Safari VPN Extensions

article by James G. author
Do you want to secure your web browser on your Mac laptop but don't want to commit to a full VPN service? Learn how Safari VPN extensions can offer increased security and protection while browsing online.

Most computer users are aware that their web browsing is unsecured, but many are unwilling to install a full VPN on their systems. Most of the time it is because they simply don’t need to use VPN for more than browsing.

One alternative that some use is VPN browser extensions. These extensions are plug-ins for your web browser that allow you most of the benefits of standard VPN service. You’ll get encrypted data, the ability to bypass geo-restrictions and anonymous browsing.

If you’re looking for a way to secure your web browsing on Safari but don’t want to commit to full VPN, browser extensions may be the way to go.

VPN Extensions for Safari

There is a way to take advantage of the benefits of VPN for browsing without having to install a separate app r incur the cost of full VPN service. VPN extensions are plug-ins that you use for Safari to surf the web.

These extensions do everything for your web browser that a standard VPN would have. All of your web traffic is encrypted like a full VPN, you can unlock geo-restricted content like a full VPN and you’ll enjoy anonymous browsing like a full VPN.

However, VPN extensions are ONLY for your Safari browser. Anything that you do outside of your browser using the internet is unencrypted and your identity can be easily tracked.

VPN extensions are best for those that want to enjoy the benefits of secure browsing but don’t require extra privacy and security for other internet activities. Below are the best providers offering VPN extensions for Safari.


ExpressVPN offers an easy to install Safari Extension for MacOS. The extension offers superior 256-bit encryption, perfect for private browsing, especially over Wi-Fi. With over 1,500 servers in 94 countries, you’ll be able to easily bypass content blocks.

One drawback to this extension is that you have to have a full VPN subscription to use it. Service starts at $12.95 a month or $9.99 monthly for a six-month plan. We recommend signing up for their annual plan. You get three months free and pay just $6.67 a month. You get 30 days to try it out with their no-risk money back guarantee.


NordVPN doesn’t offer an installable Safari Extension, but rather they allow you to manually configure your browser with an HTTP proxy. This will allow encrypt all of your web searches and allow you to enjoy anonymous browsing.

However, it may not allow you full access to geo-restricted content because you’re unable to regularly change locations. To take advantage of streaming features, you’d have to install the full VPN app.

We recommend signing up for at least their annual program at $5.75 a month. If month-to-month is more your speed, they offer monthly access at $11.95.

If you’re able to commit long-term, consider a two or three-year plan. You can get two years of service at $3.29 monthly or three years for $2.75 monthly. All plans offer a 30-day money back guarantee.


Zenmate VPN is compatible with all operating systems and browsers, including Safari. With Zenmate you’ll enjoy anonymous browsing along with unlimited bandwidth and speeds. Their simple one-click VPN client will get you connected instantly. Unblock geo-restricted content around the world and even lock down your Wi-Fi connection on your mobile devices.

One drawback to this service is that they don’t offer any type of browser extensions, so you have to use the full VPN client. However, they offer some of the best pricing in the industry.

Get a month’s service for just $8.99. Six months of service runs only $7.49. A year’s service is only $4.99, which is less than you’ll pay for a combo meal at McDonald’s.

You get two full weeks to try out this service with Zenmate’s 14-day money back guarantee.


TorGuard offers an anonymous proxy service for Safari through their Proxifier app. You can use the app to set up your proxy settings in Safari. With their anonymous proxy, you’ll enjoy secure surfing, the ability to get around global geo-restrictions and the ability to download anything without download caps.

However, there are a few limitations. First, you’re limited in the number of protocols you can use. For example, they only have SOCKS5 servers in 8 countries. Next, you have to manually configure the browser whenever you want to change server.

TorGuard has some of the best pricing for this type of service. Monthly service is just $5.95 monthly Quarterly service is just $14.95. Get six months of service for $29.95 or a year’s worth of protection for $46.95.

Try their service at no risk with their 7-day money back guarantee.

Don’t Let Your Privacy Go on Safari – Use VPN Extensions

If you’re serious about protecting your privacy, then you need to use a VPN and Safari VPN extensions are great for locking down your online identity. With a Safari VPN extension, you’ll enjoy superior encryptions, the ability to bypass geo-restrictions, and the peace of mind knowing that your web browsing is secure.

Many users don’t give a second thought to their online privacy and later regret not doing more once problems arise. Don’t put your online privacy at risk, install a Safari VPN extension today become king of your online jungle.

Frederika says:

Happy to learn there are options out there if you don’t want to take the risk of a download.

Mariaana says:

Will any of these unblock Netflix?

Chris says:

The ExpressVPN extension works well, thanks.

Frank S. says:

Really surprised to see NordVPN extension works. Great to be protected without download

Jakey says:

I don’t understand why Zenmate is on here when it doesn’t even have a Safarai client? Personally, I’d go with TorGuard every time.

jamaal says:

most of the benefits? which benefits don’t you get?

Luke Cooper says:

Recently got rid of my Zenmate VPN as it was significantly slowing down my system. Tried the Safari extension instead and I’m very pleased with the results. So far I’ve experienced no problems or security breaches. Very good alternative.

alex mayfield says:

do VPN extensions work in the same what that a VPN does? I’ve seen some sources claiming they’re not as secure?

Tori says:

I’ve never heard of anything like this before, thanks!

Logan says:

VPN browser extensions make m nervous, to be honest. I think it’s easy for people to feel like their whole system is secure, when it’s just their browser.

Jess says:

Almost all of these options require you to buy the full VPN service. Is there really a compromise for someone who can’t afford the full service?

Donna says:

What if we don’t use Safari? What are the options for other browsers?

Jeanie says:

So can these extensions get me to BBC iPlayer? I know you say they can get around content blocks, but in my personal experience that doesn’t always mean that streaming services are unblocked. I really need a service that allows regular access to BBC iPlayer.

Hank says:

I’ve used NordVPN for a LONG time because they offer a solid service and cheap prices. Their Safari Extensions are awesome and great for when I am on work computers or anywhere I cannot install the full VPN client. You can usually get away with installing browser extensions on most work and college computers. At least that’s what I do.