How to Watch the UFC Matches Online

article by Nicky Hoseck
February 11, 2019

The Ultimate Fighting Championship is back and is promising to be better than ever! With further developments and partnerships evolving between UFC and various online TV and live streaming providers, fans will be able to enjoy all the action through a range of mediums and on pretty much every device available.

The first big match of 2019 took place on 10th February and featured Robert “The Reaper” Whittaker and US professional Kelvin Gastelum. With no time to lose, we’re going to give you some handy tips on how to watch UFC 2019 and, for those of you destined for foreign destinations, this is a must-read as we’ll let you in on a little secret – how to live stream UFC from overseas.

ExpressVPN is the most reliable VPN to stream UFC fights from anywhere. 

How to Live Stream UFC 2019

On May last year, UFC made a new media rights deal with ESPN, taking mixed martial arts to a new level.  In the past, UFC fans had to tune into the UFC pay-per-view Fight Pass site to watch the Octagon action, but now, ESPN+ is offering a welcome alternative. Not only will ESPN+ give MMA enthusiasts access to coverage that won’t be available with a UFC fight pass, but it also does so at the fraction of the price.

Both ESPN+ and UFC Fight Pass are currently offering seven-day free trials which is great for those of you who have yet to work out how you’re going to get access to this years’ UFC action. You could even try each service for a week before deciding on which is best for you. Obviously, the advantage of signing up to ESPN+ isn’t just its low cost, but also the fact that you’ll get access to a range of other sporting coverage, from boxing to baseball.

Subscribing to ESPN+ is straightforward, as are most processes that involve you handing money over to someone. Not only can you signup quickly and easily, but the subscription will only cost you $4.99 per month after the culmination of your free seven-day trial. For that measly $5 a month, you’ll be able to watch all the big UFC matches live – something that a UFC Fight Pass won’t give you!

If you want to catch the first major action of 2019 on UFC, you’ll have to fork out a whopping $54.99 for standard definition coverage or $64.99 for high-definition streaming! Alternatively, you could pay $91.96, watch the match and get 50% off a six-month UFC Fight Pass.

Don’t get me wrong, there are definite advantages to signing up with UFC, including getting access to their impressive library of past mixed martial arts confrontations, retrieving fighters’ profiles and highlights of their careers, and receiving notifications when new content becomes available. If you’re a consummate UFC fan, this probably sounds like heaven on earth but, if you have a wider range of sporting interests, ESPN+ is probably more to your liking.

How to Watch UFC 2019 From Overseas

Unfortunately, even if you’ve shelled out for high-definition coverage, if you’re traveling overseas when a UFC contest is taking place, you probably won’t be able to take advance of your subscription, unless you use a little technological know-how that is.

UFC fights are often restricted to certain countries, depending on where the fight is taking place and which local TV channels or live streaming sites have secured the broadcast rights. What this means is that, even if you’ve purchased a Fight Pass subscription, you won’t necessarily be able to watch every contest live.

If you’re traveling to France, for example, you might be able to access UFC coverage on Kombat Sport but even that has its drawbacks. For one, you’ll have to cough up for another subscription and, secondly, you’ll probably not enjoy the same quality of coverage as you would at home.

Of course, you don’t have to settle for second best, especially not as you’re smart enough to have started reading this article. We have a little secret that we’d like to share with you that will ensure you never miss a punch or knock out and never have to put up with substandard UFC coverage either!

Our secret is known as a Virtual Private Network. This handy piece of technology was designed to give people secure access to the internet and reduce their exposure to hackers and other cybersecurity threats. A VPN has other superpowers as well, however, and one of them is the capacity to move you virtually around the world. Simply put, a VPN can create an alternative IP address that will hide your real location and allow you access to geographically restricted content.

How a VPN Can Work For You

For argument’s sake, let’s say you’re heading over to Paris for a romantic Valentine’s holiday, but you’re determined not to miss the bout between Cain Velasquez and Francis Ngannou on 17th February. How can you resolve this conflict? Well, it’s simple really. All you need to do is sign up for a trustworthy VPN service, like those listed in our top VPNs section, and then take these simple steps:

  1. Open your VPN
  2. Select the US as your preferred country
  3. Allow your VPN to select the fastest US server
  4. Connect and enjoy

As with any technology, not every VPN delivers exactly what it says on the box which is why we at have checked out all the available services and come up with a list of recommended providers that meet our high standards.

Top VPNs for Live Streaming UFC Overseas

#1 ExpressVPN – The Number One Contender

ExpressVPN Logo

Imagine what it was like for UFC giant Andersen Silva’s opponents – that’s what it like for ExpressVPN’s rivals. Something of a juggernaut in the cybersecurity sphere, ExpressVPN exceeds industry standards with its security protocols, high speeds, extensive global server network, and exceptional customer service. It really is an impeccable VPN provided by a company committed to promoting free and private internet access for everyone.

ExpressVPN has consistently shown its muscle, leaping over China’s formidable firewall, dodging Netflix’s continuous efforts to bar VPN access to its most popular libraries, and providing easy access to geographically restricted content, including top international sporting events.

With a friendly interface that makes it simple for beginners to get to grips with this powerful technology, ExpressVPN also offers a gamut of advanced security features for the more advanced user who enjoys tinkering with the details.

Not only will you be able to enjoy all the UFC action live with ExpressVPN, but you can also use it to save money on your UFC pay-per-view subscription. As we mentioned earlier, to watch a single fight on the UFC channel, you’ll be charged $65. Well, that much is true if you subscribe in the US. If, however, you use ExpressVPN to create a fake Hong Kong IP address, you could get the same service for just $25. Why? Dynamic pricing is often used by online companies who change the pricing according to the estimated wealth of a specific country or region. As a result, US residents are often charged more for a product than someone living in a less prosperous country.

Just think, if you can save $40 on the UFC service, you’ve already covered the cost of ExpressVPN for several months. Even better, you can use ExpressVPN for 30 days and then request your money back if you’re not completely satisfied. It that’s not a win-win situation, I don’t know what is!

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#2 Surfshark – Best for Unlimited Action

Surfshark VPN

Surfshark might be new to the VPN field but its far from the underdog, offering unlimited simultaneous connections and impressively high speeds despite a comparatively limited server network.

Perhaps in an effort to boost its subscriber numbers, Surfshark is currently one of the cheapest options around when it comes to reliable VPN providers, as opposed to the scam artists professing to be solid cybersecurity solutions. Not only that, Surfshark has leaped into the limelight with its courageous approach to the tricky Netflix situation.

From its inception last year until the present day, Surfshark has made no bones about its abilities and has proven its claims by providing uninterrupted access to Netflix. Ok, you may not think that’s relevant but, seriously, if a VPN can get through Netflix geographical restrictions, it won’t have any problems giving you seamless access to UFC live streaming.

Following in the footsteps of industry leaders, ExpressVPN, Surfshark has set up home in the British Virgin Islands where legislation means they’re not required to keep any logs of their users’ online activities. So, you can breathe a sigh of relief that your sneaky overseas connection and fake US IP address will never be exposed and simply relax and enjoy the match.

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#3 NordVPN– Packs a Powerful Punch


Famous for its security yet criticized for its variable speeds, NordVPN is the behemoth to ExpressVPN’s juggernaut. Like Alistair Overeem, NordVPN knows when to land a punch and when to dodge the bullet, making it a versatile and multi-faceted service.

Although some servers, like those in far-flung locations in Africa or Asia, might struggle to match ExpressVPN whirlwind speeds, they’re still consistent and fast enough to give you a great UFC experience. NordVPN takes its customer service seriously, providing helpful tutorials on how to boost your VPN speed, among a wide range of other topics.

Based in Panama, NordVPN keeps your personal information under virtual lock-and-key while its privacy policy provides comprehensive coverage that is comparable with its military-grade security and encryption protocols.

NordVPN has been around since 2012 and has spent the past seven years perfecting its encryption and developing apps for every conceivable device. With six simultaneous connections allowed on all their payment plans, NordVPN gives protection not only to you but to your entire household.

An extensive network of over 5,000 servers worldwide means you can connect from virtually anywhere and enjoy the anonymity and security of NordVPN’s effective virtual invisibility cloak. This makes NordVPN one of the leading providers for people who travel frequently and a preferred service provider for those needed to connect several devices but preferring to go with a tried and tested service as opposed to the new kid on the block, Surfshark VPN.

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#4 CyberGhost – A Well-Rounded Striker

CyberGhost VPN

The answer to the technophobe’s VPN problems is right here. CyberGhost has made its user interface, customizable features and installation process simple enough that a toddler could master it, making it a great option for those of you who feel a little overwhelmed by cybersecurity technology.

The team at CyberGhost have designed its user interface to make it as simple and straightforward as possible. What this means for users trying to live stream UFC from overseas is that all they need to do is click on the little icon of a cat popping out of a box, and then find the dedicated ESPN streaming server.

Whether you’re using CyberGhost VPN’s streaming service or just its regular VPN protection, you’ll get all the advantages of the product, including cutting-edge encryption, an automatic kill switch and leak protection.

Depending on your device and payment plan, CyberGhost will allow you to connect up to seven different devices simultaneously, although you will have to allocate each device a different server. This robust service is competitive in terms of pricing and capacity while providing acceptable speeds and excellent security. It may not be quite as sophisticated as some of the other service in this list, but it’s still a contender for the title of the best VPN for streaming UFC from abroad.

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Bottom Line

Even if you’re going to be at home for the upcoming contests between top fighters like Robert Whittaker, Kelvin Gastelum, Cain Velasquez, and Francis Ngannou, using a reputable VPN could save you money on a UFC pay-per-view subscription, while also giving you peace of mind that no one is looking over your shoulder as you enjoy the match.

The best VPNs for streaming are generally the best VPNs for security so you can watch whatever live sports or movies you like without worrying that your identity might be exposed. A VPN provider like ExpressVPN is trustworthy and secure, enabling you to save money by subscribing using a Hong Kong IP address instead of your own and giving you international access to geographically restricted sporting events.