HideMyAss VPN Review

article by Cheyenne M author February 22, 2018
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Hide My Ass! (HMA) is a great service for anyone new to VPNs and the world of internet privacy and security. It provides users with a way to safely and securely browse the web while knowing their personal information is protected.
  • Easy to use
  • 730+ servers (and countless IPs) across 190+ countries
  • Good customer service
  • Fast U.K. servers
  • Strong encryption strength (and the option to change it depending on your needs)
  • Connectivity logs are kept
  • Unable to stream on popular platforms
  • Do no support torrenting
This VPN is easy to use, and doesn't overwhelm users with a ton of features that they'll never need.
Cheyenne M, author
Real Time Protection Secure Surfing Anywhere
User Interface Simple Interface Perfect for Beginners
Multiple Devices Simultaneous Connection
Syncronization Consistent Speeds Over All Servers
Globe Available in 190 Countries and 12 Languages

Setup Setup

Setting up Hide My Ass! is straightforward. Sign up and choose your pricing plan, then simply download the app and sign in. The service is compatible with Windows, Mac, iOS and Android.

When you’re on the connection screen there are three options. “Quick Connect” will connect you to the nearest (and therefore the fastest) server. “Location Mode” lets you choose your preferred server location from a dropdown list. “Freedom Mode” is the most interesting. It connects you to the closest country to you with safe, pro-free speech laws. This mode is useful for anyone living or working under strict censorship laws.

Features and Specifications Features and Specifications

This service is designed to give users standard, basic connection security and privacy. Features are simple, including unlimited bandwidth and server switching, and load balancing so servers don’t get too crowded and slow. HMA allows two simultaneous connections and is mobile-friendly.

Reliability Reliability

If you’re looking for general security and protection while browsing the web on public Wi-Fi, HMA is a service you can count on. We don’t recommend it for much beyond that.

Popular streaming services like Hulu and Netflix are still geo-restricted on the service. Torrenting is also not allowed, so users with heavier needs should look elsewhere.

Countries Available Countries Available

Speed reports for HMA are inconsistent. It’s definitely not the fastest VPN service available, but you should experience decent speeds. Not surprisingly, because they are based in the U.K., their U.K. servers are fastest.

Privacy Privacy

Hide My Ass! currently boasts 730+ VPN servers in 320+ locations across 190+ countries. Server locations include standard places like the U.S., the U.K, and Canada. But there are also more unique locations like the Bahamas, Cuba, Georgia and Bangladesh.

Pricing Pricing

HMA will definitely protect your data. They offer the standard high encryption strength, but include weaker options you can switch to depending on your needs.

Logging is where you need to be careful, as HMA keeps some connection logs, which includes your bandwidth usage. They claim not to keep usage logs.

Connection logs are less worrisome than usage logs, so this seems like good news. But you need to remember that the company is based in the U.K, meaning they are subject to that country’s data retention laws. You should be careful if you dare any high-risk activity. As we mentioned above, HMA doesn’t allow torrenting and has terminated users’ service when they were caught.

Bottom Line Bottom Line

Hide My Ass! is a great service for average users looking for basic privacy and security protection. Their interface is straightforward and easy to use. A VPN newbie will not be overwhelmed by extraneous features they do not need. However, users worried about logging or anyone who wants to use a VPN to torrent or stream on a popular platform need to look somewhere else.