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Private internet access Review

article by Sandra Trentino author June 27, 2019
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Private Internet Access is a lesser-known VPN provider that offers amazing value and amazing features. They offer a truly log-less service with excellent speeds and protection at low cost.
  • Low Cost VPN Provider
  • Fantastic Speeds
  • Connect Five Devices Simultaneously
  • WiFi Security Available
  • Kill Switch Available
  • No Chat or Telephone Support
  • Client Needs Accessibility Upgrades
  • Some Netflix Users May Have Issues
If you want a quality VPN product at minimal cost, then you need to try Private Internet Access. PIA gives you all the features you want from VPN and more!
Sandra Trentino, author
Dedicated IP Dedicated VPN Service
Call Management Professional Support Staff
Free Storage Limit No VPN Traffic Logs
Ease of Use Instant Setup
Integrations Multiple VPN Gateways
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$ 6.95 /mo
  • Full Cost
  • 7 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee
  • Encrypted WiFi
  • 25 Locations All Over the World
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$ 3.33 /mo
  • Save 52%
  • 7 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee
  • Encrypted WiFi
  • 25 Locations All Over the World
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  • Encrypted WiFi
  • 25 Locations All Over the World
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Setup Setup

Setup and installation for PIA is simple but the client could use some tweaks for user compatibility. The interface is extremely simplistic and upon launch prompts you for your login credentials. You can also select to start automatically at login or auto-connect when the apps is started.

One thing we don’t really like about this program is that you can only pick the region a server is in and not the specific server. For example, you can select a server in the US, but you aren’t able to select a specific location in the United States for that server.

If you click on the Advanced option, you will be able to change the Encryption and Connection settings. Keep in mind that this program expects you to know what you’re doing when changing these settings. If you have any questions, check the support section of the website or contact support directly.

Features and Specifications Features and Specifications

PIA is feature rich and offers excellent value. For starters, you can connect up to five devices simultaneously. They also offer several tools that help protect your computer and your identity. MACE actively blocks both ads and tracking software. They also offer WiFi security that secures your mobile devices when using public WiFi. IP cloak actively anonymizes your IP address, preventing websites from tracking you.

PIA also has integrated an advanced firewall into the program to prevent connections to your computer or mobile devices from third parties. Finally, the software includes a Kill Switch that will disconnect your computer from the internet in the event your VPN becomes inactive.

Reliability Reliability

Overall, PIA is extremely reliable in allowing you to access the internet both openly and securely. The service allows you around most geolocation blocks and they actively monitor the network to ensure that the users get the best experience. We can also confirm that PIA does allow both P2P file-sharing and BitTorrent.

Netflix users should note that some servers may come up as blocked when using this service. Some companies are actively trying to block VPN access and if you’re suspected of being on a VPN, it won’t connect you. If this happens, either try another server or contact support to see if they have a workaround. In most case, switching servers will work.

speed Speed

Speeds are excellent with PIA. In our testing, we did not notice any significant performance issues. Overseas speeds were great and on some servers it didn’t seem like we were using a VPN. What does this mean for you? Incredibly smooth browsing and excellent video playback. We had no problems playing back streaming video at 4K.

Countries Available Countries Available

PIA offers over 3,200 servers in 25 countries around the globe. While the number of countries is somewhat limited compared to some providers, they do offer servers in many countries you don’t find everywhere.

The company used to offer servers in Russia but due to certain legislative changes, they were forced to drop those servers as they didn’t feel they could adequately protect their users. This gives VPN users comfort as they know PIA has their best intentions in mind. Some of the areas you’ll currently find servers include Israel, Turkey, Japan, South Korea, Hong Kong, India and Mexico.

Privacy Privacy

We are happy to report that PIA is a truly logless VPN. Some companies refrain from keeping usage logs but keep certain connection logs. PIAs policy is that they do not keep logs of any type – period.

In addition, the service offers advanced encryption and security to ensure that you’ll always be protected and anonymous while online. They even provide links on their site that you can use to test your connection to see if it’s secure.

Pricing Pricing

Private Internet Access has some of the most affordable VPN access around. If you prefer to go month-to-month, you will only pay $6.95 monthly. For those of you willing to commit longer, you have two options. Private Internet Access have a six month plan available for $35.95 or $5.99 monthly. Their annual plan is their best value at just $39.95. That just a $3.33 a month.

You’ll have no problems signing up as PIA has several payment options. In addition to credit cards, they take OK Pay, mint, CashU, PayPal, Amazonpay and bitcoin. PIA also accepts payment using gift cards. They accept gift cards from hundreds of different companies.

There is a money back guarantee on all plans, but it is just seven days as opposed to 30 with most major providers.


PIA offers decent support, but it could be better. Their self service tools on their website are quite robust. Click on Downloads & Support for a several Video Guides that will walk you through setup and installation of products. There you will also find other resources including network speed tests, IP checkers, DNS leaks checkers, and both email and IPV6 leaks checkers.

If you need further support, check out PIAs full support library that is divided into general, account support, payment support and technical support. Their support library covers the majority of issues that you’ll see when installing or using PIA. However, if you need further support, you can always submit a ticket.

PIA presently doesn’t offer any type of chat or telephone support, which is a bit disappointing. However, they do claim 4-6 hour response time on tickets, which is far better than most providers that offer email or ticket only support.

Bottom Line Bottom Line

Cheap VPN service often includes substandard service. That’s not the case with Private Internet Access. For the cost of lunch at a fast food restaurant (or less) you can protect all your devices with a high quality VPN product.