Netflix Blocking VPN Users

article by Cheyenne M author
A popular way to access Netflix content, especially for those outside of the United States, is to use a VPN. But Netflix is now actively taking steps to block VPN users, some of whom are already starting to have difficult watching their favorite shows.

Luckily, these bans are still in their infancy and there are a few things you can do to ensure access to Netflix content and unblock sites from anywhere in the world.

Why Is Netflix Blocking VPN Users?

Netflix is presently only available in a couple dozen countries, and each of those offer different content libraries. The most popular library, not surprisingly, derives from the US. Why does every library offer different content? Licensing agreements. Every country has its own set of agreements with content creators, and they don’t transfer across borders. That’s why you have to access US Netflix in order to watch the majority of American programming. Users of the best VPN services have long worked around these georestrictions, and licensing bodies in various countries are complaining over what they perceive as lost revenue. This has forced Netflix to try to block VPN users.

How Netflix is Blocking VPN Users?

Netflix is employing several tactics to slow down and stop Netflix users. First, they are actively blocking known IP address ranges for VPN servers. They are also beginning to force the use of Google DNS for some users, which makes it more difficult to use proxy or other DNS-based unblockers to surf anonymously and access Netflix. Furthermore, Netflix can track your physical location by checking out the time zone settings of your web browser. If you’re on a mobile phone, they can also track your location by using your phone’s GPS. This is another reason to disable GPS on your phone when applicable.

Get Past Netflix VPN Block

What Can Be Done to Get Around These Blocks?

The good news is that these Netflix blocks are relatively new, and there’s still plenty that can be done to access Netflix anywhere in the world via VPN. If you are not already using one of the best VPN service providers that has optimized servers for Netflix, consider switching to one. Optimized servers are servers that have been tested and are verified as being ideal for certain online activities, like accessing Netflix. Servers broadly optimized for “streaming” might not be enough. Make sure they allow Netflix access specifically. Next, if you encounter problems with GPS or time zone tracking, adjust the settings on your device. If you are accessing a US VPN server, change your time zone to that of the server. If you do not know the time zone, default to US West Coast time. Next, disable the GPS on your phone or computer.

Finally, if these workarounds are unsuccessful, contact your VPN’s customer support about the issue. Some VPNs constantly acquire new servers and develop fixes to these blocks, without making it public knowledge. By contacting support, they can tell you whether they have a solution to the problem.

Some of you may ultimately have to sign up for new VPN service in order to access Netflix. Research reviews and customer feedback on a service before signing up. You may also want to contact their customer support to verify ahead of time that you will be able to access Netflix successfully.

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