How to Unblock Kickass (Kat) With a VPN/Proxy

article by Cheyenne M author
Kickass Torrents (KAT) was the most popular torrent search engine until it got shutdown in July 2016. They relaunched an almost identical site with a similar name and design in December of the same year but that too has since been blocked in many countries. The only way to access it would be to use a VPN to "hide" yourself.

Using a VPN to Unblock Kickass

The most important step of this process is choosing a VPN service that will hide you and the “Fake” where your coming from to unblock the Kickass website. We recommend ExpressVPN for the speed-obsessed, NordVPN for privacy fanatics, or IPVanish for someone seeking a decent compromise between the two. It is impossible for us to choose the best Kickass VPN between these three options. Research the specific features of each service and read their policies before you decide what is best for you.

After signing up with your chosen service, log in and choose a P2P-capable server. (This process varies between companies, use customer service to assist you in finding a server.) While connected to the server (which should be in a country that KAT is unrestricted), log in to KAT and search for your torrent. Download it, and make sure BitTorrent client software is on your computer as well. Click the torrent to open it in the software. Your torrent download should start. Remember, keep your VPN connected through the whole process, as it will encrypt the communication your BitTorrent client must do. A VPN with a kill switch is helpful while torrenting, because you can connect the client to the switch and it will shut down automatically if your internet connection is interrupted. Every extra security feature is a food one.

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KAT’s history is the perfect example of why security is essential when visiting it and other torrenting sites. The site didn’t shut down for no reason, they went offline because of continuing legal trouble. It’s imperative that all KAT users protect themselves.

Proxy or VPN? – What’s the Key to Getting Kickass Unblocked?

 A country can legally block KAT at any time, without warning. But that doesn’t mean it’s offline. You can use proxies (free or paid) or VPNs to unblock the site. A proxy reroutes internet traffic through a remote server to make your activity appear to be coming from a location nowhere near you. In essence, it hides your IP. Paid proxy services like Proxy Key give you one dedicated IP address for about is $17. Even though a private, paid proxy is safer than a public one that any random hacker can access, it doesn’t provide security. Your information is decrypted, meaning that government agencies and your internet service provider (ISP) can see exactly what you are doing if they look hard enough. Free proxies are definitely dangerous, as they could potentially expose your activity and location to absolutely anyone on the server who is looking. But paid proxies can potentially leak your information too.

VPNs have the same goal as proxies, they just treat your internet traffic with more care. As a request travels from your server to the remote server to your destination, your traffic is encrypted. This means it is scrambled so that ISPs and other third parties cannot easily read what you’re doing. Furthermore, a VPN encrypts data as it travels between all applications. This includes any traffic flowing through your BitTorrent client. A VPN is essential for anyone who torrents. They are slower than proxies, but speed for privacy is a worthwhile trade.