Best VPNs for Brazil: Surf The Web Freely While Staying in Brazil

article by Rebecca Lori
November 28, 2019
There are many reasons why everyone should consider using a VPN, and lots of reasons why people in Brazil choose to use one each time they log onto the internet. Using a VPN in Brazil (or Virtual Private Network) will give you multiple levels of security that you wouldn’t be able to obtain any other way. A VPN will encrypt your data, which means that your information can only be read by you.

There are currently new viruses and malicious malware programs being developed as we speak, so it’s always important to stay on top of the security game. When you use public Wi-Fi you are seriously compromising your security. Innocently checking your current bank statements online or doing a little online shopping whilst sitting in a coffee shop may seem like such a safe activity, but the reality is very different.

When you use the best VPN service, you can feel safe in the knowledge that your connection is secure, both at home and in public. Have you ever tried to access your Netflix account whilst traveling away from the country? You’ll find that the content is often blocked, which can be majorly frustrating.

Many people also like to access US Netflix, as their version contains different movies and TV shows that aren’t available across all Netflix accounts. Using a VPN means that you can bypass these geographical blocks and use an alternative IP address from an alternative country. Most banned websites or movies in Brazil can be accessed using a VPN too, giving you the ultimate freedom of browsing.

Here are our favorite VPNs for Brazil:

#1 ExpressVPN

Express VPN 210X100

If you look online for recommended VPNs, you will always find that ExpressVPN comes highly recommended. With millions of users worldwide, and an absolute stellar reputation, it’s not difficult to see why this brand is always regarded highly. Whether you are looking for a decent VPN to use, which will allow you to access streaming sites safely, or perhaps a product that will enable you to access your Netflix whilst away from home, this VPN won’t let you down.

ExpressVPN provides around 1700 servers in 100 countries, which is a staggering number in comparison to their competitors. Choosing ExpressVPN ensures that you will always find a server operating near you. Streaming and torrenting shouldn’t be a problem either, as the brand’s download and connection speeds are renowned for being fast.

Safety is paramount with this company, who uses the latest 256-bit encryption techniques to keep your data safe and for your eyes only. If your VPN fails for any reason, then as long as you have activated the Kill Switch, your connection will automatically cut out, not leaving you open and exposed to outside threats. All of these features are fantastic, but when you have terrible customer service, then it can be a bit pointless. Luckily, they have a good reputation for good response rates too, so if you have any issues during the initial set-up or during use, your queries should be answered promptly. There are a number of reasonably priced subscription packages available to suit different budgets. There’s a 30-day money-back guarantee too, if you find the service isn’t a good fit for your needs.

Read more about ExpressVPN and its features here.

#2 CyberGhost

CyberGhost VPN

The reason why lots of Brazilians search for Netflix VPN Brazil is that they have been stung by the geographical blocks that don’t allow them to access their own Netflix accounts whilst out of the country. This is frustrating when you are paying for a regular service, but quite a common issue. Due to licensing laws, not all TV shows, movies and documentaries are available in all countries covered by Netflix.

CyberGhost VPN will allow you to bypass these geo-blocks by providing you with a number of different servers to connect to. You’ll have an anonymous IP address that cannot be traced back to you, and you can feel safe in the knowledge that your everyday browsing is totally safe too. Fast connection speeds and very good security methods ensure that this VPN provides one of the best services on the market. You’ll find a range of packages available and they even offer a 60-day money-back guarantee if the service isn’t for you.

Read our comprehensive review to find out more about it.

#3 SurfShark

Surfshark VPN

Internet in Brazil is relatively free and uncensored, however you can never really know if your activity is being monitored, especially if you are using torrent sites for P2P file sharing. SurfShark allows you to safely use the internet, whilst keeping you anonymous and safe from the watchful eyes of the government. Not only that, but your connection will be safe and secure from data thieves too. Bypass geo-blocks easily and access your favorite sites anywhere, anytime using this VPN.

You won’t have to worry about annoying buffering issues either as the company provides around 500 servers in 50 different countries, therefore keeping speeds fast for its users. You can access the VPN from all of your devices at the same time, as SurfShark provides unlimited device access. Extra features include a malware blocker, ad blocker, and a strict no-log policy, which means that not only will you be protected from nasty viruses and annoying ads that are prevalent on torrenting sites, but your information will also never be stored or shared with third parties. It’s a win-win situation. Several packages are offered and the two-year plan provides the best value for money.

Read our review to find out if SurfShark is the right VPN for you.

#4 ZenMate

zenmate 210x100

Another highly recommended VPN provider, ZenMate provides a VPN service for over 45 million users around the world. They use 128-bit encryption methods to keep their speeds fast, and so we think this is a great VPN for streaming movies and online content.

You can use this product on 15 devices, which is a handy feature when you think about how often you use your laptop, iPhone and home PC to access the internet. This keeps your data safe and secure at all times, both out of the house using public wifi and at home. This is one of the most reasonably-priced VPNs we have found and not only that, but they also offer a seven-day free trial. You have nothing to lose by sampling this product to see if the features and speeds work well for you in Brazil.

ZenMate operates across approximately 30 server locations and they provide a strict no-log policy. This means that your data is always protected for your eyes only and your information is never shared.

Learn more about it here.

#5 ProtonVPN

ProtonVPN 210x100 bg

When we heard that this VPN was first designed to protect journalists and activists and that the company’s core belief was freedom of speech and anti-censorship, we knew that this would make a good choice for those looking for a VPN in Brazil.

In addition, this VPN is based in Switzerland, which is a country protected by some of the strongest privacy laws in the world. When you use this VPN to browse your favorite websites and torrenting sites, you can feel safe in the knowledge that your data first has to pass through Swiss core servers. The company operates a strict no-logs policy, so even if the servers would ever be compromised, your data would be fully protected using the very best encryption methods and would never be shared. ProtonVPN operates 474 servers in 36 countries, so accessing Netflix VPN Brazil should not be an issue. This VPN can be used on five devices at once too, so it’s suitable for use with your smartphone, laptop, PC and more.

Learn more about ProtonVPN here.

Privacy Laws & Regulations in Brazil

Although certain movies and websites have been previously banned in Brazil, the country is a relatively free destination when it comes to internet privacy and censorship. That being said, you’ll never know whether your internet activity is being watched in any location. The best way to safely enjoy your internet freedom from any country is to use a VPN. When your data is funneled through a protected server and encrypted end-to-end to ensure total anonymity and privacy, then you can feel safe knowing that your chances of being hacked are greatly minimized. Not only that, but Brazil isn’t immune to geo-blocks. So to bypass these you would need to use a VPN.

Streaming in Brazil

Watching content online can be a nightmare if you don’t use a VPN. Not only can your safety be compromised by the constant malware and viruses that lurk on torrenting sites, but your Brazil Netflix will be geo-blocked in different locations too. In fact, many popular websites are inaccessible in countries which don’t share the same content license.  If you’ve ever tried accessing your local news website from a different country, you will probably have found yourselves blocked at one point. And it’s annoying.

Let’s look at the most popular streaming sites in Brazil:

There’s a reason why so many people sign up to Netflix, and why it’s now available in so many different countries. That’s because the content is excellent. As well as hundreds of movies and TV shows, Netflix also owns the rights to their own movies and TV series, and the quality is off the scale. Unfortunately, Netflix is also bound by licensing laws which means that not all of the movies, TV shows and documentaries are available in all of the countries where Netflix is available. Basically, Netflix content differs from country to country. This is why people are always trying to access UK or US Netflix, as the content has a very good reputation. This licensing law, also means that when you try to access your Netflix account to stream content when you are away from home, you’ll often be blocked. The only way to bypass a geo-block is to find an alternative IP address based in the country where you are trying to access content. This can be achieved using the best VPN service with numerous servers across different countries.

It probably comes as no surprise to hear that YouTube is one of the most popular streaming sites watched in Brazil. Popular for TV shows, music videos and vloggers, YouTube is enjoyed across the world. Did you know that the content can vary when it comes to different countries? If you want to be able to access your usual content without fear of certain music videos being blocked, then a VPN will come in handy.

Thought to be one of the most popular streaming sites in Brazil, Adoro Cinema is the go-to place to catch the latest trailers, movies and series. As with any streaming sites, it’s always important to make sure that you have a completely safe connection. Streaming sites are renowned to attract malware that can infect your computer system as well as annoying ads which can easily ruin your experience. Some VPNs include malware blockers and ad blockers as part of their extensive features. Make sure that you choose a fast VPN with extra security features if you plan to stream online, download movies and more.

Bottom Line

There are so many reasons why using a VPN in Brazil makes sense.

Here are just a few reasons:

Staying Safe

Every time you log-on to your PC, you are putting yourself at risk. Anyone who has been a victim of nasty malware will be aware of this fact as it can not only break your computer, but it can ruin your life. Many of the malware programs being designed at the moment have been created to steal your data, and that includes all your personal information and banking details. Using a VPN ensures that your online activity is encrypted end-to-end, which means if anyone did manage to hack into your system, then it’s likely they wouldn’t be able to decipher the data anyway. This need for security is greatly increased if you use torrent sites, streaming sites or just simply use public wifi to perform personal tasks.

Access Brazil Netflix Anywhere

Blocked content sucks. And it’s even more annoying when you are actually paying a monthly subscription for a service such as Netflix, but you still can’t access the content. Using a VPN means that you can easily bypass any geo-blocks and watch your favorite TV shows whenever and wherever you are in the world.

Essentially, a VPN gives you more security and more freedom when it comes to using the internet and with many companies offering free trials or money-back guarantees, we believe it’s well worth trying one to see if it’s a good fit.