NordVPN Review

article by Cheyenne M author March 23, 2017
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NordVPN has a massive VPN network covering every corner of the globe. They support a wide variety of platforms and offer awesome features including strong encryption, solid speeds and optimized servers.
  • Servers in over 50 countries
  • PayPal and Bitcoin friendly
  • Money-back guarantee (within 30 days)
  • Compatible on over 20 platforms
  • Optimized servers
  • Pricier than other services
  • Speeds are not consistent on all servers
  • Telephone support not available
‘NordVPN offers the ultimate in compatibility and a massive global network. With strong security and dedicated servers, they give you the best internet experience possible.’
Cheyenne M, author
Globe Global VPN Network
Money Back Guarantee 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
Support 24/7 Friendly & Helpful Service
Integrations Dedicated Servers for Specific Internet Activity
Features and Specifications PayPal and Bitcoin Available Payment Options
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$ 11.95 /mo
  • Full Price
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • 24/7 Customer Support
  • P2P Allowed
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$ 5.75 /mo
  • Save 52%
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • 24/7 Customer Support
  • P2P Allowed
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$ 7.00 /mo
  • Save 41%
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • 24/7 Customer Support
  • P2P Allowed
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Setup Setup

NordVPN setup is quick and easy. After signing up for an account, just download and install the client on your PC or mobile device. They support over 20 different platforms. See their website for full compatibility information.

After launching the app, all you need to do to connect is select a country and click ‘connect.’ You can also choose one of their optimized servers. They have servers for streaming, strong security and more.

If you ever get stuck, just head to their website as they have picture tutorials that will walk you through most common setup and usability issues.

Features and Specifications Features and Specifications

NordVPN offers a variety of features to help keep  you safe and secure online. Their Double VPN feature offers the ultimate in encryption and ensures you cannot be tracked.

You can easily get around georestricted content as NordVPN offers 3,000 free proxy servers. Encrypted chat ensures that only you and the person you’re talking to can see the conversation. Finally, you can connect up to 6 devices at one.

Reliability Reliability

NordVPN allows you the freedom to use the internet as you see fit. You can surf anonymously, stream online media, download torrents and protect all of your mobile devices.

If you plan to do a lot of streaming or torrenting online, you should use a dedicated server for that activity. Otherwise, you may experience slowdowns on some servers.

speed Speed

For speed, we rate NordVPN as average. When running speed tests, we found some servers a bit slower compared to other VPN services in the same country. For many activities, this had a minimal impact. However, when it came to streaming or media-rich websites, this became an issue on some servers. That’s one reason we recommend sticking to optimized servers for streaming.

Overall, NordVPN will allow you to do most activities with few slowdowns. If you have problems with streaming, just switch to an optimized server.

Countries Available Countries Available

NordVPN has a global network with servers in over 50 countries. Some countries, such as China, do block NordVPN, but there are workarounds available. If you run into issues, contact support and they will provide a workaround.

Privacy Privacy

Since NordVPN is based in Panama, they follow a strict zero logging policy. They don’t even keep connection logs.

NordVPN uses multi-hop connections to ensure you have the most secure connection. This prevents others from tracking your internet activity. The VPN uses AES 256-bit encryption, known commonly as military grade encryption. NordVPN also claims that future updates will make their service even more secure.

Pricing Pricing

NordVPN has three options for premium service with annual subscribers saving over 50%. Their “Simple” plan is just $11.95 monthly. While that’s a bit pricier than other services, it’s still a solid value.

If you sign up for their “Standard” plan, you will pay $42 upfront, or just $7 a month. That’s savings of 41% over their ‘Simple’ plan.

Their “Best Offer” service is just $69, or just $5.75 a month. That’s a whopping 52% discount over their monthly plan.

NordVPN currently has a special offer where you can register for two years of service for only $48. That’s only $4 a month – a massive 67% discount. If you want the two-year plan, you will have to go to their FAQ page to find the deal as it is not listed on their pricing page.

All plans offer a 30-day money back guarantee. You can try the service and if it does not meet your requirements, just request a refund.


NordVPN offers solid support with multiple help options. Their website offers a standard FAQ section that covers the majority of basic billing, setup and technical issues.

Their tutorials section is perfect for anyone needing help with installing NordVPN. They have tutorials for over 20 different platforms, providing the ultimate in platform support.

For those needing extra help, just contact support. Click the blue support bubble on the page and enter a description of your problem. If the links provided don’t help, you can select “Live Chat” to talk to a support agent. NordVPN technicians are highly skilled and can assist with any problem you’re experiencing with the service.

For less pressing issues, you can email a technician at Their average response time is 24 hours.

NordVPN does not offer telephone support at this time.

Bottom Line Bottom Line

NordVPN is a global product that offers great support, optimized servers and excellent encryption and security. While other providers may be faster, they do not offer the same level of compatibility as NordVPN. If you’re looking for a solid VPN provider, especially one for Linux or another alternative platform, NordVPN is the answer.