Best VPNs for Finland: Get the Best and Fastest Service in Finland

article by Rebecca Lori
January 16, 2020
Many people may argue that in a country as “free” as Finland, a VPN or Virtual Private Network, is not necessary. We would counter-argue that a VPN is essential no matter where you are based in the world, and there are many reasons why we have this belief.

Why Use a VPN in Finland?

Firstly, there’s no country in the world which is totally exempt from censorship, and even in Finland, certain “adult” and gambling websites are filtered through local ISPs. Using a VPN for Finland means that you can access your favorite websites wherever you are in the world. If ever you have tried to access your local streaming sites or news channels whilst traveling abroad, you’ll be aware of how annoying it can be when your content is blocked due to its geographical location. A Finland VPN will bypass any geo-blocks, giving you access to websites such as US Netflix even in Finland.

Another reason why using a VPN makes sense, is because it gives you anonymity and security. Using a VPN automatically encrypts your data, meaning that your IP address and internet activity is hidden from anyone who intercepts your data. Even as you read this, there are new viruses and malware being created.

When you use a VPN, you stay ahead of the game and keep yourself secure. This is particularly relevant when you are using the internet in a public space using public wifi, as this always leaves you wide open to potential cyber-attacks and hackers. This can be dangerous when you are using the internet to check your bank account, shop online using credit card details or visit any other websites where you need to include highly personal and sensitive information. If you have a VPN that allows you to use it on several devices, then this gives you the perfect security solution across different media.

The Best VPN for Finland

#1 ExpressVPN

ExpressVPN Logo

If you’re looking for a good quality VPN for Finland then you might want to consider ExpressVPN. This VPN provider is widely regarded as one of the best in the industry, and with millions of users based all around the world, it’s easy to see why.  You can guarantee safety and security with ExpressVPN, who has an outstanding reputation for being one of the most secure VPNs on the market. You can choose from around 1700 servers, which are based in 100 countries, which means that you’ll get a fast connection, perfect for streaming your favorite shows.

Renowned for being one of the safest VPNs on the market, ExpressVPN uses the best 256-bit encryption techniques to keep your private data and internet activity hidden from any prying eyes. If your VPN connection fails, then as long as you have activated the Kill Switch feature, you’ll be safe. This cuts your connection so you’re not left wide open to cyber threats.

Another great feature of ExpressVPN is their customer service, which has a great reputation for fast response rates. This means that if you have any queries regarding setting up or problems using the VPN, your queries should be answered promptly. The VPN packages are reasonably priced and there are several options for individuals and businesses. They offer a 30-day money-back guarantee too if you’re not 100% happy with the service.

Read more about ExpressVPN and its features here.

#2 CyberGhost

CyberGhost VPN

If you are based in Finland and looking for a service that will allow you to access Netflix whilst abroad, then CyberGhost makes a great choice. This VPN will enable you to bypass any geographical blocks, which means that you can not only catch your favorite shows whilst away from home, but you’ll also be able to access US Netflix in Finland, which is thought to offer the best movies and TV shows which are not available in every country due to complicated licensing laws.

CyberGhost gives its users an anonymous IP address that cannot be traced back to you and fast connection speeds too – perfect for torrenting and streaming. There are a range of packages available, and the company even offers a 45-day money-back guarantee, which is pretty rare in the industry.

You can find out more here.

#3 SurfShark

Surfshark VPN

If you’re looking for a Finland VPN that will give you a totally safe connection whilst using public wifi as well as at home, then SurfShark is a good option. You can use the VPN across multiple devices at the same time, as the company allows unlimited device usage – another feature which is pretty unheard of in the industry. Included with this software is an ad blocker and malware blocker too, which are ideal for people based in Finland who often use torrenting and streaming sites that are renowned to attract nasty malware and annoying ads.

SurfShark also offers has a strict no-logging policy in place, which means that they won’t store your information or share information with third parties. With 500 servers in 50 different countries, you’ll get the speeds that you need to watch movies and not get any annoying buffering issues. There are a few different subscriptions available. You can find out more in this review to find out if SurfShark is the right VPN for you.

#4 ZenMate

zenmate 210x100

We always like to recommend VPNs that have been rated highly by their users, and ZenMate falls into that category as it has a great reputation amongst its 45 million users. Speed and security are top priorities for ZenMate, who uses 128-bit encryption to retain connection speed, making it a good choice for people looking to stream and download movies.

This VPN will keep you secure on up to x 15 devices, making it perfect for those times when you need to access private information using public wifi. This is one of the cheapest VPNs in the industry of this standard, and they also provide a seven-day trial so you can see if the product suits you before signing up to a subscription.

Read more about it here.

#5 ProtonVPN

ProtonVPN 210x100 bg

These guys have been around for a while, but the VPN was initially set up to protect journalists and activists who used their email service. They soon realized that there was a market for this type of service for everyday people, and so made it available for everyone.

When looking for the best VPN for Finland, we took into consideration several things: recommendations, security, and location. This company is based in Switzerland, which is a location well known for its tight privacy laws. All of your internet activity passes through Swiss core servers, giving it that extra element of security.

If the servers were ever compromised in any way, you can feel safe in the knowledge that your information is safe, as not only is your data fully encrypted, but the company operates a strict no-logs policy too, which means that they will never store any of your data on their servers.

ProtonVPN has 474 servers in 36 countries, giving you nice speeds on up to five devices.

Learn more about ProtonVPN here.

Privacy Laws & Regulations in Finland

There aren’t strict privacy laws in place in Finland, but due to a voluntary law that was put in place in 2007, certain undesirable websites (which are banned in EU and US) are now filtered through the ISPs in Finland. Unfortunately, the flip-side is that many other websites have been blocked and filtered, including many adult sites and some gambling sites too. If you like your evening online poker games, then you’re going to need a VPN for Finland, so that you can bypass these censorship laws. Not only that, but you’ll also be able to access your favorite Netflix shows anywhere in the world too.

Streaming in Finland

There are several issues with streaming without a VPN. Firstly, if you are visiting torrenting sites or “unofficial” streaming sites, then they are likely to have annoying pop-up ads and malware. This can be dangerous for your computer system and for you too, as hackers can gain personal information from such sites. The second and most common problem is geo-blocking. This is when your usual subscription services or local websites don’t work in other countries because they’ve been blocked. Which suffice to say, is very frustrating. Using a VPN is essential for keeping safe and secure online and bypassing such blocks. But what are the most popular sites visited in Finland? Is streaming popular?

Here are the most popular streaming sites in Finland:

It probably doesn’t come as that much of a surprise to hear that Netflix is one of the most popular streaming services in Finland. As expected, Facebook and Google are rated highly as the most visited websites, but when it comes to streaming and movies, Finnish people are choosing Netflix as their chosen site.

If you have watched Netflix, then you will already be aware that this subscription service provides very high-quality movies, TV series and documentaries. In fact, it’s so big that it even produces its own exclusive TV shows and movies too. US Netflix is renowned to have the best content, as most popular movies are produced in America and they are not restricted by licensing laws. The only way you can access US Netflix whilst in Finland is with a VPN which will allow you to choose a US IP address. If you use a VPN, it also means that you can access your favorite Finnish shows whilst out of the country too.

This website is ranked highly – in the top 10 most visited websites in Finland. Another popular streaming site, YouTube is the go-to site to watch music videos, vlogging content and of course, movie trailers. You’ll even find movies and TV shows downloaded onto YouTube too.

This Finnish website covers local and international news as well as other subjects such as lifestyle and sport. It’s one of Finland’s most popular tabloid newspapers online and the second-largest newspaper in the country. If you want to guarantee access to your favorite news sites such as this, a VPN is necessary.

Bottom Line – Why You Need a VPN in Finland

We could write pages and pages of content on why using a VPN is sensible and how residents of Finland can benefit. Below we have listed the main reason why we believe that a VPN is essential.

Keep Your Private Information For Your Eyes Only

Most of us aren’t aware of just how risky it is to use the internet on an everyday basis. We take it for granted that we can just log-on, check our bank accounts, buy our weekly groceries and then log-off. Yet, every time we do this we are putting ourselves at risk. The risk increases greatly when we use public wifi and an openly shared connection. Using a VPN means that your data is funneled through to a secure server and it is encrypted end-to-end.

Essentially, this means that your data is scrambled and unreadable unless you hold a special key. Many VPN providers also have a strict no-logging policy, which means that your data isn’t stored on their servers; you have no trace. A VPN makes a safe option for those who like streaming content and using P2P torrenting sites. These websites are normally teeming with malware, and so you have a better chance of staying virus-free if your info is going through a secure server.

Access Your Favorite Streaming Sites Anywhere

If Finnish Netflix just doesn’t cut the grade, and you know that your favorite show is available on US Netflix, then you’re going to want to use a VPN to access US IP addresses. This means that you can essentially change your location to anywhere in the world. Geo-blocked content can be a thing of the past, provided that you use a decent VPN with plenty of servers located around the world. The closer the server to your actual location, the faster your connection speeds. So it’s important to check which countries the VPN serves before purchasing.

When it comes to the crunch, a VPN gives you a safe connection, anonymity, bypassing geographical blocks and most censorship laws. If you want freedom with your internet usage then using a good quality VPN is the only wise solution.