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Ivacy Review

article by Rachel Carr author January 05, 2020
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Ivacy is a well-established company that utilizes some market-leading techniques within its VPN product. Even more importantly, Ivacy makes use of 256 Bit encryption techniques to ensure user privacy and anonymity while simultaneously offering a kill switch feature.
  • No logs policy
  • Strong 256 Bit Encryption
  • Multiple logins
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Kill switch
  • Not all protocols are available in all locations
  • No free trial period
  • Long-distance connections can be slow
Ivacy is one of the cheapest VPN providers on the market, which makes it an enticing prospect for any would-be customer.
Rachel Carr, author
Support Live chat support
Speed Award-winning speed
Pricing Great value for money

Personal Use Benefits Usability

Ivacy is quick and easy to install, which is an absolute must for any VPN provider. It has an uncomplicated sign-up procedure that then takes customers to a sleek interface. This interface is simple to use. However, it does not provide the user any information on ping times or any data about which servers are being heavily used. This is a shame as this type of information can be incredibly helpful.

On the plus side, the interface gives the user the ability to choose a server quickly which is suitable for what they have connected to the internet. For example, if a user wants to stream content through a video streaming service like iPlayer, the interface will suggest what servers will be ideal for that purpose. The same can be said of unblocking content or downloading content securely.

Finally, Ivacy is available on many platforms and not just the most popular ones. For example, while it is available on iOS, Android and Windows, there are also apps that are available for Kodi or Playstation. Importantly, it is uncomplicated to use across all.

Speed Speed

When tested, Ivacy was able to produce the following speeds in a speed test.

From an EU Server based in Amsterdam

  • Ping: 48ms
  • Download: 56.05mbps
  • Upload: 26.40mbps

From a UK Server based in London

  • Ping: 51ms
  • Download: 54.33mbps
  • Upload: 34.3mbps

From a US Server based in New York

  • Ping: 116ms
  • Download: 44.96mbps
  • Upload: 44.82mbps

From an Asian Server based in Hong Kong

  • Ping: 258ms
  • Download: Test Failed
  • Upload: Test Failed

These speeds are neither terrible nor are they market-leading. Ultimately, as these speeds are not always good enough for streaming or other data-rich content needs, Ivacy may not be suitable for all. However, it is still worth a look in comparison to its competitors given that it is one of the cheapest providers on the market. The low price means that Ivacy becomes much more attractive when it can at least provide these average speeds at such a low cost.

Finally, prospective customers should look at location as well when determining if Ivacy is the provider for them. Given that the Asian servers failed their download and upload tests, Ivacy may not be the right provider for those wishing to unblock Asian content. However, those that would need to connect to a UK based server repeatedly may find Ivacy the right option for them. As is common with most VPN providers, the further away the server from the customer, the slower the connection.


Ivacy claims a no-logging policy, so customers should be confident that their VPN sessions using Ivacy are as private as they come. However, there is still some information that the company compiles. Ivacy does collate, from the outset, a user’s name, email address, and payment method.

Further to this, the company’s policy claims that it keeps track of a user’s crash reports so that it can carry out diagnostics that will further improve their product. This means that Ivacy monitors the events that occur with performance data, any failed connections, which apps their customers are accessing their VPNs through, as well as what the cumulative bandwidths are.

Importantly, correspondence with the customer support and help department is also recorded with the intention of improving customer relations too. Consequently, care needs to be taken should a customer not want to disclose sensitive information about their browsing sessions through any of Ivacy’s help software.

Ultimately, the company does not ‘share, sell or rent’ any personal information. They also clearly state in their terms and conditions that they keep no logs regarding their customers’ online behavior or what websites are visited in any browsing session. This should be a big comfort to any prospective customer keen to keep their anonymity.

Ease of Use Features

Ivacy features are not groundbreaking but its software does provide many much-needed capabilities that make its VPN worthwhile using. For example, it has 256-bit encryption which means that Ivacy is able to provide military-grade security. Customers can be confident that their information cannot be intercepted. This encryption method makes connections almost impossible to hack – so much so that it is used by the US Government to protect its own information. Additionally, another huge benefit to the Ivacy product is its kill switch which will similarly keep customers safe from prying eyes. Its kill switch means it completely cuts off the internet connection if the VPN drops out.

While these two features above are the ones we would like to see as standard, one stand out benefit of Ivacy is its multiple login. While multiple logins are becoming more common in the VPN world, not many providers offer as many as 5 simultaneous connections at one time. This is a big advantage to Ivacy’s VPN.

Pricing Pricing

Ivacy’s pricing structure is what makes it stand out in an increasingly competitive market with more and more providers springing up every day. Ivacy is one of, if not the cheapest provider out there when looking at its longer-term plans. Its 5-year plan is hard to beat when it costs just $1.33 a month on a subscription basis.

However, it does not offer a free trial period which could understandably put some prospective customers off. That being said, it does offer money-back guarantees. If a customer signs up for a monthly plan, Ivacy offers 7 days for the customer to ask for a refund if needed. If a yearly plan is a subscription chosen, the customer then has 30 days to ask for a refund. There are few stipulations on top of this for a customer to be eligible for a refund which should arguably be underlined by Ivacy more strongly. For example, if customers pay for their subscription with a cryptocurrency, they will not be given their money back if requested.

In terms of payment, Ivacy does at least offer customers the choice to pay in a cryptocurrency amongst other more traditional forms of payment – even if it does preclude them from money-back guarantees. Ivacy accepts VISA, Mastercard and other well-known credit cards in addition to Paypal.

Support Support

The company’s customer service is hard to beat, especially when you consider that it is one of the cheaper VPN providers out there. The LiveChat function is reliable both in terms of the stability of it, but also the quality of the information relayed by the bots or persons on the Ivacy side. All queries should be dealt with quickly to the point that any issues a customer contends with should be solved within minutes of starting a conversation with the LiveChat mode.

More importantly, the support offered by the company is available to its customers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This is obviously a huge positive given that many of us who want to use a VPN will be doing so at times outside of regular 9-5 office hours. If LiveChat is not your thing, or for whatever rare reason it does not provide you with the answers needed, there is also the possibility of using email, a contact form or even Facebook messaging to resolve any issues.

Bottom Line

Ivacy’s VPN product is worthwhile to subscribe to if you have a low budget or you do not require the fastest of connection speeds. Additionally, if a customer needs market-leading customer support, then Ivacy is a very real possibility too. However, if you require a VPN to work whilst you are streaming videos or conducting other data-heavy tasks, then this may not be the right fit for you. The connection speeds are average at best, which is ultimately reflected in the price.

Ivacy’s VPN product is therefore good value at the very least. And included in that price are some elements that are the best of the best. Its approach to privacy and security is amongst the best available. The 256-bit encryption technique is an example of this, as is the kill switch feature. Linked to this emphasis on customer security is the company’s clear and direct approach to maintaining customer anonymity. It has a zero-logging policy that is transparent in that it only records the bare minimum of payment information and data to help with diagnostics.

All in all, Ivacy offers a dependable VPN that won’t excite the VPN world, but it will deliver what the customer has paid for. If money and online security are an issue for you, then Ivacy could have the solution.