You May be the Victim of Holiday Price Discrimination

June 26, 2019
Holiday price discrimination is happening now. Online shopping sites deliberately charge you more money based on one simple fact about you, but you can stop it. Learn what you can do to prevent falling victim to holiday price discrimination now and always.

The Dream of Online Shopping Ruined by Price Discrimination

Doing your holiday shopping online is a dream come true. Skip the insane crowds at the mall and shop for everyone on your list while still in your pajamas. But, online price discrimination ruins the dream. Same product different price practices are real! Online stores charge higher prices depending on where you live, which device you are using, and various other factors. Many online retail stores even offer fewer items for sale to customers from different countries.

How Does the Site Know What to Charge Me?

Online shopping sites practice dynamic pricing, using algorithms to change the prices you see. Retail sites gather information about your computer’s IP address, your device, and your browsing history, then use it to show you higher prices, change the order of goods they present, and hide promotions in order to get you to spend more money on the same product.

A study at Northeastern University discovered that customers using their mobile to shop at Home Depot were charged higher prices than those using a desktop computer. Australian shoppers buying jeans from Hollister had to pay twice as much as American users, and two years ago, Orbitz was found to be directing Mac users towards more expensive hotels.

Does this sound illegal? It should be, but same product different price offers are perfectly legal. You don’t have to let online stores fleece you. Get the best online shopping prices every time – with a VPN.

Enjoy a Stress Free Online Holiday Shopping Experience with ExpressVPN

ExpressVPN is a high-speed, easy-to-use VPN that helps you get better prices online.

  • Change your IP address as many times as you’d like. This way you can compare the prices in the same store from different locations around the world, fast.
  • ExpressVPN lets you choose between 94 countries, so you always get the best regional prices.
  • Servers in 145 cities, including over a dozen across the USA and three in Canada, permit you to access promotions that are only offered to local online shoppers.
  • Use ExpressVPN on three devices at the same time to compare prices on your mobile, tablet, and desktop simultaneously.

Learn more about about this VPN service with our extensive ExpressVPN review.

Enjoy a Stress Free Online Holiday Shopping Experience with HideMyAss

Access the best online prices with HideMyAss VPN.

  • Shop locally from 220+ countries to pay only the lowest prices and take advantage of the best exchange rates.
  • Over 200 servers in dozens of cities in the USA and Canada means you can browse online stores from the city where they are based. This lets you check out special offers that stores only show to nearby customers.
  • Install HideMyAss on your desktop, iPad, or tablet and mobile for the same price to shop from any location on any device.

Enjoy a Stress Free Online Holiday Shopping Experience with NordVPN

NordVPN lets you around geo-specific blocks to see lower holiday shopping prices.

  • Compare prices from anywhere in the world on three devices at the same time, so you can find the best online holiday prices faster by comparing screens.
  • Use as a Chrome extension to shop from any location, even if you’re using Chrome on a friend’s tablet or a work computer (shh!).
  • Server locations in 61 countries so that you can check the price game in your favorite online store from hundreds of cities worldwide.
  • Compatible with every system, including the latest iOS and Android updates, so you can use your mobile to get the best online shopping prices.

Enjoy a Stress Free Online Holiday Shopping Experience with PureVPN

PureVPN is a very secure and fast VPN that gets your shopping done for low prices and at high speed.

  • Fast and seamless internet so that you can flip back and forth to compare prices in different stores and switch your online IP without getting stuck.
  • You can get the best prices on any mobile operating system and the latest tablets and laptops because PureVPN is compatible with all of them.
  • Log in to five devices at the same time with PureVPN so that you can compare the cost of the same products in the same store at the same time from different locations.

Same product different price

Additional Benefits of Using a VPN While Online Shopping

As well as the huge attraction of paying lower prices for the same products, using a VPN to do your online holiday shopping brings other benefits. A VPN ensures that all your identity and credit card details are completely secure and can’t be stolen by hackers, even if you’re shopping over your phone or using public Wi-Fi. Many VPNs bring browsing speeds that are even faster than your regular browser so that you can check things off your list sooner. And, the anti-virus security tools defend your device from viruses and other nasties.

Let a VPN Break you Free from Online Holiday Price Discrimination!

Using a VPN to do your online holiday shopping brings you huge savings for a very small outlay. A secure, fast VPN costs as little as $3 a month but can save you hundreds over the holiday season. Just think of it as an extra present from us.