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Jillian Michaels Review

article by Sandra Trentino author June 25, 2019
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Also known as Master Your Metabolism, Jillian Michaels’ weight loss program is heavy on fitness. She focuses her plan on a healthy, natural diet, getting enough sleep, and lots and lots of exercise. A personal trainer, Michaels pushes you to your limits in order to get real results from her program.
  • Menu plans, exercise videos, all on the website
  • Good for high blood pressure, diabetes, and heart diseases
  • Extremely healthy lifestyle change
  • Proven to produce transformative results
  • Free!
  • High level of difficulty to maintain the diet
  • Highly restrictive in which foods you can eat
  • Rigorous exercise routine
Jillian Michaels has helped me transform my entire life. I live healthier, I feel better, and I’d never want to go back. She is a godsend
Sandra Trentino, author
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How Does It Work?

The Jillian Michaels diet works by replacing ‘anti-nutrients’ – unhealthy agents like sugars, fats, and chemicals found in most processed foods – with natural foods that are organic, delicious, and healthy.

The diet works in three stages:

Stage One: Get rid of all hydrogenated fats, artificial sweeteners, preservatives, colorings, refined grains, high fructose products, and glutamates. Sounds like a lot? Really it just means eat more natural, healthier foods that aren’t processed and packaged. Michaels also suggests limiting or eliminating starchy foods like potatoes, canned or dried fruits, high-fat dairy products, caffeine, and fattening meats. It’s a little extreme, but this stage doesn’t last long.

Stage Two: Acquaint yourself with the Jillian Michaels power nutrient food groups. There are ten of these including whole grains, leafy greens, low-fat dairy products, legumes, beans, alliums (onions and leeks), meat and eggs, fruits, berries, nuts and seeds, and cruciferous vegetables (broccoli, cabbage).

Stage Three: The third stage of the Jillian Michaels diet involves honing your diet to perfection and includes finding the right meal proportions, timing, and foods that are right for you.

Diet and Fitness Plan

The diet is built around natural, organic foods. Michaels recommends eating only organic meats, eggs, and dairy products. Additionally, fruits and vegetables should be organic, but nonorganic will still work if it’s unavailable or financially-prohibitive.

In addition to learning how to balance each meal with healthy carbs, proteins, and fats, stage three of the diet plan regulates members to eat every four hours, not to skip meals (especially breakfast), and to avoid eating after 9 PM.

The fitness part of the plan is super intense, which is not surprising considering the fact that Jillian Michaels is a fitness instructor by profession. Michaels expects five hours of exercise each week, which is not a simple task. The exercises should be a combination of cardio and muscle strengthening in order to optimize results. The good news here is that each exercise video is carefully crafted by Michaels herself, so you are getting highly effective workout routines. She walks you through each video, so you understand what you’re doing and make sure you’re doing the exercises properly.

Tracking Weight Loss

Dieters can track their progress with calorie counters, activity logs, and active progress reports that show how far you’ve already come and how much you have left to go to reach your goal weight.

The mobile app is awesome too. It’s totally interactive, contains hundreds of exercise videos, and lets you sync up your own playlist to enjoy while you work out.

Weight Loss Community

The entire plan can be compiled from the website including meal plans, exercise videos, and motivational messages. While it’s an online community and plan, having Michaels as a motivator can make a huge difference if you’ve been less than inspired to get moving and losing that weight.

File Size Limit Drawbacks and Limitations

While the Jillian Michaels diet is fabulously productive and will help you lose a ton of weight if you stick with it, maintaining the diet can be a real challenge. Michaels eliminates a lot of foods that many people are used to enjoying on a daily basis, and this can be a difficult transition to make for most. Add to that the intensity of the workout sessions, and you have a tough recipe for success.

That said, if you are motivated and persistant, you are guaranteed to see incredible, life-changing results from this weight loss program.

Pricing Pricing

This is the part most dieters will appreciate. Actual membership doesn’t cost a thing. You can buy her cookbook, but you don’t have to, and there are no hidden fees you’ll find out about later. There is an optional membership fee of $3.99/per month if you want personalized weight loss training, but this is not necessary to be successful with the diet. The mobile app costs $9.99/per month, but this is also not essential.

One caveat is the price of groceries. Organic food is more expensive than regular foods, so you will notice the difference there.

Bottom Line Conclusion

The Jillian Michaels diet is the best weight loss program for highly motivated dieters who are ready to push themselves to the limit and really commit to making the necessary changes. It is also a great option for people who have tried unsuccessfully with other diet plans. This might be the system they need to finally see a difference in their bodies and lifestyles. The bottom line is, if you’re willing to work hard, you will definitely get phenomenal results including a thinner body, a healthier lifestyle, and better emotional health.