How to Unblock Extratorrent with a VPN/Proxy

article by Cheyenne M author
As governments crack down on popular torrenting sites and shut them down Extratorrent is emerging as a one of the go-to torrent search engines. But these sites are getting blocked in more countries every day.

If you’re experiencing trouble logging on to the site, using a VPN to mask yourself and your location, will unblock it and keep prying eyes from spying on you.

The best Extratorrents VPN services are ExpressVPN, IPVanish, and NordVPN. All of these companies are trusted options, you have to weigh the pros and cons of slightly different features to make a choice.

Safe Access: VPN or Proxy?

Torrenting is one of the highest-risk activities to you can do on the internet these days. Internet service providers (ISPs) and content owners really don’t like us violating copyright law, no matter how outdated it seems. If you dare torrent, use caution.

A free or paid proxy may work to unblock the site, but it’s dangerous to use one. Proxies will make your internet traffic appear to be coming from a remote server, but it doesn’t encrypt data. Your location can leak, and more importantly your activity is unencrypted, meaning your ISP doesn’t have to work hard to see what you’re up to.

The warnings, service interference, fines, and even jail time torenters experience as a consequence of their actions are real. Before you torrent, invest in a VPN. VPNs act exactly the same as a proxy, except they encrypt your data as it travels through the desired path to the remote server and ultimately lands at the Extratorrent server. This means your activity is jumbled and rendered unrecognizable to your ISP or other third parties that may be snooping or looking to infect your computer while you’re on the site.

Torrenting puts you at the mercy of the stranger sharing a file with you. So, the fact that a VPN encrypts all application communication on your operating system is a necessity when engaged in P2P activity. When using a VPN over a proxy, you often sacrifice speed, but that’s a small price to pay for true privacy and security.


The Process: How A VPN Helps You Torrent

Each service also has a different process for letting users know how to access their P2P-safe servers. Find a safe server and connect to it. It should obviously be located in a country that doesn’t restrict the site. But your service should provide options that will act as a successful ExtraTorrents unblock device.

Download a BitTorrent client (your VPN will keep you secure while you do this because it encrypts all communication between applications on your operating system). While still connected to the VPN, go to the Extratorrent site and search for the torrent you want. Click to download the torrent file. When the file is downloaded, open it using your BitTorrent client. When the torrent is finished downloading, your content should successfully open in an appropriate application.

The length of the process depends on the nature of the file and how popular it is (the more users that share the torrent, the faster it will download). To protect yourself the entire time, keep your VPN on.  Services with a kill switch feature are especially useful because you can connect your bittorent client to them so it will shut down if you are suddenly disconnected form the VPN. Even casual Extratorrent visitors should consider a VPN service.