Best VPNs for Spain: Top VPN Solutions That Works in Spain

article by Maria Perinic
March 22, 2020
Last year, Spain was the second most visited country in the world with more than 80 million travelers heading to this beautiful European country. With security on the internet becoming an increasingly popular point of conversation, keeping your online movements private is quite the challenge.
During this COVID-19 global pandemic, we recommend having a powerful VPN with speeds high enough to keep up with the increased demand for streaming content. With the large majority of people staying at home, streaming might be slowed down due to volume of users.

Whilst Spain is a liberal country in general, there have been arrests made in the past few years with what has been published on social media. That in conjunction with hackers hijacking public wifi hotspots to steal your identity can leave you with more than you bargained for on your trip.

The best way to avoid this happening to you is with a VPN, which will conceal your IP address and make your online traffic undiscoverable to ISPs, third parties, and any government organizations.

What is the best VPN service in Spain?

 #1 ExpressVPN

ExpressVPN Logo

ExpressVPN is the best VPN for Spain, having over 3,000 servers in more than 160 locations around the world. Offering a fast and reliable connection, it will also ensure that your online movements are completely private as ExpressVPN is based in the British Virgin Islands.

Security protocols include PPTP, L2TP/IPSec, SSTP and OpenVPN as well as a Network Lock and military-grade encryption. You are able to connect up to five of your devices simultaneously and all major platforms are compatible with ExpressVPN.

Installation is simple and will only take a few minutes of your time. The interface is simple to navigate, making it one of the most appropriate VPNs for beginners.

ExpressVPN’s website is translated into 16 languages including Spanish, and you can also chat with the customer service team in six of those languages. Help is available 24/7 via the online chat platform, allowing you an instant response to any of your questions.

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#2 CyberGhost

CyberGhost VPN

CyberGhost is one of the VPN services on the market with the biggest server network, bragging over 5,900 servers in 90 countries.

The CyberGhost website talks about the perils of not using a VPN in Spain due to the vast surveillance and cybercrime that goes on there.

“Spain has a poor history of guaranteeing online security for its citizens.

Around 95% of the Spanish cybercrimes or new technology offenses go unpunished. This includes complaints about sexual crimes on the internet, fraud, forgery, threats, scams, and the illegal interception of emails and messages.

Spain claims it doesn’t engage in online activity monitoring or other surveillance practices. But Spanish Internet Service Providers are required by law to keep logs of your internet activity for up to 1 year. The motivation behind it is to combat piracy, terrorism, and illegal drug dealing.”

CyberGhost offers all necessary security protocols to keep you safe online as well as military-grade encryption. There is also 24/7 online chat available as well as a 45-day money-back guarantee.

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#3 Surfshark

Surfshark VPN

Surfshark is amongst the best VPNs for Spain, coming a long way in the past year. Starting with around 100 servers, Surfshark has grown to have more than 1,000 servers in 61 countries.

Like ExpressVPN, Surfshark has jurisdiction in the British Virgin Islands and guarantees not to “collect IP addresses, browsing history, session information, used bandwidth, connection time stamps, network traffic, and other similar data.”

There are plenty of extra features available including MultiHop, which will mask your IP address by way of connecting to two differing server locations. Malware protection and ad-blocking are also highlights.

Being one of the fastest on the market, Surfshark offers consistently fast speeds as well as unlimited simultaneous connections.

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#4 ZenMate

 zenmate 210x100

With hundreds of servers in more than 35 countries, ZenMate is also our recommendation for first time VPN users due to its simplified interface and easy to navigate apps.

Even though it is based in Germany, one of the 5/9/14 Eyes Alliance countries, ZenMate assures that your online data remains safe and that you can surf the internet without worrying that you will be identified when doing so.

“We do not store or log your personal data which can be used to identify you or what you’re doing online. We do not monitor your online sessions. In fact – we can’t! Strict German privacy laws regulate our company’s use of your information. As we don’t store the data in the first place, this also means that we can’t be forced into giving away personal data to any government or sell it to any 3rd parties.”

There is a seven-day trial you can take advantage of to make sure this is the service for you as well as a 30-day money-back guarantee.

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#5 ProtonVPN

ProtonVPN 210x100 bg

ProtonVPN comes from the people who created ProtonMail, the world’s largest encrypted emailing service in the world. It has more than 500 servers in 42 countries as well as jurisdiction in Switzerland, a country with incredibly strict laws on user privacy. Therefore, ProtonVPN will not “log user activity or share data with third parties. Our anonymous VPN service enables Internet without surveillance.”

For the security conscious, ProtonVPN offers security protocols such as AES-256, highly secure IKEv2/IPSec and OpenVPN and none of the ProtonVPN servers use the less secure PPTP or IPSec.

It should be noted that ProtonVPN also owns and manages all of its servers which means that it connects to the internet by using its own network.

A freemium offer of no bandwidth restrictions with servers in Japan, the Netherlands and the US is also available, as well as a multitude of paid plans.

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Privacy Laws and Regulations in Spain

Amongst the European Union countries, Spain has some of the strictest laws on personal data protection. The 1978 Spanish Constitution provides protection for personal and family privacy which sets limitations on information technology in order to guarantee data privacy.

However ,Amnesty International has criticized Spain for targeting people who are expression a difference of opinion on social media, claiming those opinions to be glorifying terrorism online.

“Authorities pressed criminal charges against people who had expressed opinions that did not constitute incitement to a terrorism-related offense and fell within the permissible forms of expression under international human rights law.”

In 2017, Cassandra Vera, a 21-year old student was sentenced to one year in prison and was also banned from public functions for seven years. This was after she published 13 posts on Twitter that allegedly “glorified terrorism”. The tweets included comments about the assassination of Luis Carrero Blanco which occurred in 1973.

“These kinds of jokes have been repeated publicly since the day of the attack. Luis Carrero Blanco’s granddaughter herself has even written that though the jokes were in bad taste, she is “scared of a society in which freedom of expression. . . can lead to jail sentences.”

In 2013, the Spanish government passed a controversial law for the protection of citizen security. It allowed the Spanish police to fine any citizen they believed to be interfering with their job or for contempt of authority.

‘Since it was passed, Spanish society, with a mix of fury, impotence, and incredulity, has witnessed people being fined after posting, for instance, a complaint about their local authority on Facebook. Another was fined for carrying a bag with the acronym “ACAB” and the slogan “All Cats Are Beautiful”, with a cat’s face; the police read the acronym as “All Cops Are Bastards”.’

Clearly, making any type of comments that defy the Spanish political system can be deemed as breaking the law in Spain, which goes against any notion of freedom of speech. This is why a VPN should be your ally in using social media platforms in Spain.

Spanish Streaming Services

Living outside of Spain and missing home? Not a problem. Here is a list of channels that you can access online with a VPN, allowing you to bypass any geo-blocks. Catch up with the latest news and watch your favorite TV shows in a flash.

Sling TV might be something you’re already familiar with, but Sling TV Latino allows you to customize your channels by language and region. You can watch the news or catch up on your favorite Spanish telenovelas and much more. There is also the option of streaming English channels in Spanish.

Sling TV Latino will set you back $10 per month, and you can also test it out with the seven-day trial that’s available before committing to anything.

Similar to Sling TV, you can download Spanish Roku and view Spanish TV from loads of channels worldwide. Streaming content from Spain, Mexico, Argentina, Colombia and Puerto Rico, you have over 150 channels to choose from.

You have three different subscription plans on offer:

* One month: $9.99

* Two months: $17.99

* Three months: $24.99

This is a comedy channel which also has some mature content.

This news channel is dedicated to bringing you the latest stories about Latin America and Mexico all in Spanish.

Latino PBS combines programming from six different Mexican networks and works it into one channel.

This is the place to go for your Spanish movie and television programs. You will have access to award-winning international movies as well as independent films. There are ads that will interrupt your viewing, but for $3.99 per month, you can afford yourself commercial-free viewing in HQ quality.

Keep the children entertained with this Spanish children’s channel. For those that don’t want their children to lose their Spanish speaking skills, this is a great choice. They can re-learn numbers, animals, colors and much more.

A Roku channel that is geared towards native English speakers learning Spanish.


Whether you wish to remain anonymous online when using social media, stay beyond the reach of third party hackers or want to catch up on Spanish television whilst living in a different country, a VPN is the best way to realize this.

For the best VPN service in Spain, we recommend ExpressVPN. Fast speeds, a strict logging policy, tight security protocols as well as excellent, multiple simultaneous connections, and five-star customer service mean that you will have no issues when surfing the net in Spain.