Weight Watchers

article by Rebecca S. author April 05, 2017
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Since its inception in 1963, Weight Watchers has helped millions of dieters achieve their weight loss goals. Weight Watchers’ combination of healthy lifestyle choices and smart eating habits makes it one of the best weight loss programs available to date.
  • An option to eat all the foods you love
  • SmartPoints system easier than counting calories
  • Proven long-term results, effective for more than forty years
  • Lifestyle change, not just a diet, so results are maintainable
  • Fabulous mobile app for healthier living on the go
  • Probably won’t see dramatic results immediately
  • Need to pay to get all the benefits
  • Some foods seem unusually high in points
Weight Watchers changed my life, made me look great, and feel better about myself like no other diet did before. This is the greatest weight loss program around.
Rebecca S., author
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How Does It Work?

The Weight Watchers weight loss program is designed around a points system. For every food item, there is a corresponding point value. When you eat food, you enter that item into the app or the online website and the personalized points tracker will tally up how many points your meal cost you.

So, for example, let’s say you have 2,000 points to start your day with. When you eat your bowl of cereal and milk, you’ll subtract 350 points from your total. For the remainder of the day, you’ll have 1,650 to work with. Each time you eat something, the points go down. Exercise and active lifestyle can give you more points as well.

Diet and Fitness Plan

As mentioned above, no food is banned on the Weight Watchers diet plan. It’s just a question of which foods you want to spend your points on. Healthier foods cost you fewer points: an obvious incentive to persuade people to choose better food options over unhealthier choices. For example, you could eat that pint of ice cream for breakfast, but it might cost you the bulk of your daily allotted points. Do you really want to walk around for the rest of the day with a grumbling stomach? Some will say yes, and that’s the sacrifice they can make with the points system.

Until recently, this has been the traditional Weight Watchers system. Beyond the Scale is a new addition to the program that makes it an even more comprehensive and all-inclusive lifestyle plan. FitPoints are rewarded for extra activities such as yoga classes, going for a run, or pumping some iron. The idea is that if you are working out, you can and should be increasing your caloric intake. Weight Watchers gives you the additional points to supplement your diet (hopefully with healthy food choices).

Tracking Weight Loss

Tracking weight loss and calories are easy with the Weight Watchers system. It has an online chart that you simply plug your food into. There are over 30,000 food items on their list, including restaurant favorites and packaged goods, so there’s hardly anything out there that you’re eating that isn’t on the website.

Weight Watchers has a fantastic mobile app, one of the best on the market in fact. It’s crisp and smooth UI makes it easy to enter information, track progress, and get fitness ideas like workout videos and recipes for healthier menus.

Weight Loss Community

One of the biggest benefits to the Weight Watchers system is their strong and supportive community. Anyone who has been on the program before feels an automatic sense of camaraderie, and this benefits current members a lot. When you feel like a part of an active community, not singled out as having a weight problem, it’s a lot easier to tackle fears, inhibitions, and obstacles. Members take a lot of motivation and strength from their Weight Watchers community.

Each community meeting includes a weigh-in procedure. This is proven to have positive effects on dieters, motivating them to stick with the program. Surveys have shown that Weight Watchers members who went to meetings and weigh-ins lost more weight and were happier with the results of the program than those who did not.

File Size Limit Drawbacks and Limitations

While there have been a few complaints launched that the program didn’t work for some dieters, the vast majority of studies have shown that Weight Watchers does work for most people. Of course, no program is good for everyone. If you have specific foods that you like to eat that happen to be high on the points system, this program won’t work well for you.

Pricing Pricing

Weight Watchers has three subscriptions that you can choose from:

  1. Online only
  2. Online with meetings
  3. Online with personal coaching

There is an admissions fee for all three tiers, but they often run specials that will waive this fee. By selecting the 3-month packages, members can save money as well. Prices range between approximately $20/month to $45/month depending on the plan. For the success that this program has, this is not an unreasonable amount to spend.

Bottom Line Conclusion

To sum up, Weight Watchers is probably one of the best if not the best weight loss program on the market. With so many aspects to help you lead a healthier life – like cooking tutorials, online workout videos, menu plans, and points trackers – Weight Watchers helps you every step of the way to ensure that you aren’t just losing weight, you’re exchanging bad habits for healthier ones. This way, when the weight does come off, it stays off.