Safari VPN Extensions

article by Cheyenne M author
Insecure web browsing in today’s digital age is a real threat to personal privacy. There are countless free services available that claim to offer safer browsing. But ensuring your browser is legitimately secure costs money.

Full VPNs are expensive and not worth the price if you are only seeking to protect your browsing activity or occasionally take part in other lower risk activity like streaming or accessing public Wi-Fi. VPN browser extensions are a less expensive compromise between a full VPN and insecure browser. Some of these options are being referred to as “freemium” services because they use a price tier system that includes a free version (or trial) along with premium packages. We recommend using these services over VPN extensions that claim to be completely free. Depending on how often you plan to use your VPN extension, certain restrictions on these “freemium” services like data limits may not matter to you. It is trickier to secure Safari than other free web browsers. Most services that offer browser extensions don’t directly support Safari. However, many do support Mac OS. To create a Safari VPN extension, some services provide tutorials on how to manually configure the Mac OS version of their service into a Safari-compatible VPN. This option is more expensive than a VPN Browser because it is securing the whole Mac operating system, but still cheaper than a full VPN. Below is a list of services that allow users to manually configure their own Safari VPNs.


We recommend MediaHint for people seeking to use a browser extension solely for streaming purposes. It enables region-free streaming a variety of media including music and video. Popular platforms include Netflix, Hulu, and Pandora. The service is $39.50 per year or $3.95 monthly. For dedicated Safari users who only have streaming needs, this is the most affordable option. The extension is not directly downloadable on the browser, but unlike many services, MediaHint’s website includes a tutorial on how to configure your DNS settings to work with Safari. We are troubled that MediaHint sometimes claims to be a VPN while it is actually a proxy, but still trust data is secure. It is one of the only services to provide clear instructions on achieving compatibility with Safari.


Torguard has a few different service options, including one called “Annonymous Proxy,” which promises elite speed and security while browsing on up to five simultaneous devices. There is a comprehensive guide to setting up a SOCKS5 proxy on Safari. SOCKS5 is more secure than an HTTP proxy.  There are different pricing plans, including one that is $46.95 annually.


Zenmate is an affordable example of a VPN that is compatible with the Sarafi browser, although it does not specifically make a Safari browser extension available. It does hide your IP and DNS when you are using a Safari browser on your desktop. $4.99 per month for a yearly plan or $7.49 a month for a 6-month plan is a decent price to pay for the service if there is any chance you may need protection beyond a VPN browser extension. Be careful, though. The company is based in Germany, subject to German law.


If you are looking for the most secure protection for your Safari browser, a full VPN like NordVPN may be your answer. As we hope is evident, there are not many simple, truly secure ways to exclusively protect a Safari browser. But there is an extremely comprehensive database available to customers that provides instructions on how to manually configure Safari with an HTTP proxy on the NordVPN website.  They offer a free trial, but have a 30-day money back guarantee and they run promotions quite often. Streaming security on certain platforms is lacking but they allow higher risk P2P sharing.

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Express VPN does not have software exclusively designed for the Sarari browser, but they do offer the most comprehensive VPN protection for Mac OS/iOS, which will inherently secure Safari browsing. If you only need secure browsing for a short period of time and are considering a full VPN, consider this option. ExpressVPN is $12.95 on a month-to-month basis, which is expensive for a full VPN. However, they offer a 30-day money back guarantee and constantly top industry “best” lists for many platforms. They’re worth a try if you are interested in securing Safari on more than one device.