The Golden Rule of Dieting

article by Rebecca S. author
If you’ve ever been frustrated by failed diet attempts, you’re certainly not alone. It might surprise you to know that there’s just one rule of dieting that you need in order to succeed at last. Ready to learn what the Golden Rule of Dieting is? It’s going to blow you away.

The Golden Rule

The Golden Rule of Dieting is: don’t diet! That’s right. In general, diets don’t work. Even if you do end up losing some weight, you will probably put it back on (and often then some) within a short amount of time.

So, our rule sounds like anyone overweight is up a creek without a paddle, right? Not quite. Our rule is not to diet, but instead to replace your current unhealthy habits with new, healthier lifestyle choices that are maintainable, flexible, and realistic. With this kind of weight loss program, you can actually achieve the goals you set for yourself, keep the weight off in the long run, and feel better all around.

Ready to feel great? Check out these telltale signs of a diet scheme and the Golden Rule alternative.

Zealotry, Mania, or Extremism

Is your diet asking you to drastically cut down on your caloric intake or remove a single type of food forever? This is a telltale sign of a fad diet. Human nature is to fall back into bad habits if the alternative is too extreme, and that’s why most fads don’t work. They expect you to take on some crazy caloric extreme that can’t possibly be maintained. The same goes for consuming just one type of food (think grapefruit, cabbage soup, or ice cream diet).

Golden Rule Alternative: Cut out excessive eating of unhealthy foods. Ditch the processed foods for lunch every day. Trade out the box of cookies you keep in the car for a healthier alternative. Opt to eat in instead of ordering takeout for dinner. These simple steps keep you eating healthy within moderation and still leave room for snacking once in a while. That’s maintainable.

Unhealthy Routines

There are tons of diet fads out there that ask you to do unhealthy or even dangerous things to your body. Rule of thumb: if it’s unhealthy, it’s unhealthy! That means you won’t get the results you want (unless the results you want are to become a cadaver). The Tapeworm Diet, the Tongue Patch Diet, and the Master Cleanse are a few scams that will leave you sick at best and, well, let’s not consider the worst.

Golden Rule Alternative: The best weight loss programs, like Weight Watchers and Jillian Michaels, are steady, realistic and maintainable. They’ll help you lose weight, look great, and feel good throughout the process. If you like their diet plans but don’t agree with other aspects of the programs, simply swap them out for your own alternatives. Give these weight loss programs a try; you won’t be disappointed.