The Craziest Diets You've Never Heard Of

article by Sandra Trentino
June 25, 2019
We've all tried some pretty weird things to lose weight, but there's usually a limit to how far we'll go to shed those pounds. Some people will try anything, though, and these diet fads are proof of that. Here are 6 of the craziest weight loss programs that you should NEVER try.

The Master Cleanse

The Master Cleanse asks you to drink lemon, maple syrup, and cayenne pepper concoctions during the day, along with a laxative tea at night and salt water each morning. This cleanse will completely diminish any muscle mass your body has, deprive you of the calories and nutrients you need to live, and derail any attempts at healthy living for however long you’re on it.

The Last Chance Diet

A diet that no longer exists, thankfully, this was a protein shake-based weight loss program. Sounds good, right? Except that the diet limited caloric intake to 400 calories per day, enough to be classified as starving. And the contents of the shake would turn anyone’s stomach. Hooves, horns, and other animal byproducts soaked in artificial flavors to make it palatable. Seriously.

The Charcoal Diet

Ingest a charcoal drink to cleanse your body of toxins. We don’t have to say much to help you conceptualize the bit of crazy that goes into this diet. Ingesting charcoal to detox your body is cutting off your nose to spite your face. Besides, your body is pretty good at detoxing itself, and you can always avoid those processed foods if you want to get rid of the garbage.

The Cookie Diet

Munch on 6-9 of these 90-calorie cookies each day…for the rest of your life. It’s just not realistic to maintain this type of one-food diet, and restricting your caloric intake so drastically will produce slower metabolism, unhealthy skin, teeth, and bones, and major health problems in the long run.

The Cotton Ball Diet

This is weird and gross all at once. Soak five cotton balls in juice for every meal. The problem? Aside from being as unappetizing as they come, this diet doesn’t give you any of the nutrients your body needs desperately to survive. You’re basically starving yourself slowly. What’s more, that much cotton in your system can’t be healthy!

The Tapeworm Diet

Probably the most disturbing diet plan in the history of dieting, the Tapeworm Diet is as insidious as it sounds. The dieter ingests a tapeworm egg which then develops into a tapeworm. This parasite lives off the nutrients you digest, consuming your calories for you. The problem? Aside from the fatal element of having a tapeworm breeding within your body, you’ll become malnourished, bloated, and sick from this unfriendly guest.

Now that you know how far some people will go to lose weight, you can sigh with relief that you’re not that far-gone! You can check out some of the best weight loss programs that are also healthy on the web, like or eDiets, to help you get in shape and feel great too.