5 Best VPNs for iPhones and iPads

July 21, 2019
Apple absolutely dominates the software and hardware market worldwide. As such, eager Apple product consumers often believe - falsely - that Apple products don’t get viruses or hacked. However, this is far from the truth -  and the only way to ensure your Apple devices’ security is by using a VPN.

Apple Inc is the second largest supplier of smartphones in the world. Today, over 200 million people use iOS phones and that number will continue to grow in the coming years.

iPhones are incredibly popular for several reasons:

  • They look good: iPhones are just as much a fashion accessory as they are a tech product. Of course, iPhones are wonderful products, but their remarkably good looks give them an edge over the competition.
  • They have more apps: Developers make more money with iOS Apps than with Android. This encourages them to make better Apps for iOS devices and they are usually available in the App Store before the Google Play Store.
  • They have better services: iPhone users benefit from a range of exclusive services such as iMessage, the iWatch, and Airpods. Also, iPhone users can enjoy Apple’s terrific self-enclosed ecosystem which allows you to seamlessly sync all your Apple devices.
  • They’re more secure: iPhones have better overall virus protection than Android Phones. This is partly due to Android’s open-source software model, plus Apple regulates its App Store more strictly than Google.

However, iPhones are still vulnerable to viruses and malware. There have been many instances whereby hackers were able to infiltrate Apple devices and install viruses, steal data and payment information. Even with an iPhone you still need a VPN.

Why You Need a VPN for Your iPhone

It’s true that the iOS system is more secure than Android, but this doesn’t tell you the whole story.

It’s a common misconception that iMacs and iPhones don’t get viruses and Apple apps are always bug-free. Mobile malware is on the rise and iPhones have been targeted by cyber attackers. For example, the XCodeGhost virus managed to infect over 4,000 Apple apps.

In theory, even if your iPhone was completely safe, you would still need a VPN app iOS for other reasons, including:

  • Public WiFi: If you connect to a public WiFi network at a coffee shop or shopping mall you’re basically asking to be hacked. Public networks are unsecured and anyone using them can steal information from other users and intercept their web traffic.
  • Location-based price discrimination: Many companies, especially airlines, charge different prices in different countries for the same product. The price discrimination is determined by median-income, GDP, supply, and demand, as well as other factors. If you want the cheapest deal, use a VPN to geo-spoof your location and find the best price on offer.
  • Geo-Restrictions: A lot of online content is only accessible in specific countries. For example, Netflix only offers a fraction of its vast library outside the US. If you want to access all that the internet has to offer, use a VPN to get around geo-blocks.
  • Government censorship: Not all countries are free. Some governments actively monitor the internet, block political activism and censor the press. If you want to freely browse the web without fear of prosecution then you should use a VPN app for iPhone to hide your identity.

How we Selected the Best VPNs for iPhone

To select the best VPN for iPhone we carefully analyzed and compared all the top iPhone VPN services. We noted all their key-features, we tried out their customer service and we compared their price plans. We also checked their internet speeds and ping times.

When we examine an iPhone VPN we make sure to look for the following features:

  • iOS compatibility: Most iPhone users need a VPN iOS 10, but there’s still a demand for VPN for iOS 7 and VPN for iOS 6.
  • Fast speeds: Many people use a VPN to stream videos and play games. A slow VPN is no use if your videos are constantly buffering and the game servers won’t load.
  • Unlimited bandwidth: If the VPN offers less data than your mobile plan you’ll end up wasting a lot of money if the VPN data runs out midway through the month.
  • Multiple servers: A VPN with numerous servers in many different countries is ideal if you’re trying to bypass geo-blocks and access restricted content.
  • Powerful encryption technology: The stronger the encryption, the more protection you have against prying government agencies and cybercriminals.
  • No logs: If you value your privacy, then don’t use a VPN which logs your online activity. These logs could potentially be used against you in court so steer well clear of these dodgy VPN services.

The Best VPNs for Your iOS Devies

#1 ExpressVPN – Our Top Pick For iOS Devices

ExpressVPN Logo

ExpressVPN is one of the best VPNs for iOS. It offers 1000+ servers in 145 different countries, doesn’t retain any logs and it’s fully compatible with iOS. With ExpressVPN you can enjoy super-fast speeds and unlimited bandwidth. Plus your network is protected by military-grade AES 256-bit encryption software, as well as IP obfuscation methods. Customer support is available 24/7, as is Netflix and torrenting.


  • $12.95 a month
  • $9.99 a month for a six-month plan
  • $8.32 a month for a 12-month plan

Try Now ExpressVPN – No Risk -30 Day Money Back Guarantee

For more information on ExpressVPN features, read our extensive ExpressVPN review.

#2 NordVPN – Solid, Reliable & Secure

Nord VPN 210X100

NordVPN is a reliable and secure VPN service which can easily bypass geo-restrictions and government censorship. The network is secured using a double encryption method and it provides over 1,300 servers in 61 countries. NordVPN also has many extra features, such as CyberSec (antivirus/ad-blocker), P2P sharing and DNS leak prevention.


  • $11.95 a month
  • $5.75 a month for a 12-month plan
  • $3.29 a month for a 24-month plan

Try Now NordVPN – No Risk -30 Day Money Back Guarantee

For more information on NordVPN features, read our extensive NordVPN review.

#3 ZenMate – Perfect for Beginners

zenmate 210x100ZenMate is a German-based VPN with more than 45 million users. Having hundreds of servers in thirty countries around the world, ZenMate also has military-grade encryption as well as an identity shield letting you know if you have been involved in a data breach, whether via email or elsewhere on the internet. The app is highly customizable and very simple to use, making it a perfect solution for VPN beginners.


  • Free limited plan
  • $9.99 a month
  • $3.99 a month for a yearly plan
  • $2.05 a month a two-year plan
  • 30-day money-back guarantee

Try Now ZenMate – Risk Free – 30 Days Money Back Guarantee

For more information on ZenMate features, read our extensive ZenMate review.

#4 Surfshark – Unlimited Simultaneous Connections for a Great Price

Surfshark VPNChallenging some of the best VPN services around, Surfshark offers customers many great VPN elements like an integrated speed test, split tunneling as well as the multihop feature which will double your VPN security. Having over 800 servers in 50 countries, Surfshark has jurisdiction in the British Virgin Islands and will never store your logs ensuring maximum online anonymity. It is compatible with all the major platforms, but also has browser extensions for Chrome, Sarafi, Firefox, and Edge.


  • $11.95 a month
  • $5.99 a month for a yearly plan
  • $1.99 a month a two-year plan
  • 30-day money-back guarantee

Try Now Surfshark – Risk Free – 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

For more information on Surfshark features, read our extensive Surfshark 

#5 Windscribe – The Best Free VPN


Windscribe is a Canadian-based VPN provider which uses a strong ES-256 cipher encryption, multiple security protocols and offers servers in over 50 countries. It even offers a free plan (limited to 10GB a month). It also provides an antivirus firewall, a double-hop proxy connection, and an ad-blocker feature.


  • Free ‘limited’ plan
  • $9.00 a month
  • $4.08 a month for a 12-month plan

Try Now Windscribe VPN – Completly Free – No Credit Card Needed

For more information on Windscribe features, read our extensive Windscribe review.

How to Set Up a VPN on Your iPhone or iPad

If you’re wondering how to setup VPN on iPhone or iPad then here’s a simple step-by-step guide to help you.

  • Choose a VPN and subscription plan
  • Go to the App Store to find the VPN App (there may be a link on the site)
  • Download the VPN APP (you may have to select a security protocol)
  • Once the App is installed, open it and follow the on-screen instructions
  • You will have to enter your login credentials

There are different iOS VPN settings available. These may include automatic start-up, kill switch activation and notification settings. Choose the VPN configuration iPhone and iPad settings you’re comfortable with.

Unblock Netflix and Other Streaming Sites on your iPhone or iPad

Most countries outside the US can only access a small fraction of the enormous Netflix library. If you want full, unrestricted access to Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime and other streaming sites then you can do so with your VPN.

All you need to do is connect to a server in a country that has full access to the streaming service. Then, create an account and the service will think you live in you’re ‘geo-spoofed’ location. Make sure to choose an address from that location and reconnect to the same server each time you want to enjoy unrestricted streaming.

Paid versus Free VPNs for iOS

We’re all tempted by free stuff, but the quality of free VPNs is usually much worse than the paid version of the same thing, or come with hefty limitations. Also, many ‘free’ products are actually scams which end up costing you a lot more than the paid version.

The same is true with a VPN. Even the best free VPN for iOS doesn’t offer anywhere near the same protection levels as paid VPNs. Also, many free VPNs are infected with malware which can expose your personal information. Paid VPNs are affordable, and for just a few dollars a month you can enjoy a quality service which is safe, secure and reliable.

Get a VPN for iPhone Today

You may think your iPhone is secure and unhackable, but it’s not! Get a VPN for iOS today and enjoy total online anonymity, premium protection from cyber attacks and full, unrestricted internet access.