5 Best VPNs for Amazon Fire TV

article by Sarah Turner
July 20, 2020
Amazon Prime Fire TV offers one of the most extensive instant TV services in the world – including exclusive Amazon-produced content. However, this entertainment powerhouse is only available in a few places. By using a VPN for Fire TV, you too can enjoy their vast catalog!

Fire TV is Amazon’s answer to the Netflix monopoly on streaming services. First released in 2014, the product includes a digital media player that provides a vast catalog of popular TV shows. The service also offers exclusive access to the Amazon’s own productions – such as the critically-acclaimed Man in the High Castle.

The Fire TV Device (Stick/TV box) is a plug-in device that facilitates compact access to Amazon Prime Fire TV. As more and more American’s cut the cord on traditional television subscriptions, the Fire TV provides an easy and convenient replacement.

However, so the Fire TV service has not enjoyed the global success of its competitor, Netflix. Residents of many counties still do not have access to its extensive catalog.

Why Can’t I Access Amazon Fire TV

Amazon Prime Fire TV was first launched in the US. The Fire TV and microconsole saw subsequent releases in Germany, the UK, and Japan, but since 2015, the growth of the service has faltered. Even if you are in the latter countries, users only have access to a limited catalog of shows.

The reason for this is due to geo-blocking. This censorship process involves using each persons IP address to establish their resident country, subsequently filtering content based on these geographical borders.

For streaming services, blocking TV shows is sometimes down to the licensing of the media itself. However, there are also suggestions that content is restricted to generate more payments from users.

Fortunately, there’s a simple solution to this problem – one that ensures anybody in the world can enjoy the Amazon Prime stick and Fire TV catalog.


Get a VPN for Amazon Fire TV

Virtual Private Networks (VPN) are in use worldwide to bypass geo-blocking restrictions. Although the software is primarily known for its security features, its IP address reallocation process is ideal for tricking streaming services.
A VPN works by re-routing your data through an alternative server, usually in a different country. When you access the internet with a VPN, it appears that you are connecting from your chosen location. So, even if you are situated in a place that doesn’t support Fire TV, you can enjoy their broad range of shows easily!

If you’re in the UK, Germany or Japan, do you need a VPN for Amazon Fire TV? Using a VPN in countries outside the US – where FireTV is already available – will grant you access to the full catalog. The extra channels include Netflix, Crackle, and Amazon Instant Video.

How to Set Up a VPN for Amazon Fire TV Device

Installing a VPN for Amazon  is different from the computer software. Fortunately, it’s no more complicated – so you don’t have to be a tech expert to make it work!

 Follow these steps, and you should have no problems with the set-up.

Method 1

  • Enable JavaScript

Visit the Downloader, click on settings and activate Java

  • Enter APK URL in Home

Your APK URL can be found from your VPN provider

  • Download & Install

As APK files are for mobile apps, the graphics may be distorted, but the service will work.


Method 2

  • Allow Apps from Unknown Sources
    Visit Setting > Device > Developer options and check allow apps.
  • Visit Downloader

Install Downloader from ‘Utilities’ section of ‘Apps’ submenu.

  • Enter App URL
    Input download URL on the first page of downloader
  • Download & install

Follow the onscreen instructions to download & install


Method 3

  • Visit Apps submenu

Highlight ‘Apps’ and press middle button on controller to open submenu

  • Find ‘Utility’

Click on ‘Categories’ and find appropriate sub-tab

  • Search VPN

IPVanish is currently the only VPN available on the Amazon app store, but hopefully, this will change in the near future.

No matter with VPN providers you choose, these installation methods will work for all.


fire tv vpn

The Best VPNs for Amazon Fire TV

The main priority when choosing your provider is finding a VPN that works with Fire TV. We compiled a list of some of the best Fire TV VPNs, rating them on performance, speed and – of course – compatibility.

These five choices are our top picks to help you access more content with your Fire TV.

#1 ExpressVPN – Streaming Dedicated Servers

ExpressVPN Logo

ExpressVPN is the best VPN for Amazon Fire TV users. It’s larger server network guarantees 99.99% uptime. Instant 24hr customer support is available for fast problem fixes. It’s perfect for Vidro streaming thanks to their dedicated high-speed servers network.

ExpressVPN costs $12.95 per month with a 30-day money-back guarantee. Alternatively, Save 35% with an annual subscription, plus enjoy three months free and an extended trial period of 45 days.

Try Now ExpressVPN – Risk Free – 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

For more information on ExpressVPN features, read our extensive ExpressVPN review.

#2 NordVPN – Security First


NordVPN is another highly-rated VPN for Amazon Fire TV. Up to 6 connections available to cover your other devices while you watch Fire TV. Enhanced security features keep you safe while you stream. Bitcoin and Paypal payments accepted for secure checkout.

Nord VPN costs $ 11.95 per month. Alternatively, save 52% with an annual subscription. Both price plans offer a 30-day trial with money-back guaranteed.

Try Now NordVPN – Risk Free – 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

For more information on NordVPN features, read our extensive NordVPN review.


#3 CyberGhost – Military-Grade Protection for all Online Activity

CyberGhost VPNCyberGhost allows you to surf the net anonymously and unblock countless streaming as well as basic websites. This is one VPN company that has been around longer than most, having complete apps for Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, and Amazon Fire TV. With a large network, counting more than 5,900 servers and a strong privacy policy, you can always get your money back within 45 days if you’re unhappy with the service.

Sign up with CyberGhost for $11.99 a month, or sign up with the six-month plan for just $7.99. By far the cheapest option is the 18-month plan that will cost you only $2.75, which is nothing when it comes to your online security.

Try Now CyberGhost – No Risk – 45 Day Money Back Guarantee

For more information on CyberGhost features, read our extensive CyberGhost review.


#4 VyprVPN – Value for Money


VyprVPN is a budget provider that still offers premium service quality. Dedicated fast 4k video streaming features will speed up your streaming. 200,000 IP addresses ensure you won’t have to wait in queues to connect. VyprVPN offer the best Value for money option.

VyprVPN costs $ 5.00 per month. The premium upgrade has a monthly fee of $6.67. There is a free trial available, but it’s only for three days.

Try Now VyprVPN – Risk Free – 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

For more information on VyprVPN features, read our extensive VyprVPN review.

#5 Surfshark – Ultra-Fast VPN with Unlimited Connections

Surfshark VPNKeep your whole family secure with this VPN service that offers unlimited connections with one Surfshark subscription. Having over 800 servers around the world means that you will never have to struggle to find a connection. A kill switch will also ensure that your internet connection ends if your VPN stops working for some reason. One of the cheapest options on the market, this VPN doesn’t compromise on quality despite the affordable price.

Surfshark might have similar prices to other VPN companies when it comes to the monthly fee, which will have you paying $11.99, however, you can save 50% when you sign up with the 12-month plan. The biggest savings are felt when you sign up for the two-year plan, paying just $1.99 with a saving of 83%.

Try Now Surfshark – Risk Free – 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

For more information on Surfshark features, read our extensive Surfshark review.

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