5 Best VPNs for Qatar - Bypass the Local Online Censorship

article by Rebecca Lori
January 12, 2020
If you're looking for a good online time in Qatar (or just to stream your favorite TV shows), then you need to know that the internet is censored in Qatar: so if you want to access restricted sites you need to use a reliable VPN service. Read on to find out which VPNs we recommend for Qatar.

Why Use a VPN in Qatar?

One of the things people often take for granted is the ability to visit most websites freely. Many of us chat online via social media sites, read political news articles that show different unbiased views and watch whatever TV shows or movies they wish. If you live in Qatar or have visited the country then you will be aware that things are very different there. The internet is heavily censored and many websites are either limited or completely blocked.

Qatar has a constitutional monarchy which operates under Sharia Law, which means that certain websites are against their beliefs. Any websites containing anti-Islamic content, pornographic material, LGBT + related content, sexual health resources and even dating services have been blocked. It’s no surprise to hear that political journalism is also filtered and journalists are censored too. Freedom of speech and human rights are pretty much non-existent here. If you wish to freely access the internet and not have to worry about websites being blocked then you will need to use a VPN. Here are our top picks:

#1 ExpressVPN

Express VPN 210X100

The best VPN for Qatar is definitely ExpressVPN which has many attractive features that makes it stand out from many others on the market. If you want to have the best, most secure service and not have to worry about government officials fining you for trying to access censored material then ExpressVPN has got you covered.

This Virtual Private Network uses the very latest 256-bit AES encryption which will keep your personal information safe from hackers and prying eyes. You will be completely anonymous whilst using this VPN service which means you can safely access geo-blocked content and dating services without a care in the world. As an added safety feature they also include a kill switch which will cut off your internet connection should your VPN cut out for any reason – this means that you are safe at all times.

Accessing your favorite movies and TV shows in Qatar will not be a problem as ExpressVPN provides super fast connection speeds and has over 1700 servers in 100 countries. This means that streaming or downloading content is super easy and fast. You can test the product first too. The company offers a 30-day money back guarantee – which tells us that they feel super-confident about their service!

There’s a range of deals available depending on your usage needs and requirements. We found that the 15-month deal provided the best value by far.

If you ever encounter any issues then you shouldn’t have a problem contacting customer service as they provide 24/7 representatives available via a dedicated online chat service. You have the option to email too.

Check out the full review here.

#2 NordVPN


When you are trying to access geo-blocked content or visit websites that have been censored or blocked for political or religious reasons then you are going to want to feel confident with your VPN provider. Luckily we only choose Virtual Private Network companies that have excellent reputations. NordVPN is no exception. Their security is second to none – they actually provide military-grade methods which will keep your data safe and totally secure.

Accessing blocked content in Qatar will never be a problem with NordVPN’s multi-layer security. As well as their high-tech encryption, they operate a no-logging policy which will keep all of your personal information safe. Your information is your own with NordVPN and never anyone else’s; as it should be. NordVPN is another company that provides a kill switch feature which adds an extra layer of security when using the internet in Qatar.

If you want to sample the VPN before making a commitment they offer a 30-day money back guarantee, and you can read the full review here.

#3 SurfShark

Surfshark VPN

One of the most important features of a VPN provider is safety. When using a VPN in Qatar you will want to feel safe in the knowledge that hackers cannot access your information along with government officials who could access your personal data. SurfShark operates a very strict no-logging policy. This means that in the very unlikely event that their systems were ever hacked, they would have no information on you because it simply does not exist on their system. Even if it did, it would be encrypted so wouldn’t be legible to anyone reading the information. They have a good range of packages available and we found that all were fairly inexpensive. The two-year subscription provides excellent value for money.

With over 500 servers in 50 different countries, it should come as no surprise to hear that this service provides a fast connection. Which is perfect when you are looking at streaming in Qatar. You can also use unlimited devices, so you can connect all of your devices at once, smartphone, laptop and more! Check out the full review here.

#4 CyberGhost

CyberGhost VPN

Another VPN provider with a strict no-logging policy, CyberGhost will never store your information on their servers or anywhere else. This means that you can safely browse those dating services and social media sites freely and never have to worry about being caught! CyberGhost operates a staggering 5,944 servers across 90 different countries so you will be able to choose your IP location from wherever you wish. Price-wise, we didn’t feel that the service was too expensive and actually found (as with many other subscription services) the longer subscriptions offered the best value for money.

CyberGhost has a good reputation for their customer service and they understand that when you have an issue that needs resolving then it will need resolving fast. There is an online chat facility or you can email your query if the issue isn’t urgent.

The company’s money back guarantee is super impressive, allowing you to cancel your subscription within 45 days if you are not entirely happy with the service.

You can check out the full review here.


#5 ZenMate

zenmate 210x100




ZenMate has 300 servers in around thirty locations and is compatible with Windows, Mac, Android, iOS and Linux devices as well as having browser extensions for Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Opera. There is the possibility of hooking up as many as five devices simultaneously and there is unlimited bandwidth as well as P2P support.

Although this VPN is based in Germany which is a part of the 5/9/14 Eyes Alliance and where the Data Retention Directive is alive and well, ZenMate has a strict no logs policy which states that it will not record any of your data. This means even if they’re asked for it by the authorities, ZenMate won’t have any documentation to hand over.

If you’re contemplating trying out this VPN there is a seven-day free trial of the premium service, as well as there being a free version available on a few platforms. You will have access to four server locations and a total of 2MB. If you do end up in one of the paid ZenMate plans you always have a month to think about things as there is a thirty-day money-back guarantee.

Downloading and installing the software will take under a minute and the app is highly customizable and there are added features like the ZenMate Web FireWall, SafeSear and Identity Shield which will keep your online security completely intact. If you want to know more about ZenMate you can check out the review here.

Are VPNs Legal in Qatar?

You might think that a country that is so strict with censorship would make it illegal to use a VPN. Fortunately, this is not the case. The use of a Virtual Private Network in Qatar is actually completely legal, meaning you can access blocked content with ease. Of course, there would be legal implications should you be caught visiting any of Qatar’s blocked websites but you should be safe in the hands of a good VPN provider.

Can I Access Blocked Content in Qatar with a VPN?

Yes. There are two main reasons why you might like to try a VPN in Qatar. Firstly, there’s nothing more frustrating than trying to access geo-blocked content and not being able to watch your favorite TV shows. Using a VPN means that you can access local Qatar TV shows when you are anywhere in the world and of course, this works the other way around too, giving you access to other geo-blocked content – such as US Netflix – from Qatar.

Secondly, using a VPN means that you can use an alternate IP address to access blocked content, giving you freedom of speech and freedom to access content without fear of being fined or arrested.

Streaming in Qatar

Using a VPN in Qatar means that you can always access your favorite local TV shows no matter where you are in the world. It also means that you won’t be restricted with what you can access. Total freedom! These websites are some of the most popular streaming sites in Qatar:


Everyone should be familiar with Netflix by now to the point where most of us wonder how we ever survived without it. One of the largest streaming services in the world, Netflix provides thousands of movies, TV shows, documentaries available to stream instantly. The problem with Netflix in Qatar is that the content is restricted and censored which means that you will only be able to access a small percentage of the movies and TV shows available. Also, Netflix is bound by location which means that you can be halfway through your favorite television series and find yourself geo-blocked once you leave the country. Using a VPN will give you access to different Netflix services and therefore different content. It also means that you can access your own saved content wherever you are in the world.


Another popular streaming service. YouTube is one of Qatar’s most visited websites and it’s easy to see why. Not only are there millions of videos to view online but it’s totally free too. Access all your favorite videos anywhere in the world and use a VPN.

Bottom Line

There are many reasons why using a VPN is a sensible option in Qatar. Here are just a few reasons:

You’re an Expat

Many people are now moving to Qatar to follow their careers and adjusting to heavy censorship is frustrating. Especially when you come from a relatively “free” Western country. If you have just moved to Qatar and want to access your favorite streaming websites such as BBC iPlayer and US Netflix then using a VPN makes total sense. It also means that you can access blocked websites too.

Safety From Hackers

Using a VPN means that your personal information is encrypted. This will give you multiple levels of online safety that you simply wouldn’t get without using a VPN. Using public WiFi is totally safe when you use a VPN. You can keep your personal data safe from data thieves when using a VPN.

Geo-Blocked Content

Geo-blocking is annoying especially when you have moved to a different country or are on holiday and trying to access your favorite television shows. A VPN will give you access to content from different countries, whenever you like and wherever you are.

Getting Through Censorship

Qatar operates heavy censorship. All LGBT content is banned, along with dating services, some social media websites, pornography, anything criticizing the political regime, sexual health information, WhatsApp, Skype, Facetime and psychology magazines, bizarrely. Operate your human rights and use a VPN to access whatever content you wish.

Freedom Of Speech

Avoid biased journalism and propaganda by using a VPN. Your world will open up entirely when you see the other side of the coin and you are able to express your points of view openly online.

You Want To Access The LGBT Community

It’s hard to imagine a country where everything LGBT+ related is banned. Whether you are straight, homosexual or anything in between and want to be able to meet other like-minded people or even just chat to them online then a strong, secure VPN is essential.


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