Top 7 Best Firefox VPN Plugins

VPN extensions, while not as secure as a full VPN, are an affordable option to secure your web browsing activity. We’ve gathered a list of the best Firefox VPN add-ons. Be careful to choose one that best meets your specific needs. Functionality is similar across platforms, but features vary.

No Matter Your Reason for VPN, We Have a Recommendation For You.


When you download the Zenmate Firefox extension and create an account, a free trial of the premium service automatically begins. You receive immediate access to all 28 of their TLS encrypted servers around the world, while the free version only makes a few servers available. A DNS leak exposed our country, but not our exact location, so user identity is secure. The extension features NAT firewall protection and instant connection, so you never have to worry about your browser being vulnerable. The premium version offers malware protection against malicious sites and a smart locations feature so you can customize how Zenmate connects to websites of your choice. You can get full Zenmate VPN features for $60 a year, or a monthly plan $7.49.


Windscribe’s free Firefox extension is a secure way to browse the web for a limited amount of time. The user-friendly interface makes it easy to quickly select a specific IP location, or choose “cruise control” which selects a location for you. Server location options are more limited than other services, but your IP address is properly masked, and it passed a DNS leak test. Free users are limited to 10GB of data per month.

Region-specific streaming may work sometimes, but don’t count on it. Many major streaming services recognize even paid proxies and VPNs lately. Windscribe has other basic privacy features like an ad-blocker, social media quieter, and a setting that automatically rotates your IP location. The “secure link” feature creates unique URLs when prompted to assess the security of certain sites, and is unique to this platform. Paid plans are required for more extensive activity.

Hoxx VPN

Hoxx VPN service provides free secure public web browsing including unlimited server switches from servers located in 50+ countries around the world. Users can bypass some government restrictions while enjoying a 99% uptime grantee and 1024-bit encryption, no bandwidth restrictions and some malicious website filtering.

Paid plans include upgraded speed and encryption on the servers, as well as stronger malware protection, but unlike most services, the free user isn’t excluded from special premium features. Setup is fast and easy. Hoxx VPN also offers unique, affordable pricing plans. A one-week plan for the sporadic user is $3. The 2-year plan $50.

Hotspot Shield

Hotspot Shield is by far the easiest VPN extension to set up and start using. Simply download the Firefox plugin, click, and choose a server location to connect to. Instantly, your IP address is masked. A DNS leak test did detect servers in the U.S. (where the test was performed), but the addresses did not compromise personal privacy. We did experience slightly slower browsing speed, but nothing too worrying. Hotspot Shield’s free extension is a quick option when you need privacy when accessing public servers.

An Elite version offers malware protection, ad-blocking, customer service and more servers to choose from. There is a one month, three month, or one year plan offered.


NordVPN offers instructions on how to add a free proxy to your Firefox browser on their website. It is manually configured, so it does take a few minutes to set up, but NordVPN is a trustworthy resource, and this is an easy way to secure your browser without unnecessary features or upgrade reminders distracting you. The company also offers one of the most secure full VPNs on the market for full protection, if you choose to pay.

VPN Unlimited

VPN Unlimited, offered by KeepSolid Inc., is another quick and easy Firefox VPN plugin to use. Once you create an account you can secure your server instantly during a free trial, and they have a wide variety of services if you choose to upgrade, including the option to purchase a personal server.

Hide My Ass!

Hide My Ass!, a popular VPN service, offers a free Firefox plugin that allows you to access any website via a proxy. Simply type the address into the extension and you will be redirected to a secure version of the site. Be careful! This extension has mixed reviews and doesn’t secure your full server, but could be helpful in a pinch!

Ginelle L says:

The price of Hoxx VPN is good but speeds aren’t great for streaming.

Flora L. says:

ExpressVPN extension is nice but it can be annoying to need to remember to turn it on and off.

Joe K. says:

I’ve found that with the NordVPN extension toggling it will let you get fast browsing speeds when you don’t need the security.

Giordanna says:

Are these extensions as good as the real thing?

frgreaggea says:

its absolutely crazy that you’re promoting these extensions when they are NOTHING LIKE A VPN. Dont put your readers in danger….its a paid VPN or nothing these days

William R says:

Been using Windscribe for a while now and very impressed. Some may find the bandwidth limit annoying, but its ideal for limited use (I have a full VPN on my work computer, so only use data when I’m casually surfing at home.) Eventually I will upgrade, but for now I’m very happy with the service.

Cassie Brown says:

Hi. I’m studying in China and was considering exchanging my VPN for a less-bulky extension. I noticed a few of your options exposed your country location (which is obviously not great as VPNs are illegal here.) Can you point me to one that guarantees no leaks?

Samantha says:

Most of these choices are way too expensive.

Chris T. says:

Is there a plugin like this available for all browsers? Which browser is the hardest to protect with a VPN plugin?

Laura says:

I really appreciate that there’s a choice on here that, while limited, is actually free.

Jeff says:

Some of the most necessary features of these services are the ad-blockers and social media quieters. Those make this worth the money.

Austin says:

Hoxx is pretty solid. I tried them out once using their week-long plan and after trying a couple others, I ended up getting a long-term plan with them. You can get 2 years of service for like $2 a month. I pay more than that for gas to cut my grass.

Frank says:

Why not just get a regular VPN? I guess these are ok if you are only worried about your browsing, but so many things use the intenret now that it seems like getting a full VPN is a smarter move.

Darrin says:

The $100 question is whether these browser extensions can get to Netflix, Hulu and other streaming services? “Privacy” is a dime a dozen it seems but these aren’t any good if I can’t get around blocks to Netflix.

Brandy says:

I’m surprised that HMA is on this list. HMA is famous for tracking your internet activity and isn’t VPN supposed to be for protecting our security? Zenmate and Nord are good but HMA is NOT recommended.