5 Best VPNs with a Free Trial: Try Before You Buy

January 12, 2020
Are you considering using a VPN but feeling nervous about it slowing down your device or not unblocking the content you need? Free VPN trials give you the flexibility to find a VPN that fits your devices and your needs before you pay.

Why Use a VPN with a Free Trial?

A VPN creates a ‘tunnel’ which shields your IP address and personal details and protects your data from hackers by using end to end encryption. VPNs are popular among people who want to access content and websites that are blocked in certain locations, or those who value keeping their personal data safe from malicious cyber thieves. Since not every VPN operates at the same speed, is equally easy to setup, or equally effective across all operating systems, it’s useful to find one with a free trial.

The Benefits of a VPN Free Trial

When you use free trial VPN software, you give yourself the opportunity to check that this VPN really delivers on speed and security before you put money down. Some VPNs are tricky to configure or are not compatible with certain versions of operating systems, and a free trial lets you give up and try a different VPN if one doesn’t work. You can also see if the VPN reliably works in the country you’re in and whether or not you succeed in unlocking the full Netflix library before you shell out for the product. If you’re traveling abroad for a short time and want to watch your favorite TV shows while away, a free VPN trial of 30 days could give you the access you want without paying anything at all.

What are the Drawbacks

Of course, there are drawbacks to using a free trial VPN as well. A free trial VPN without a credit card frequently delivers a restricted set of features. Not all devices and operating systems are included in a VPN free trial with no credit card. Some security features are held back for paying customers only, along with some server locations and/or number of available servers. It’s also questionable whether the VPN will honor its privacy promises to users who haven’t registered or sell the data to third parties.

The Best Free Trial VPNs

We consider that it’s still worth it to use a VPN free trial with no credit card. However, you should make sure you use one of the best VPN free trial options which provide you with the features you need. Features to look for including: no restrictions on bandwidth, P2P file sharing, and torrent downloads, along with strong privacy promises such as zero logs, fast internet speeds, and compatibility with your device. These are our six favorites for best VPN free trials.

#1 CybrGhost – Online Privacy Advocates

CyberGhost VPN

CyberGhost currently has a great 7-day free trial, no credit card needed. What makes this free trial different than competitors is that you do not need to put in your credit card details. You can try it without having to worry about being charged seven days later. Another benefit of their free trial is that you receive the same premium benefits as their paid version. While many VPNs opt to add  bandwidth caps and server limitations to their free version, CyberGhost lets you enjoy everything the VPN has to over, including unlimited bandwidth, 256-bit AES encryption, access to its full server library, as well as IP and DNS leak protection. With CyberGhost you can really “try before you buy.” If you are not sure about making a full commitment, start your free trial with CyberGhost now.

Try Now CyberGhost – Risk Free – 7 Days Free Trial (No Credit Card Needed to Try)

For more information on CyberGhost features, read our extensive CyberGhost review.

*Please note, in order to activate the free trial, follow the instruction as shown in the picture below.Cyberghost VPN Free Trial

#2 ExpressVPN – Ultra Fast VPN Client

ExpressVPN Logo

Technically, ExpressVPN does not offer a free trial. It actually promises a 30 day money-back guarantee, but that promise is very robust. It will refund your fee no matter what your reasons are. Although you have to provide a credit card and then reclaim your costs, you know you are getting the best VPN free trial software. During the trial period you’ll have access to the full set of security tools, all ExpressVPN’s secure servers, and its lightning fast VPN speed as well as its DNS leak protection, kill switch, and zero logs policy.

Try Now ExpressVPN – Risk Free – 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

For more information on ExpressVPN features, read our extensive ExpressVPN review.

#3 ProtonVPN – Unlimited Free VPN

ProtonVPN 210x100 bgProtonVPN has a few different subscription plans one of which is a completely free plan. As you can imagine this plan is incredibly limited and offers customers server locations in just three countries with one device covered. On the bright side there is Multi-platform support as well as a free trial of the ProtonPlusVPN plan which lasts for 7 days.

With your seven day trial you will have access to secure streaming, file sharing as well as a kill switch and Onion over VPN. If you do not activate a paid subscription after the seven day trial period is over you will revert back to the free plan.

Try ProtonVPN – Risk Free – 7 Days Free Trial

For more information on ProtonVPN, read our extensive ProtonVPN review.

#4 Hotspot Shield – Notuouris Travel VPN


HotSpot Shield offers a free version of its VPN which only provides you with the basic security, downloading, and unblocking features. However, there is also a seven-day free trial for the full, paid version of its VPN which gives users access to all of HotSpot Shield’s advanced security features, unlimited bandwidth and download options, and full range of servers.

Try Now HotSpot Shield – Risk Free – 7 Days Free Trial

For more information on HotSpot Shield features, read our extensive Hotspot Shield review.

#5 Surfshark – Unlimited Simultaneous Devices

Surfshark VPNSurfshark has over 800 servers in 50 countries and is one of the fastest and cheapest VPN options on the market. This VPN has a very simple interface, user-friendly options as well as the lightweight software.

Equipped with the most advanced security protocols any VPN service provider could have, there is also a strict no logs policy as well as impeccable 24-hour live chat support throughout the year. The best thing about this VPN is that you can hook up as many devices to one VPN subscription so your whole family can stay protected. Take advantage of their 30-day money-back guarantee and you can try out this service for a whole month.

Try Now Surfshark – Risk Free – 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

For more information on Surfshark features, read our extensive Surfshark review.

#6 ZenMate – A Perfect Solution for First Time VPN Users

zenmate 210x100With around 40 million ZenMate users around the world, you can be sure that this VPN service provider will not leave anything to be desired when it comes to ensuring your complete security and privacy online.

With a strict no-logs policy, this German-based VPN will allow you to navigate the web completely anonymously and without any restrictions. In addition to offering a completely free VPN service, ZenMate also offers customers a seven-day free trial so they can get comfortable with its service. On top of the seven-day free trial you will also be able to get your money back within thirty days, no questions asked.

Try Now ZenMate – Risk Free – 30 Days Money Back Guarantee

For more information on ZenMate features, read our extensive ZenMate review.

Try Before You Buy

With so many free trial options around, you have no reason not to try before you buy. Check that your chosen VPN doesn’t slow down your device, is easy to set up, and that it succeeds in unblocking all the sites and content you want before you commit your dollars.

robert plant says:

All these so called free trials want your credit card details. Free my arse

James. M says:

Hello Robert,
Free trial does not mean, by definition, a subscription with no payment method.
Some of the VPN providers do provide a free trial without the need to put a credit card, like Cyberghost.
I think that the following article would better serve your cause: 5 Completely Free VPNs

Thanks for your comment and hope my answer will be helpful to you.