Top 9 Best VPNs for Chrome

Chrome supports the widest variety of VPN extensions. Each is similar in functionality, but features tend to vary by service. Check out the list of VPN for Chrome below to decide which one best meets your needs. Remember, a full VPN is always a better option for more comprehensive security across any platform.

No Matter Your Reason for VPN, We Have a Recommendation For You.


Windscribe’s Chrome extension offers above average encryption and privacy along with several unique features, making it one of our favorite options on this list.  A cruise control feature automatically switches your server every few minutes, and the “secure link” tool creates unique secure URLs you can share. There is also an option to blacklist or white list sites and an ad blocker.  You get 10 MB of data free, but $90 annually gets you unlimited bandwidth and faster speed. P2P sharing is allowed on the free version, but as always, exercise care.


 After a quick signup process, Zenmate’s Chrome VPN instantly connects to a server, so you never have to worry about your browser being vulnerable. There are five TLS-encrypted servers available during the free trial, and more if you sign up for the premium service. The premium version also offers extended protection against malware and third party tracking. A smart location feature allows connection customization so users can decide what servers their favorite websites connect to. The full Zenmate VPN is available for $60 a year or $7.49 per month. Customer service seems limited, and some users reported issues installing the Chrome extension.


Tunnello is a dedicated Chrome VPN extension, making it one of the most unique and affordable services on this list. The technology is a combination proxy/VPN that was designed to secure the browser without compromising speed. The free version offers a limited amount of data, but because it is a simple extension you can get unlimited data and extra security for as low as $30 annually when you go premium.

Hotspot Shield

Free access to the Hotspot Shield VPN is fast and easy, with no sign-up required. On installation, you are connected to a server at an optimal location, but can choose from a wide variety of counties manually. A ‘quick menu’ feature shows users the most popular sites users connect to, and allows you to mark your favorite sites. A premium version offers multi-device connections, ad blocking, malware protection, and more server locations. Plans vary in price and payment schedule. A unique $100 lifetime plan is available. A speed delay is noticeable, but not enough to be a deal breaker.


SaferVPN is one of the most secure VPNs Chome offers. After signing up and logging in, you are connected to a server, but can also choose your own location from a list. SaferVPN passed a DNS leak test, a rarity. The free version provides 500 MB of data per month. An upgrade to the premium full VPN includes unlimited data for the Chrome extension, faster speeds, and security across more platforms. There are several different price tiers, including a two-year $95 offer.


TunnelBear’s Chrome extension offers 500 MB of free data, with an option to tweet for more.  After downloading the extension and signing in, you can seamlessly choose your server location. Sometimes our actual IP address did not match the county we connected to in the app, but our actual location was always masked. The paid version of the VPN provides protection for up to five devices, but we like this option for limited use.


Torguard uses a Chrome extension called VPNetworks LLC, which doesn’t have a very user-friendly interface. Make sure you have Torguard account information before installing, as the proxy will disable websites until you sign in. Once you are logged in, you have access to servers across 50+ countries to encrypt your traffic, unblock geo-restricted websites, and of course hide your IP address. While we find Torguard a bit difficult to use, it does offer an extensive number of premium plans depending on your needs. You upgrade to either an anonymous VPN, anonymous proxy, anonymous e-mail or a bundle. Each plan varies in price. This Chrome extension isn’t recommended for anyone new to browser security. But if you know your way around, this service may be for you. They are one of the only services to openly promote P2P file sharing.

Hide My Ass

The Hide My Ass! Proxy extension for Chrome allows you to quickly access a more secure version of any website simply by typing in the URL. There are different settings so you can manually configure more security.  This comes in handy on occasion, but the full VPN is the best choice for more secure protection and a wider variety of features. Plans are available starting at $6.55 per month for a year. Hide My Ass! is a U.K.-based company subject to the laws of that country.


TouchVPN is probably the simplest service on this list to use. Simply add the extension to Chrome and you are connected to a secure server. You can choose your location from a list or automatically connect to one. Although subscription plans are available on mobile devices, there doesn’t appear to be data limits or advertising for premium plans on the browser client.  The extension is a completely free service, but remember to be careful. The TouchVPN website doesn’t provide much information on the technology it uses. If you access sensitive data on the internet often, it makes more sense to pay for a more transparent service.