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article by Christian N author May 11, 2017
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When looking for a VPN provider, users should seek out one that offers great speeds, cross-platform compatibility and features you don't find everywhere. Buffered VPN ticks all those boxes and provides a quality product for beginner and experienced VPN users alike.
  • Consistent speeds across all servers
  • Support for DD-WRT and Tomato Routers available
  • Military grade encryption
  • Compatible with most platforms including mobile
  • Port discovery feature standard
  • No live chat or phone support
  • Logging practice a bit suspect
  • A bit pricier than other services
Pricing shouldn't be your only deciding factor. Buffered VPN offers a quality product that's worth the extra couple of bucks monthly.
Christian N, author
Money Back Guarantee 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
Setup and Interface Easy Setup
Syncronization Unlimited Data and Excellent Speeds
Server Locations Excellent for Streaming
Countries Available Global Availability
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$ 12.99 /mo
  • Full Price
  • 37 World Wide Server Locations
  • Unlimited Speeds & Bandwidth
  • 5 Simultaneous Connections
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$ 8.25 /mo
  • 36% OFF
  • 37 World Wide Server Locations
  • Unlimited Speeds & Bandwidth
  • 5 Simultaneous Connections
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  • 37 World Wide Server Locations
  • Unlimited Speeds & Bandwidth
  • 5 Simultaneous Connections
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Setup Setup

Windows and Mac users are able to access Buffered VPN through their dedicated client software. The application is easily downloaded from their site once users sign up for service. Buffered VPN’s client is presently compatible with Windows 7 and higher as well as Mac OS 10.9 and above.

While Buffered VPN is compatible with most every platform, those platforms must install OpenVPN and configure it for Buffered VPN. The same is also true for mobile devices. The good news is that extensive tutorials for all platforms are available from the Buffered VPN homepage.

Once installed, the client opens up to a simple interface that allows users to select which country to connect to. Once ready to connect, a user just needs to select their desired country and they’re connected.

Features and Specifications Features and Specifications

Buffered VPN offered all of the standard features that users have come to expect from a VPN, such as the ability to surf georestricted sites and enhanced encryption. One feature that they offer that users won’t find everywhere is port discovery. Port discovery allows users to bypass firewalls and internet blocks setup by networks. For example, if your hotel has a restrictive internet service, Buffered VPN can help you find holes in the firewall for unrestricted access.

Another advantage for more advanced users is that Buffered VPN offers support for Tomato and DD-WRT routers. Finally, users are able to connect up to five devices simultaneously. Users can connect their computer, mobile devices, Amazon Fire TV and more all at once.

Reliability Reliability

Performance tests were impressive with Buffered VPN. Standard tests for georestricted content were flawless and users will enjoy full access to georestricted content around the world. Things like Netflix, Hulu, Pandora, and BBC iPlayer were no problem to access.

When testing performance for streaming, there were few problems and most sites were streaming HD video by default. While torrent downloading wasn’t tested, there’s little reason to believe that torrent users will have any issues with downloads or seeding.

speed Speed

Speeds for Buffered VPN were above average in comparison with other VPN services. Best speeds were on US and UK servers but something we were impressed with is a lack of significant latency on most servers. This means web browsing will be quick and responsive; most users won’t notice a difference in speed while connected.

Countries Available Countries Available

Buffered VPN is presently available in 37 countries around the globe. They are located in many of the standard countries that one would expect, such as the United States, the United Kingdom, and Canada.


Some of the more exotic server locations include Japan, Israel, India, Korea, Latvia, Turkey and Singapore. Their servers are spread out enough where users should be able to access most any georestricted material.

Privacy Privacy

Buffered VPN offers AES256 for data encryption, also known as “military grade encryption.” Any data transmitted over the service is completely secured, probably more so than what most users enjoy.

In terms of logging, Buffered VPN is a mixed bag. They are upfront with their policy of connection logs, meaning they do track how much data you upload and download through their service. Buffered VPN does claim a “no data logs” policy, which is supposed to mean that they do not track user data. However, their privacy terms state that they don’t “ordinarily” store data – they could do so if the need arises.

Furthermore, the fact they keep connection logs should be of concern as this can still clue them into users that server or download torrents. While there haven’t been reports about them booting users for torrent use, you cannot discount that they could track usage.

Pricing Pricing

Buffered VPN isn’t the cheapest provider on the market there but their pricing is still very reasonable. Those who prefer month-to-month plans are going to pay the most – $12.99 per month.

Bi-annual and annual users; however, enjoy solid savings. Bi-annual users are billed $59.94 every six months, equal to $9.99 a month. Those willing to commit to an annual plan pay $99 a year or $8.25 monthly.

Payment options are somewhat limited over some providers. Currently, Buffered VPN accepts either credit cards or PayPal.

Buffered VPN does offer a 30-Day money back guarantee to their users, but be aware there is one limitation. Users who use more than 10GB of data within the 30 day period, for more than 10 hours or more than 100 sessions, will not be permitted to get their money back.


For those who like to do their own technical support, Buffered VPN offers a ton of tutorials that help users setup everything from the standard VPN client to a Tomato router.

The FAQ and tutorial files on their website are fantastic and superior to those of many providers. With that said, the rest of their support is somewhat lacking. The only option for additional support is email. They presently don’t offer either live chat or telephone support. This is disappointing considering the quality of their web support sections.

Bottom Line Bottom Line

While a bit pricier than some VPN providers, Buffered VPN offers a quality product that’s excellent for most every level of VPN user. Those wanting to unlock the internet’s full potential while remaining secure should put Buffered VPN on their short list.