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article by Cheyenne M author April 12, 2017
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Thanks to legal changes, online privacy is essentially a thing of the past. The only option you have to protect your identity is to become a virtual spy by using a VPN. SpyOff is an excellent product for protecting your identity and giving your the freedom to use the web as you want.
  • No Data or Bandwidth Limits During Free Trial
  • BitTorrent and P2P Friendly
  • 300+ Servers Worldwide
  • Simple Intuitive Client Available
  • Kill Switch Available
  • Credit Card Needed for Free Trial
  • No Lve Chat or Phone Support
  • Access is Pricey
SpyOff is the perfect product to protect your privacy while surfing the web. It's super fast, super secure and truly gives you the tools to be a ‘virtual spy.
Cheyenne M, author
Pricing 15 Days Free Trial Period
Reliability BitTorrent and P2P Friendly
Setup and Interface Simple Intuitive Client Available
Countries Available 300 Server Locations in 21 Countries
Call Management Anonymous Premium Support
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€ 9.99 /mo
  • Full Cost
  • Full Bandwidth
  • 300 Server Locations in 21 Countries
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
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€ 6.99 /mo
  • 30% Off
  • Full Bandwidth
  • 300 Server Locations in 21 Countries
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
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€ 10.99 /mo
  • Full bandwidth
  • 300 Server Locations in 21 Countries
  • Absolutely Safe and Anonymous
  • Anonymous Premium Support
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Setup Setup

Installation for SpyOff is incredibly easy and they offer support for Windows, Mac and both iOS and Android mobile devices. The windows installer is just a mere 8.2 MB and we had the program downloaded and installed in about five minutes.

When you first launch the SpyOff client, you’re going to think it looks a bit busy and it does. However, it has an incredibly intuitive design and you can connect in just a couple of clicks. On the left side you will see servers listed by country. Click on the country and the list of servers in that country will pop up on the right side.

Under the servers is the type of connection you want. Those needing the best speeds should pick “Highspeed.” Those wanting maximum security should pick “ULTRA Secure.” Otherwise, pick “Balanced.” Finally, just click on Connect to get connected.

There’s also a Settings button on the main screen that lets you select your protocol, the language for the client and what actions to take if the VPN gets disconnected.

Don’t worry if you don’t have a ton of technical knowledge or experience as this client is extremely easy to use.

Features and Specifications Features and Specifications

In addition to the standard features you’ve come to expect from a VPN service, including secured browsing, unlimited bandwidth and data transfers, SpyOff has a few value added features. First, their client has a specialized connection feature. This allows you to pick between connections that are Ultra Secure, High Speed or Balanced for both. In addition, the program has a built in Kill Switch with prevents data from leaking out over your connection should the service fail. Next, you can connect up to three devices to SpyOff at any one time. Finally, if you’re looking to support a VPN router, SpyOff can be of service. They offer support for FlashRouter and if you’re looking to buy a router, they can help in that regards as well.

Reliability Reliability

SpyOff is the perfect service for accessing restricted material or doing activities anonymously online. If you’re trying to get around georestricted sites like BBC iPlayer or trying to access Netflix from outside of the Unites States, this is a great service.

If you’re looking to download or serve torrents, then you need SpyOff. Their service is BitTorrent and P2P friendly, evidence by their claims that you can “download whatever you want and wherever you want.”

speed Speed

Speeds on SpyOff were fantastic and we saw little to no significant slowdown in speeds. The client also offers you the ability to pick optimized servers including “high speed” servers. We had no problems whatsoever downloading large files and high quality video streamed without issue.

Countries Available Countries Available

SpyOff has a solid network of over 400 server located in 20 countries. While the United States has the most servers, there are plenty of servers available globally. Some of the more exotic locals include South Korea, Japan, Australia, New Zealand and Singapore.

To see what servers are available, just head to their website. They offer a full list of servers complete with IP addresses.

Privacy Privacy

All data is transmitted over SpyOff using 256-bit SSL encryption. Protocols available are PPTP, L2TP and OpenVPN. While using SpyOff, you can rest assured that your connection is secured and you’re safe from hackers and other potential online threats.

For those worried about being tracked online, SpyOff offers a zero logging policy. No logs are kept of your online activity, meaning nobody will know what you’re doing online. Also, our testing showed zero IP leaks, which is perfect.

If you’re worried about data leaking should the VPN fail, we suggest using the built in Kill Switch.

Pricing Pricing

Their Starter service starts at €9.99 ($10.66 USD) for their monthly service. If you’re willing to commit to a longer term, you can sign up for Premium service for €6.99 ($7.46) monthly, billed annually.

If you want to unlock all that SpyOff has to offer, signup for Premium Plus. With Premium Plus, you get all the same features as Starter or Premium but with the added benefits of Usenet access, tips and tricks for maximizing your VPN and anonymous premium support. Premium Plus is €10.99 ($11.73 USD) monthly, billed annually.

When you signup, your only option for payment is via Credit Card. We tried to find another option for payment, but were unsuccessful.

You will notice that SpyOff offers a 15-day free trial. However, we need to provide full disclosure on this “trial.” You need to use your credit card to signup for the trial. If you don’t want to use SpyOff after the 15 day trial is over, you need to cancel your credit card or you will automatically be charged for a full year. But if you like the service and want to continue using it, than this is an ideal situation.

We should also note that there is no money back guarantee. You either love the product after 15 days and continue to use it (getting charged in the process), or you choose to cancel it before the 15 days are up (and not get charged).


To say that SpyOff’s support is lacking is a bit of an understatement. They do offer an FAQ section on their website, but it is very basic and provide no technical help whatsoever.

The site does offer a blog, but it is in German with no English translation available. You could use Google Translate or another translation algorithm if interested.

Unless you’re a Premium Plus user, your only option for support is their email ticketing system. While the agents are courteous and knowledgeable, reply times are around 48 hours. According to the site, Premium Plus does receive anonymous support, but we couldn’t find any details regarding this support.

Bottom Line Bottom Line

 The reality is that online privacy no longer exists for the average computer or mobile user. If you want to protect your privacy online, you have to use VPN. SpyOff gives you the tools needed to surf the web anonymously and give you true freedom, the type of freedom that the internet was once famous for.