Are Carbs Really the Enemy?

article by Rebecca S. author
Some popular weight loss programs have made carbs the devil of all nutrition-conscious individuals, and many have sworn off gluten products for life. But are carbs really as bad as some dietitians make them out to be?

Carb Myth Busted

Surprise surprise, experts have determined that not only are carbs not bad for you, many healthy carbs can help you lose weight. In fact, research has shown that the slimmest and healthiest people who are maintaining their toned physique are doing it with the help of carbs. 64% of their diets consist of the right kind of carbohydrates and starches, while zero or low-carb diets seem to be having the opposite effect.

How Carbs Help

There are so many ways that carbs help you lose weight and keep it off. For example:

  • Carbs fill you up. Digested at a slower rate than proteins and fats, carbohydrates keep you fuller for longer, so you are eating less and are curbing those between-meal snack cravings. You can consume up to 10% fewer calories with the right carbs in your diet.
  • Cravings no more: Additionally, the unhealthy cravings that our body produces because we are lacking certain nutrients that only fiber-rich foods can give us go away when carbs are introduced.
  • Blood sugar control: Another health benefit to carb diets is blood sugar management. Carbohydrates regulate your blood sugar, keeping it at a healthy, balanced level. Studies have shown that carbs can reduce insulin response by almost 40%.
  • Increasing metabolism: Resistant starches (the good kinds of carbs) actually speed up your metabolism. This not only makes you less hungry but also helps you burn fat faster by releasing fatty acids that make your body burn that stubborn belly fat and preserve muscle mass with a constantly moving metabolism.

Incorporating Carbs Into Your Diet

Forget the weight loss programs that tell you carbs are the devil. The best weight loss programs will actually promote eating healthy carbs. Weight Watchers, a proven success, and, for example, include carbs in many of their menu plans.

Healthy Carbs to Chow Down On

You’ve probably been avoiding carbs for a while now, so this might come as a major relief to your ears. You also might be wondering what are some healthy carbs that you can indulge in. Here are a few recommended carbs to enjoy:

  • Whole grains
  • Baked potatoes
  • Bananas
  • Real corn (not the processed, striped kind)
  • Fiber cereals like bran flakes
  • Brown rice

Stop depriving yourself of the foods your body is craving, and start dieting the right way. You can rely on the best weight loss programs out there to increase your carb intake and monitor the results in the long run.