2018. They offer easy to use, secure VPN protection on most of your devices, from Mac desktops to Android phones.


Availability: Mac desktop/iOS, Android, Windows and a custom Linux VPN app available, plus setup guides for other platforms on the website.

Security & Speed: Consumers enjoy the most secure encryption possible with OpenVPN (AES-256 cipher with RSA-4096 handshake and SHA-512 HMAC hash authentication.). There is also protection against IPV4, DNS, and WebRTC leaks. This high level of security doesn’t effect speed, it lives up to its name.

Privacy: ExpressVPN has a no traffic logs, but some usage logs are kept. IPs are shared, so activity doesn’t track back to one user. The software does send diagnostic data to third parties for troubleshooting purposes only. ExpressVPN is located in the British Virgin Islands, where there are no data retention laws, but it is a U.K territory, making the legal situation a little bit grey. This is not ideal, but the key to protect yourself is to make sure the company is not located in a “14 Eyes” country.

Features: 145 servers across 94 countries, three device connections allowed per account, smart DNS to access geo-blocked websites, a .onion website, P2P

Plans: $12.95/mo. $99.95 per year, or $59.95 per 6 months.



Availability: iOS, Android, Windows, Windows Phone and Linux client available, along with other set-up guides on the website.

Security & Speed:  Standard-level security for OpenVPN connections. There is a higher level used on the iOS app. The Mac OS X client uses Cissco’s NGE, not OpenVPN connections which is not common practice. Speed tests vary depending on server traffic. NordVPN is known to have problems with speed.

Privacy: NordVPN has an excellent reputation for maintaining user privacy. The service is based in Panama, which means no laws impede privacy, and no logs are kept at all. These factors make it the best VPN application to purchase if want to be absolutely sure your identity is concealed.

Features: More than 700 servers throughout 57 countries, connect up to six devices simultaneously, Tor Over VPN, Double VPN, Smart DNS, P2P.

Plans: $11.95/mo., $69 per year, $42 per 6 months.


Private Internet Access VPN

Availability: Mac OS X/iOS, Android, Windows, Linux

Security & Speed: Choose from PPTP, L2TP/IPSEC or OpenVPN (the latter is inarguably the best choice), encrypt data with up to AES-256, authenticate it with SHA256 and Handshake it with RSA 4096. It performs at a low-to mid-level in speed tests.

Privacy: They collect payment data and use Google analytics, but users can opt out. Users receive a temporary cookie when using a control panel (optional), Apache webserver logs are kept. More troubling is that the company is based in the U.S., a “5 Eyes” country. But this is at least pretty transparent when reading the “privacy” page of the website.

Features: 3000+ servers in 25 countries, connect up to 5 devices at once, P2P, Socks5 proxy

Plans : $6.95/mo., $39.95 per year,  $35.95 per 6-months (very competitive).



Availability: Mac OS X/iOS, Android, Windows, Windows Phone,

Security & Speed: Like all of the best VPN apps, IPVanish uses the OpenVPN protocol with standard encryption and security settings. IPVanish performs in the high range on speed tests and passed all leak tests.

Privacy: No logs are kept, but the company is based in the U.S. Choosing a company in a Five Eyes country is riskier to your privacy than choosing one outside of the Eyes.

Features: 40, 000 shared IPs and 500+ VPN servers across 60+ countries, two simultaneous connections allowed at a time, P2P Sharing

Plans: $10/mo., $77.99 per year, $8.99 per 3 months


Availability: Mac OS X/iOS, Android, Linux, Windows

Security & Speed: PureVPN offers multiple protocols (including OpenVPN) and 256-bit data encryption, plus automatic protocol selection software. It performs well on speed tests, but leak tests revealed vulnerabilities. DNS, IP, WEBRTC and IPv6 leaks were all detected, which puts your security in danger.

Privacy: The company is based in Hong Kong. Session logs are kept.

Features: 750+ servers in 141 countries, connections on 5 simultaneous devices, P2P sharing

Pricing: $70.80 2-year plan, $10.95/mo. $53.70 per 6 months.


TunnelBear VPN

Availability: Mac OS X/iOS, Android, Windows

Security & Speed: Open VPN protocols are used on all platforms except iOS, which uses IPSec/IKEv2. Tunnelbear’s speed results performed in the mid-range. No leaks were detected.

Privacy: Tunnelbear is located in Canada, a Five Eyes country, but the service includes a unique feature called GhostBear, which makes encrypted data less detectable by scrambling VPN communications. No logs are kept.

Features: Ghostbear VPN scrambling, servers in 20 countries, strong encryption, simple mobile interface.

Plans: Free (500MB of data), $9.99/mo.,  $49.99 per year.



Availability: Mac OS X/iOS, Windows, Android

Security & Speed: Choose from protocols, including OpenVPN with standard encryption rates.  VyprVPN performs well on speed tests. No leaks were detected. There is a NAT Firewall feature.

Privacy: VyprVPN is located in Switzerland, which has great privacy protection laws. But it has a parent company in the U.S. so it’s unclear exactly how secure your identity is. Furthermore, connection logs are kept for 30 days.

Unique Features: Encrypted messaging on some platforms, 70+ servers, 3-5 device connections.

Plans: A pro or premium service with different pricing plans.



Availability: Windows, Mac OS X/iOS, and Android

Security & Speed: Choose OpenVPN with standard encryption, among others. Standard speed. WebRTC leaks were detected, but this is the least worrisome leak. No DNS leaks.

Privacy: Some connection logs are kept. Based in Israel

Features: 400+ in 30 countries, including South America. P2P sharing.

Pricing: $95.84 for 2 years, $71.90 per year, or $8.99 per month.


Hotspot Shield  

Availability: Windows, Mac OS X/iOS, Android, Linux

Security & Speed: OpenVPN with standard encryption. Standard speed. No DNS leaks.

Privacy: A U.S. Based company, therefore connection logs are kept.

Features: Malware support, clients across many platforms including Kindle, Good start-up VPN

Plans: Paid plans start at $11.99/mo. A unique lifetime plan is $99.99.