Why ExpressVPN is one of the Best VPNs for Windows?

June 26, 2019
When you need to select the best VPN for Windows, whether it is for privacy or streaming, or a bit of both, don’t settle for less than the best. Selecting the right VPN can be overwhelming, so we’ve made it easy by doing all the legwork – ExpressVPN is the best VPN for your Windows computer.

There are many reasons why you may need a VPN for your Windows computer:

  • Access geo-blocked content, including Netflix, Hulu, and BBC iPlayer
  • Avoid any kind of government censorship
  • Stay secure when using public WiFi
  • Torrent safely without worry
  • Circumvent location-based price targeting
  • Improve online gaming speeds
  • Stop ISPs and browsers from tracking your every move online

Our goal is to provide you with the best VPN available to help you do all this and more. And while proxies and Tor do exist to aid in some of these activities, nothing will check off all the boxes better than a VPN. And the best VPN out there? Well, through lots of research and testing, our tech experts can safely say that the best VPN on the market is ExpressVPN. It claims to be the “#1 Trusted Leader in VPN.” On their site, they claim six primary reasons to choose a VPN. We look over each of them to see if their claims hold up.

Blazing Fast Speeds

ExpressVPN boasts over 1,500 servers all around the globe, including countries in the Americas, Europe, Asia Pacific, and the Middle East. You will always be able to find a fast server in the country you need it. Don’t know if the speed is good? ExpressVPN has a built-in speed test to see how your connections are working. Need to stream content or download a torrent? Find the fastest server to do it. Here’s a pro tip: need to stream something in HD, make sure the speed is above 5,000 kbps!https://www.bestonlinereviews.com/links/expressvpn-review

If Speed is Your Concern, Try Now ExpressVPN – Risk Free

Easy-to-Use VPN Service for Windows

Even the least tech-savvy Windows users will have no trouble at all downloading the VPN. All you have to do is sign up for ExpressVPN, download and install the app for Windows, and connect to any server location! There is a large “on” button that you need to press, and then you choose the location. ExpressVPN gives you a list of recommended locations and you can also save your favorites.

ExpressVPN works on all Windows products from XP up.

And if you aren’t sure, ExpressVPN’s customer service is available 24/7 to help you out.

*It is also essential to note that if you have another device that is not Windows, no worries. ExpressVPN also provides service for Mac, iOS, Android, Linux, Routers, and a host of browser extensions and devices.

If You Are Looking For Intuitive VPN, Try ExpressVPN Now – Risk Free

No Restrictions

Unlike some other VPNs, you can stream or download anything from any of ExpressVPN’s servers. Not only can you download torrents safely and securely (away from the prying eyes of your ISP), unblock social media sites if they are blocked by your school, work, or country’s government, and you can also access many of the most popular streaming channels, including:

  • Netflix
  • BBC iPlayer
  • YouTube
  • Hulu
  • Amazon
  • HBO Go
  • NBC
  • And more…!

Not only that, but with ExpressVPN, there are no bandwidth caps and no throttling. If you want to binge on the latest must-watch series, you are free to do so via ExpressVPN, without any concern.

Why Restrict Yourself, Try ExpressVPN Now – Risk Free

Offshore Privacy Protection

Because ExpressVPN is located in the British Virgin Islands, it is not held to the same data retention laws as the UK. What does this mean for its users? Quite simply it means that your activity and your connection to the VPN will never be logged. Anything that can be used to identify you, including IP addresses, browsing history, or metadata, will never be kept. And while minimal information is kept (dates a user was connected and choice of server location), it is primarily used to fix any technical and network issues.

In fact, it says on the ExpressVPN website:

ExpressVPN does not see or record which websites you visit. We never log the destination or contents of your traffic, and we run our own private, zero-knowledge DNS on every VPN server for added privacy and anonymity.

ExpressVPN never logs connection timestamps, session duration, your source IP, or the ExpressVPN IP address that your computer assumes when connected to the VPN.

This is definitely a VPN that takes the privacy of their users seriously.

If You Cherish Your Privacy, Try ExpressVPN Now – Risk Free

Serious Security

To say that ExpressVPN takes security seriously is an understatement. The VPN uses 256-bit AES encryption. Don’t understand what this means? Just know that it is the same standard that is used by the US government as well as security experts around the globe to protect sensitive information.

For privacy and security-minded users, ExpressVPN also provides the following:

  • Split Tunneling. Route some of your internet traffic via the VPN while other traffic goes through the regular internet server.
  • Kill Switch. Even ExpressVPN isn’t perfect and sometimes a VPN connection can drop, leaving your internet traffic exposed to ISPs. The kill switch stops all traffic leaving and entering your Windows computer if the connection drops, preventing your traffic from being exposed.
  • DNS Leak Test. If your DNS leaks, ISPs and other ‘eyes’ can see your entire browsing history because traffic is being sent outside the VPN. ExpressVPN will run tests to make sure you are not leaking.

If You Think Security First, Try ExpressVPN Now – Risk Free

30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

Every single ExpressVPN subscription comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee. No matter the reason, the VPN provider will honor this guarantee and give you your money back. And while ExpressVPN does not have a free trial, the guarantee allows you to try their service risk-free for 30 days.

Try It Without Any Obligation, Risk Free


So, is ExpressVPN Really the Best?

Our tech experts are all in agreement – based on these reasons and more, ExpressVPN is possibly the best VPN on the market for Windows computers. It is easy to install, simple to use, and the features associated with the VPN brand ensures that no matter your need for a VPN, you will be completely protected. A single month of this VPN will run you $12.95, but if you sign up for their annual plan, the cost significantly drops to $8.32 per month. If you need the best VPN for Windows, ExpressVPN is the one. Still not sure? especially for this, check out our extensive ExpressVPN review.

Eric says:

What are the usual bandwidth speeds with this VPN?

adam michaels says:

if ExpressVPN logs your connection time/server then it’s no really no-logs, is it?

Arthur says:

Where is the MAC version rating?

Brian says:

If the feds are using the same security, does that mean they can hack me?

Thomas says:

How fast is the money back guarantee? Will I get my money in a day? Week? Thx.

masoud says:

Hello. I buy expressvpn for one year but I see here it says there is three extra months free. I did not get these months when buying form website. Can i add free months or must i delete account completely and register again?

Liam N. says:

Great post. Very informative.

David says:

Used ExpressVPN for 5 years with no problems. Instant connection and helpful customer support. I was struggling to set up split tunneling and they got back to me within the hour. Top VPN. 100% would recommend.

Hattie says:

Express seems to be the only service that consistently unblocks Netflix.

Tess says:

Some articles I’ve read say that the BVI location is bad for privacy. You claim the complete opposite. So, which one is it?

Tom says:

This logs policy seems unclear. It seems like they keep logs but don’t want to say it. So, what logs do they keep?

Raymond says:

Beautiful service. I’ve been using it for years now and can do whatever I need it to do. Plenty of servers to connect to and I’ve never had a proble with Netflix, Hulu or anyone blocking me, at least not yet.

Ozzy says:

You pretty much glossed over torrenting. I need more information. How many servers can you torrent on? What are the speeds? Are there any torrent apps that don’t work?

Kirk says:

Aren’t countries now actively blocking MOST VPN services? Is ExpressVPN able to get around these blocks? I really need a reliable service for when I start traveling for business this summer. Any advice you can give would be helpful. Thanks in advance.

Nick says:

ExpressVPN is definitely one of the more expensive services on the market, but I still use it. I’ve tried about 5 different services ranging from a couple of bucks a month to the $12.95 of ExpressVPN and you definitely get what you pay for. Solid speeds and plenty of servers to connect to. If you’re too poor to afford $12.95 a month, why do you need a VPN? Sounds like you need a better job.