5 Best VPN for Mac

article by Sarah Turner
May 14, 2019
Mac computers are known for their inbuilt security features. However, many users fail to take other preventative steps to ensure privacy. This oversight has resulted in cybercrime, identity theft, and destructive malware infections. Using a VPN offers many benefits.

Apple has taken over the technology world since it first released the Apple I computer in 1976. Today, their streamlined operating system and synergist devices are in homes, pockets and on risks all over the globe. In the US alone, a recent poll unveiled that every household has an average of two Apple products.

So, why do we love Apple products so much? Several reasons have been cited. The company knows how to do compact usability well, the consistency and interconnectivity of all devices allow customers to optimize their digital environment and, let’s face it, their products are just cooler than most on the market. Plus, Apple is known for their inbuilt security – which is always a benefit. However, this reputation for privacy is a double-edged sword. Users are lulled into a false sense of safety and forgo opportunities to maximize security.

If you want to stay safe from surveillance and cybercriminals, you need more than the basic Mac features.

Why You Need a VPN for Mac

A Virtual Private Network (VPN) is a software package designed to falsify your IP address but diverting your traffic through a secondary server. The VPN protocol also encrypts your data. Alongside the obvious security benefits, there are many reasons to use a VPN for Mac.

  • Public Wi-Fi. Open hotspots are infinitely useful but perilously dangerous. All your data is accessible by other network users. Cybercriminals exploit this security hole to such an extent that they even set-up rogue hotspots, specifically for farming information.
  • Online Streaming: Streaming media has gain popularity faster than global regulations can keep up. Whether you want to access more content or remain anonymous in case you breach copyright, a VPN has got your back.
  • Everyone wants your data. Government surveillance, marketing campaigns, and identity thieves constantly monitor our online activity. If you want guaranteed privacy, VPNs are a fast solution.
  • Unblock Restricted Websites. Many countries face online censorship, to varying degrees. With a VPN, it’s possible to access this blacklisted content,
  • Bypass Georestrictions. It’s not just governments that dictate geo-restrictions. Many multinational corporations and media broadcasters – such as Netflix – filter their content by region. VPNs grant access to all global catalogs.
  • Location-Based Price Discrimination. Many eCommerce portals vary costs depending on the customer’s location. By doing this, they can target higher price tags to those who would be willing to pay. International VPN servers ensure you always get the best value for your money.
  • Geo-Targeting. Targeted advertising filters the products and brands you see using data from your online profile and activity. VPNs hide this information and guarantee neutrality when you search.
  • Online Gaming. Using a VPN for gaming gives you instant access to the latest releases, supports your gaming while traveling, enhances multiplayer opportunities and can even cut ping time and lags.
  • P2P & Torrents. As governments and copyright holders continue to crackdown on torrenting, a VPN helps keep you safe from prosecution.

Get a Mac VPN

A good Mac VPN will work seamlessly with your device. Once installed, it runs in the background, securing your data and granting you anonymity for specific surveillance channels.

A top-quality Mac VPN service will:

  • Cause Minimum Speed Disruption: In rare cases, VPN compression can even improve your system speed!
  • Provide Contingency Features: Kill switch, auto-connect, and similar elements ensure your Mac is never unprotected.
  • Grant Access to International Content: A VPN will transform your streaming experience with the push of a button.
  • Work Alongside Sandboxing for Ultimate Remote Protection: Although sandboxing offers superior privacy to other operating systems, it fails to grant remote protection.
  • Offer Comprehensive Customer Support: The best Mac VPNs provide a user experience that is as sleek as deserved for an Apple product.
  • Develop the Cyber Landscape: As online surveillance and crime transform; your Mac VPN should provide responsive updates.

How We Selected the Best VPNs for Mac

We gathered some of the top VPN providers on the market and tested them to find the best service for Mac users. To do this, we began by assessing the core features, which include:

  • Speed
  • Reliability
  • Ease-of-Use

However, these elements are not enough to ensure optimum security for customers. We also looked at the encryption levels, company practices, service limitations and compatibility with Mac. VPN server network size also played a significant role, as larger providers ensure increased reliability and higher potential for bypassing geo-blocks.

Specific elements we searched for include:

  • Bandwidth Limits
  • Data Logs
  • Additional Security Protocols
  • Value For Money

We scored each provider out of ten, on a number of devised inspections, to test the above features. By combing these scores, we were able to determine the top VPN providers for Mac users.

#1 ExpressVPN – Our Top Pick For Mac OS

ExpressVPN Logo

ExpressVPN is the best VPN for Mac, as its core features far surpassed the others we tested. Its global server network spans 94 countries, and our speed tests showed consistently fast connections. If you have a problem, the live chat customer server saw response times of minutes.

Notable Features:

  • 99% Uptime Guarantee
  • Fastest Speeds
  • Responsive Customer Support

ExpressVPN offers contingency features, which will shut off your internet when the VPN isn’t connected. Although it has limited added security, the central encryption is so good that extra protocols are superfluous.

Cost: $12.95 per month, Save 49% with an annual subscription – plus, enjoy three free months and an extended money-back period of 45 days.

Try Now ExpressVPN – No Risk -30 Day Money Back Guarantee

For more information on ExpressVPN features, read our extensive ExpressVPN review.

#2 NordVPN – Solid, Reliable & Secure

Nord VPN 210X100

NordVPN is known for supporting numerous platforms. The Mac VPN client is smooth and easy-to-use, with proficient speeds and a vast server network. However, the provider is best known for their comprehensive security systems.

Notable Features:

  • Dedicated Servers
  • Kill Switch & Auto-Connect
  • Double VPN

Their dedicated servers will optimize your connection, depending on the activity you’re doing – which is great for streaming, torrenting, etc. NordVPN offers a kill switch and auto-connect option. Plus, the Double VPN feature routes your traffic through two alternative servers, for twice the protection.

Cost: $11.95 per month, Save 52% with an annual subscription

Try Now NordVPN – No Risk -30 Day Money Back Guarantee

For more information on NordVPN features, read our extensive NordVPN review.

#3 VyprVPN – Value for Money


VyprVPN is another VPN service Mac users will love. With both good speeds and network size, even the basic plan will provide high-quality protection. However, if you upgrade to their premium subscription, you are afforded a plethora of innovative features.

Notable Features:

  • NAT Firewall
  • Chameleon Masking Technology
  • VyprVPN Cloud

The Chameleon technology disguises your data as alternate encryption forms, and there’s even dedicated protection for using the cloud. As Apple continues to move towards virtual storage, this feature will be invaluable.

Cost: $5.00 per month or $6.67 pm for Premium package

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For more information on VyprVPN features, read our extensive VyprVPN review.

#4 IPVanish – Fair Speed for a Fair Price

 ipvanish 210x100

IPVanish offers the ultimate in security. They also offer multiple VPN protocols and AES 256-bit encryption. With API Load Balancing, you’ll always be connected to the fastest servers. The app also auto connects anytime it detects an active internet signal. They support all most mobile platforms and even allow iOS users to log in to the app using 3D Touch.

Notable Features:

  • P2P Support
  • Protocol Selection

Price: $10.00 per month or $6.49 with an annual subscription

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For more information on IPVanish features, read our extensive IPVanish review.

#5 Windscribe – The Best Free VPN


Windscribe is a smaller company, whose premium Mac VPN Client scored well. They offer a free service, but this only grants access to eleven servers and was significantly slower and less reliable.


Notable Features:

  • Unlimited Device Connections
  • Browser Extension Available

One incredible benefit of Windscribe is that there’s no limit to the number of connected devices, which means you can protect all your tech – and maybe even your friend’s as well! If you don’t want to download the app, the browser extension is a convenient way to stay protected.


  • Free limited subscription (10GB per month)
  • $9.00 per month
  • $4.08 with an annual subscription

Try Now Windscribe VPN – Completly Free – No Credit Card Needed

For more information on Windscribe features, read our extensive Windscribe review.

How to Set Up a VPN on Your Mac

If you want to know how to set up a VPN a Mac computer, it’s incredibly simple. Follow these steps for a quick and straightforward connection.

  • Visit the website of your chosen VPN provider
  • Find the VPN for Mac app
  • Download software
  • Follow onscreen installation instructions
  • Configure as required
  • Click connect!

If you have any problems, contact the customer support of your chosen provider. However, we saw no obstacles to set up a VPN on Mac. Most of the apps were responsive and intelligent.

Should You Get a Paid or Free VPN for Mac?

Price tag plays a significant role in determining the best VPN for you. While you might be tempted to opt for the cheapest option, this isn’t always the smartest move. Free VPNs have had a lot of bad press surrounding their reliability.

They advertise as comprehensive proxy services, but the reality is much different. As free providers do not have the funds to invest in development, these no-charge clients significantly lack stringent security and reliable protection.
The connection tends to drop-in-and-out, and inconsistency in speed is incredibly frustrating. Furthermore, due to lack of finance, they don’t apply extra security. There have even been cases of free VPN providers selling customer data to ad firms, to generate more revenue.  This funding tactic completely voids any privacy that the software grants in the first place. Many also put limits in the amount of bandwidth and number of available servers

Get a VPN for Mac

Once Mac users may have got away with leaving their devices unprotected. Unfortunately, cyber-snooping is always on the rise, and malicious spies are constantly finding new ways to access our data.

Using a VPN on Mac accounts for these security holes and offers straightforward connection. You also get the added benefit of access to global media catalogs!

We recommend ExpressVPN as the best VPN for Mac, due to its unbeaten core service.