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article by Sandra Trentino author June 25, 2019
our score is an online diet workshop that provides you with all the tools you need to succeed. Using a variety of technology, research, and personality testing, the method is proven to help dieters lose weight and keep off the weight for years to come.
  • Includes long-term weight maintenance tools
  • Totally customizable to fit your every nuance
  • Connections with medical and nutritional experts
  • Proven to get and maintain results
  • Dining out guides for easy dieting while eating out
  • Free membership is limited
  • No phone support
  • No mobile app makes dieting easy. After years of failed attempts, that’s something I would never have dreamed healthy eating and exercise could be!
Sandra Trentino, author
Reliability Lifestyle-based Meal Plan
Free Storage Limit Nutritional Database
Features 1000+ Healthy Recipes
Key Factors Workout Builder
Integrations 3 Skill Level-based Exercise Plans
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  • 8 Lifestyle-Based Meal Plans Designed by Certified Nutritionists
  • Nutritional Data to Support Macro-Nutrient & Calorie Counting
  • Access to Over 1000+ Healthy Recipes
  • 3 Skill Level-Based Exercise Plans
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How Does It Work? is based on the concept of the Personality Diet. Members fill out an online questionnaire. Based on their answers, dieters are then given a tailor-made weight loss program to help them shed pounds and keep them off. Within the diet plan, members receive fitness guides, nutritional suggestions, and even meal plans that include your favorite foods built in.

Since everything is tailored to fit your exact needs, results come quicker. You aren’t dieting according to what most people have found successful. You’re eating, exercising, and living healthier based on what your specific body and lifestyle needs.

Diet and Fitness Plan really shines in the customization department. As mentioned above, the diet plans are all catered to fit your exact goals, personality, lifestyle, and preferences. If you tell the questionnaire that you like broccoli, don’t be surprised to find a broccoli dish pop up in your meal plan occasionally.

Customization goes further with professional advice on tailored workouts that’ll keep you feeling good even as your waistline shrinks. The workouts are particularly effective since the fitness program targets your problem areas, focuses on your strengths, and helps you build muscle where and whenever you can.

There are even dining-out guides, so you can indulge in an evening out without having to stress about what to order and how it will affect your diet.

Tracking Weight Loss

Online tracking is made simple with’s easy format. In addition to a daily weigh in, you can take your own measurements and plug them into the form every week to see how far you’ve come. This is one of the best weight loss program tricks since you might have lost inches even without losing pounds. You can track your activity levels throughout the day too, and the system will tell you how many calories you burned by doing those activities. This way, you really see progress all the time.

You can also log your daily food consumption so that you can track your caloric intake. Being able to record the time of day when an item was eaten can give you insights into unhealthy patterns that need to be tweaked. For example, let’s say you see that every day at around 3pm you go out to satisfy a candy bar craving. If you know this urge is coming, perhaps preempt it with a fruit or a nutrient bar instead. You can also save frequently-eaten items to save time on input.

Weight Loss Community has a friendly community of active participants that act to inspire, encourage, and inform you throughout your dieting journey. Share stories and read about successes (and failures that still became successes!), ask questions, and get advice from people who have gone and are going through the same struggles as you.

The community also has fun challenges that you can take on for added motivation and an exciting incentive to keep going.

In addition to the forums, sends out a weekly newsletter that not only discusses your progress but offers motivational tidbits and words of wisdom. This kind of positive messaging can really keep a dieter on track and motivated to stick with a program. And don’t forget about the weekly podcasts that offer smart dieting tips and fitness ideas that you can implement.

File Size Limit Drawbacks and Limitations

The lack of mobile app is a little unacceptable in today’s technological era. While the website itself is mobile-friendly, that’s not the same thing as having an instant access app that lets you plug in stats, get info, and see progress. This is one area needs to upgrade.

Pricing Pricing

The logic behind’s pricing system isn’t always clear. On one hand, their Premium membership goes for $9.99/month, an industry low. Other memberships go as high as $40/per month, a much steeper price tag. does have a free trial that dieters can use to get a taste of the program, a big perk worth trying out.

Bottom Line Conclusion

All in all, is one of the best weight loss programs online today. Their tools are super efficient and highly effective, their focused meal plans and exercise routines ensure the maximum level of results in a minimum amount of time, and the entire process is smooth, easy to use, and, well, even a lot of fun! If you are in the market for a diet plan that will really work to get you in shape and stay that way, test drive You won’t be disappointed.